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– Hey guys, it’s Karina, we’re
back inside some more Roblox and today we’re back inside Mega Fun Obby. And I guess right when we start, we’re on new stage. What level are we on? 490, we’re almost at level 500. All right, the first level we got. We can’t touch the green stuff, we can only touch this yell- And of course I touched the green stuff. All right, right after
saying not to touch it. I didn’t even touch it there, come on. All right. There we go. What do we do here? Don’t touch red, easy peasy. Oh, can’t touch light blue, I don’t think. All right, easy peasy. Yes, the very easy. All right. There we go. Only touch yellow, not the blue here. The square ones are really kind of like just showing up all the time. Of course, different colors,
gotta be in different colors. All right, this is interesting, a little like shapes. Yeah, all right. And then we got some more shapes, of course in blue. Gotta be in blue. All right. Ooh, we got… mini maze? I don’t know what you
call these things, like. I don’t know. Can’t touch any of the colors. Okay. I’m not even touching anything. Didn’t touch it! I didn’t touch it! I DIDN’T TOUCH IT! This game is like… I didn’t touch it, I
did not touch it there. I did not touch it, I’m
not jumping on it at all. I’m standing in the middle,
I didn’t touch it again! But it’s saying I did! There, I did it. (gasps) Oh wow, all right. Mmkay. Can’t touch the yellow rectangles on this yellow line. Okay, interesting. Boom, bada boom. (breathes heavily) Okay. Ooh, level 500! Yes, we are on level
500, people, all right. Now we are on this level, okay. This is interesting. We go the longer way? Or the shortcut? I think we’re gonna go for the shortcut. But I keep on dying, so yeah. This one’s easier because like, the things are bigger but I’m
gonna go for the shortcut. All right, there we go. There we go, all right. Oh, this might be tricky. Oh. Wait, we can just walk. Like this. Yay, all right, okay. I’m gonna skip one to make it easier. Like, skip every second one. It’s supposed to get easier, it may be easier to take ten seconds a go. For some reason I’m dying even though I’m not touching the blue. I did not touch it there, I did not. (yells) “Would you like a skip?” No, I’m no cheater. I did not touch it there! Stop, I’m not touching the blue stuff! It keeps on saying I did! This game is like, I- I’m standing like, right in the middle, there’s no possible way
I could be touching it. The blue stuff, and it
just says, oh you died. No, you did nothing! See, I’m just dead all of
a sudden for no reason. I did nothing there! Like, kill me, I was just… Ew, kill me. All right, come on. See, again, it did it again! There we go, finally, that took so long. All right, there we go. This is pretty straight-forward. Okay, I don’t think here we
can touch any of the colors. There we go. All right, gotta go on
the square, he’s here. Bada bing, bada boom, bada bing- Ooh, some rainbow levels are up ahead. That looks interesting, but kinda confusing at the same time. Ah, no! Ah. Wasn’t paying attention, I
just turned the wrong way. All right, completely. Let’s keep on going. All right, and then we got same thing but circles in yellow. All right. (mimics car engine) No! Come on. No! We can do this. Come on. All right. (grunts) There we go, oh gosh, I was
panicked at the last one. All right, this is super… wha? Oh, it’s a bowl. I thought it was just thing. Okay. All right, this is easy, we just go up and down. Easy peasy. All right, and now we got some cheese! I don’t- can we fall through these holes? No, we can’t fall through the holes. I mean like, yes, it’s cheese. Who doesn’t like a nice slice of cheese? All right, let’s continue! Whenever I press the prestige button- I can’t prestige because I
haven’t made it far enough. I wonder what level you can prestige at. I think maybe at level 1000, that would take like a hundred more, like, videos before I prestige
because I’m only halfway. So, yeah. All right. We got some rainbow triangles. Yass, all right. We’re gonna only jump on the blue stuff. Not the yellow, or the red at all. (stammers) I did pretty good on that one. Ooh, now it’s the rainbow level. (gasps) We can’t touch blue. (sneezes) All right, we can’t
touch blue or the pink. We can only touch these colors. No! All right, come on. Come on. This way. All right. No! This is- No! This level’s stressing me out. No, I will not buy a skip. No way I’m gonna buy a skip. Okay. (grunts) I can do it, I can do
it, I can do it! I… did it. Yay! All right, now continuing on, there’s a massive plain green line. So I’m just gonna walk the line of greenness! Of course, yes. Okay. All right, and then we
have to go up this ladder. All right, it’s not a
ladder, it’s like steps. Ah, I keep on going past it! (sighs deeply) Okay. No, the last one I fell. Come
on, I can do it, I can do it. I can do this. I can do this! I can- (grunts) I can do this. Come on, just stop failing. Finally, okay. This is pretty easy. Oh, we can’t touch, we
can’t touch the blue. We can only touch orange. That’s pretty easy, but like,
for some reason I’m not- See, I’m not touching you, good. It’s like- Okay, that one I just jumped
straight onto it, but like. That one I did not touch the blue at all. That one I didn’t touch the blue either. (yells) But! I’m not doing anything. Stop! Stop, I’m only touching the orange! Stop! Oh my gosh! This is the most frustrating level yet. Fight me, all right. I think here we can only touch the blue? So I’m only gonna jump
on these blue thingies. All right, that was pretty easy. All right, and now we can’t
touch the yellow stuff. All right. This easy peasy. Ooh, 520. All right. Wait, do we jump on top of them now? I don’t know, I think we’re gonna have to
jump on top of them. All right. Ooh, some ladders now. Okay. We’re gonna jump on these rainbow ladders. Boom. All right, in here, we
gotta jump on yellow stuff, but we can’t touch the blue stuff. All right. This is pretty easy. Pretty easy peasy. Lemon squeezy. Uh-huh, all right. Basically the same thing here. All right, guess you can’t
fall through these holes. Can you? I’m gonna test it in one second, just gonna take this checkpoint. You cannot fall through them holes. All right. Okay, we gotta jump on the colors. Can’t touch anything
but colors, all right. Ooh, spinny. Wait, it didn’t let me jump. No, I don’t wanna skip. All right, there we go, I’m
gonna jump on the spinnies. All right. Ooh, it’s a more spinnies. These ones are more hard. I failed on that one. Come on. There we go. All right. Ooh, we got these different
kinds of spinnies. (yells) This is like, oh. I’m getting so confused
just by looking at this, like what is going on? All right. Ah! It’s so hard to do this ’cause I can’t- like my brain can’t comprehend. Like, this looks so weird. Ah. Then I go nice and slow. There we go. All right, now some- I’m jumping on these
pink thingies, all right. I’m gonna jump, jump, jump! Jump. Jump! Jump. Jump! Jump, jump! All right, three, five, no. 530, guys. I think I’m gonna end
the video right here, I hope you liked it, if you did, smash the like button and
I’ll see you guys next time. Good-bye!

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