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K9 Team at the Waterpark

– Today we’re at
Adventure Island for some water training. (upbeat music) We’ve got canines from the
surrounding counties coming in, getting their dog
experienced to the water as well as other dogs here. We get to see the other
dogs, you get to see and talk to the other handlers. They got multitude
of experience, some of them are
new just like me, some of them have been
around for several years. So, just get a different feel,
talk to different people, make new connections. (upbeat music) Koa’s never seen water before,
aside from drinking it. So for him to
actually jump in it and actually go after the
batman works out really well, it gives me confidence that
he’s not gonna back down from it, that he’s going to
go in there and do his job and then I would think it
gives him the confidence to know that I’m right
there with him in the water and that we’re gonna
do this together. (upbeat music)

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