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Kefir vs Last Day on Earth YouTuber Clickbait Competition

Last Day on Earth has been surrounded by click
bait since the day it was born in May of 2017. If you watch this video until the end, you
will know everything there is about the clickbait competition. My video last week polarized many of you,
as some of you thought I was doing clickbait. And while I sometimes meddle in some mild
clickbait now days, by the time you finish watching this video, you will not only know
everything about the Kefir vs YouTuber clickbait competition, you will also realize why my
last video about Helicopter Clan Wars has zero clickbait in it. But before we can talk about the competition,
we first need to define what clickbait is so that we are all talking about the same
term. Many times when people use the word clickbait,
they are referring to a feeling rather than an actual term or standard. That feeling is not wrong. In fact, it was the feeling that we got when
we experienced clickbait that caused us to come up with the term in the first place,
but defining the term can help us all be more efficient as we communicate about those feelings. So google’s definition of clickbait is “content
whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link
to a particular web page”. Which this isn’t a bad definition because
it covers most forms of clickbait, but the problem with this definition is that it accidentally
includes many forms of entertainment. For example, many YouTubers will make entire
videos just for the purpose of getting attention and encouraging people to watch it, like these
guys who built a trampoline out of Kevlar so that they could bounce a car off of it,
but then when we watch the video we think, “Wow. That was truly amazing and doesn’t feel
like clickbait at all.” So after looking at several definitions of
clickbait, I decided that my favorite was the one from Merriam Webster, which defines
clickbait as, “something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on
a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest.” I love this definition because not only does
it cover everything in the other definitions, it also adds, “especially when it leads
to content of dubious value or interest”. And I think that’s it right there. That’s what bothers us about clickbait, is
that when we click on it and watch it, or we download the game and we play it, we are
disappointed. That is what bothers us about clickbait. Is that we thought we were getting something
that we didn’t get. So for example, in regards to Last Day on
Earth, my biggest disappointment when I started the game was the realization that it was not
a multiplayer game. They made it seem like it was on Google Play
when I was considering downloading the game, they further led me to believe that by making
me choose a server even though I know now that there actually weren’t any servers, and
then they set up AI players to look like real players, which ultimately ended up giving
it away. Regardless, it was one of the most extreme
clickbait experiences I’ve ever experienced in a game, but I still wasn’t that upset about
it because I was very hopeful that they would be adding multiplayer as soon as they had
a chance. But of course that is not the only thing Last
Day on Earth advertised as being in the game that was not actually in the game. As I mentioned in my last video, there were
tons of items, weapons, and vehicles that seemed like they were in the game, but in
reality were not. So this disappointed some players, but more
importantly, this act started the clickbait competition between Kefir and Last Day on
Earth YouTubers. Now at first it wasn’t really much of a competition. Kefir had a bunch of things that weren’t actually
in the game, but they wouldn’t confirm or deny what was or wasn’t in the game. So YouTubers were able to milk that for everything
it was worth. In fact, some of you may think there is a
lot of clickbait now, but back then it was crazy. There were tutorials on how to get certain
items that weren’t in the game, like the ATV transmission, and they would make full
on step-by-step tutorials and then edit that object into the video and then not tell anybody
that it was all fake. And there were tons of them, it was like the
wild west of YouTube. I was not a YouTuber at the time. In fact, I know this is crazy, but I didn’t
even watch gaming videos. I played games but I never watched other gamers. Then when I started playing Last Day on Earth
and was trying to figure out what was and wasn’t in the game, I found myself on YouTube
for answers. And then after watching several videos, I
realized that I had some tactics that were better than what was online which is what
caused me to start this YouTube channel. So about a year ago I had the crazy realization
that if Last Day on Earth did not have clickbait in the game, I would never have become a YouTuber. Both because I wouldn’t have really watched
a lot of YouTube, but also because all of the misinformation about the game is what
made me so successful starting off. I think about in Star Wars when they say that
when there is an imbalance in the force, something from the other side will rise to challenge
the imbalance. The misinformation centered around Last Day
on Earth is what gave birth to the need for JCF. In fact, I’m very curious to know how many
of you were brought to YouTube for similar reasons so if you wouldn’t mind, please vote
in this poll. But that is also when the competition began. On one side, Kefir does still produce some
clickbait advertisements and such to get people to play the game, and there are YouTuber like
me, Resbakk and MTurbogamer that compete with this to try to bring as much information to
players in as short amount of time as possible, but the competition is not actually a two-sided
competition. In addition to informative YouTubers, there
are still many clickbait YouTubers. And then in competition with those YouTubers
are the community manager developers and their volunteer managers that try to help clear
up some of that information. And then lastly there are entertaining YouTubers,
which often also make clickbait, but through the course of their long entertaining video
they clear up the information by the end so they are not leaving players confused. This is by far the most successful way to
work the YouTube system, and while I do not have an interest in doing this on this channel,
I have several friends that approach YouTube this way, and I think they are very smart
for choosing this approach because it has by far the best ROI in both income and subscribers. So that is the competition between these five
groups. Some create misinformation for the sake of
gaining interest while others attempt to clear up that misinformation, and in the end almost
everybody wins. Last Day on Earth gets more players to download
the game, which then gives all three types of YouTubers more viewers to watch their videos,
which then and turn gives Last Day on Earth more players, which creates job opportunities
and job security for Kefir’s community managers. The only people that don’t win are the players
that are doing the information runaround, but sometimes that run around can be fun,
especially if the game is a lot of fun. So even the players can win if the game is
good enough to make it worth it. Or at least that’s my opinion. If you have an opinion on this, make sure
to mention it in a comment below. Well. That’s it guys. I post a new high quality video every Friday
at the same time each week. Also, I’m going to be making a lot of Last
Day on Earth videos over the next couple months because I’m getting pretty close to a hundred
thousand subscribers, so I am gonna try to speed that up. Alright guys. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Thanks for Watching guys. I really enjoyed making this video. Let me know if you liked it in your comments.

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  2. I have not been playing ldoe for a long time. They really let me down by how crappy the game truly is. But I am happy it has led to your YouTube experience

  3. a clickbait is when someone uploads a YT video with the title: omg i got GTA 6 early from rockstar gaming
    but it turns out to be a pinguin dancing video

  4. Will if I be honest this game is the one who want me to be a YouTuber besides PewDiePie which is my mentor because this game is light n easy even I play the mod version I use it to not play it reader just use to had fun messing around with blueprint n most of all information course if u use a mod game atless u don't tell u waste something that u search or make for a long time so it make me easy to experiment this game with me angry or upsaid

  5. The first time I played this game I really think they have multiplayer and some YouTuber do clickbait and damn JCP you spitting facts xD and you give us awesome tips about ldoe Thank you and you always telling the truth that I why I always watch you 😀

  6. El Chicha y Rido Meyer. Youtubers latino . lo puse con subtítulos para poder entenderte. Tenés razón. Además te olvidaste mencionar a los Hackers. Y los de kéfir no hacen nada jajajaja saludos🇦🇷

  7. I think the definition you liked is not the best one, since i think it is still clickbait, if the content of the video is good and has value, but the title is kind of misleading.
    That kind of clickbait does not bother me as much, but i would prefer, if HappyCairek und StarSnipe would not do that, even as i understand why they do.

  8. To be honest, I do not remember the first video I’ve seen from you, but all I know is that I’ve been around for about 2-3 years or so. I also lost my gaming YouTube channel 😭

  9. When I first start watching gaming videos I was searching for "how get ATV transmission in ldoe" if it wasn't for that I wouldn't be watch gaming videos and this was the first channel I find the starsnipe then cairek then I start watching videos for on, keep up the good work bro ✊ don't stop!!

  10. But people who don't watch till the end when they click on a Starsnipe or Cairek "clickbait video" are dissapointed and i just don't watch them at all.

  11. From clickbait i start knowing Mod apk of ldoe and from that day i used the mod apk time to time to split items for free especially ones are rarely available and you need to buy like guns or kevlar … ect also scripts to get free shops from the store.. and know after i bought a real phone i i uninstalled ldoe from life and i'm playing real game like pubg

  12. Duuuuude. When I first started, there was no information online about the game.

    When people started releasing false information, I would get so frustrated. Got me to delete the game. I came back to it on the 1.16 update and finally got my chopper thanks to you!

    I would like to know, how do we get the off-road chopper now in 1.16.3. seems hard

  13. I was clickbaited into thinking this would be an actual clickbait competition between LDOE youtubers.

  14. how complicated you can be about a game.. u are outraged that this game exist ..too much drama for nothing..this video is clickbait

  15. also, they keep postphoning their updates. they said the would release the update early this week, then postponed it. also before that they kept saying how the updates coming soon each time they showed a spoiler which they thought would bring the hype up. Also, i have a few problems with them myself. I got banned from their discord for telling and admin about the grenade through a door glitch and even gave them a video as demonstration which they in turn banned me for abusing a glitch with the video as proof.

  16. mTurbogamer and Dragon ace are two of the better ldoe youtubers… they pretty much do what the title says 🙂 .. lol you as well jcf

  17. If say that the “clickbait” that you do is fairly justified. You still need to seem actually interesting, what you do is fairly harmless. Not nearly as annoying as other youtubers, but I still expect to see the content you advertise to a reasonable degree every time I watch one of your videos. And it is true every time that the video will be about the thing in the thumbnail, so I call that ok

  18. I was drawn to you because you weren't gimmicky about your game info. I felt you were sincere in your efforts to help struggling players. I really like ldoe, but I've had enough of the fake. Seems like for them it's only about money I spend, not the experience.

  19. That’s so cool how you motion towards the subscribe button in your outro! The little things like that are why I’m subscribed to you. And of course for Last Day on Earth content.:)

  20. WOW, what a game! Full of clickbait 👌, (on a serious note though, this kind of make me even more angrier/disappointed, but you know, gotta get that money to live)

  21. Hey can you help me please I was playing this game on ios and now I want to transfer the game from my iphone to Samsung but I didn't now how I wanna keep all my stuff so if yo8 can help me?

  22. I agree to this and that is why I started watching your channel. You do create true and informative content and I'm watching it although I do not have access to any of the Kefir games… Keep it up

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