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  1. Great song, possibly my favourite track on the album. Great production, every song is beautiful. I love the rnb vibe you've created on it. Congratulations for this new proyect K. Next one, 'Piece Of Me'. It remembers me to Sade's 'Lovers Rock". Better and better…

  2. Damn I'm love this woman's voice! She's just perfect to me. I just want to take two big scooping handfuls of that multi-colored afro and just rub it across my face and inhale. Then I'd wrap these 20" arms around her and feed her chicken and waffles on Sunday watching the games. I know….I'm trippin', but not really. If I had to design a woman…I'd baseline Kandace. Love ya Boo!

  3. When I heard this at the Hall & Oats concert knew it was my siren song… Thanks Kandace for making Music that reveals today's love and plea for what the heart needs.

  4. They need to stop trying to take real shit into the mainstream. This video sucks, the song live is beautiful and pure..the video needed to be just here playing piano. and no other synthetic instrumental production.

  5. I got the chance to meet her and take a photo at the Portland Hall and Oates concert! She's so classy in every respect. Like a breath of fresh air!

  6. Kills me she is not getting more commercial attention with all the trash out there now. She has the voice and the looks. What is the deal?? Wake up America.

  7. This could be your little:

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