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Jumping on Legos! (BTS)

Oh my god, they’re trying to change, and you’re trying to film And they’re trying to change and they’re trying to transform Into a Transfoooormer! Transfooormer! I don’t think we can show that dude *bark* ‘Bout to shoot the FIRST scene of the day! And we got transformers! Show me a transFORMer! Ryan: Dude, does that remind you of wrestling? Sean: Aww, dude, my balls. Greg: All the single ladies, all the single ladies. Derek: Yeah, yeah I use to wrestle too. Ryan: Dude Sean, I don’t know man. This is — OHH. Dude that does not fit you at all, dude. Autobots, roll out. WOW! Your butt looks so good. Dude Sean, you’re bae. bae I think you’re bae Sean. *SMACK* *bark* Where did this song come from? *music* Hey Marley! Hi Marley. Hey Teddy. Scare Greg? Alright. What did he say? He said “Decepticons”. Oh, I thought he said, like, something about lemons. DECE-LEMONS! Legos? That kinda got me. But you didn’t really jump that time. Dammit. Greg: Try hard.
Ryan: Was that for me or Greg? Both. Oh. *SCREAMS* Oh, dude that scared me. I was just reacting to yours. You’re doing this aren’t you. First stunt of the day, dude. Ooh, that’s like with socks on too. Yeah. Watch this. Tried to catch it. Try it again. Oh you mean like this? Dude that was real! That was fake dude. Yeah. Just put in a fake one to make it look fake. ♪ ♫Do you wanna build a Legoooo?♪ ♫ *music* *bark* *bark* Get Greg, get Greg. Look at that big ass red one. Ready to impale you. I’m trying to avoid all the tall ones. These hurt already dude. You got this dude. Block out the fear. Lego and do it. Get it cracking. Put all my chakra in my feet. This is nocks–jot–we’re–Imma jump on legos. Rolling Action My turn Aw *bleep* it hurts dude. *sad music* It’s okay. Dude, it’s bleeding. It’s okay. I tried to jump high but I just got scared. Dude it hurts. I can imagine. Alright. Everyone’s turn
to walk on the pit of legos. No points. Just gotta do it. Five, six, seven, eight. *happy music* Who’s next? Oh one of them hurt really bad.
AH look it. Look Greg brought the camera! Greg brought the camera I’m part Samoan. I’ve got Samoan feet. Hey, real Hawaiians walk–walk on lava rock. so legos are nothing. Oh whatchu got?
You got a–you got a bruise? I got this red spot right here. Oh my gosh. Look at this. It got stuck to my foot. You see me step on those legos? Hey I’ll catch you later bro. Imma take these legos off ’em. Alright see you later. THAT is a painful wrap. So I can put my pants back on? No. Ok. Look at this. Look at that. No Billy. Aw dude that’s gonna make a mark. Aw sorry Oh no.
You’re very not oily. Alright guys. Hands in. And uh–legos and eat. One, two, three Legos eat! Transformers. One, two, three Megatron. Oh wait, Autobots. One, two, three.
One, two, three, three. One, two, three.
One, two, three, three. ♪ ♫ IIIIIIIIIII♪ ♫ ♪ ♫SWING FROM THE CHANDELIER♪ ♫ That’s a wrap! *cheering noises* coconut dance I thought Derrick’s leg was there. There it is. OH! OW OW OW OW OW. Tulip Chip Megatron. MEGATRON! You said “Megatron”. Wassup guys. Thanks for watching. Click that link above you if you want to see another nigahiga video. Man I’m so glad Sean didn’t scare me. He would’ve gave me, like, a heart attack and then I would have to call the ambulance go to hospital oh whaddup Will? Ay do you wanna be in my end card? NO LEAVE ME ALONE! maybe Okay!

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  2. i miss it when someone films him and he says, "oh my god! I'm tryna change and you're tryna film…"
    and he rarely says "about to shoot the first scene of the day"

  3. Dear Ryan,
    Can you please do a conspiracy theory on the meaning behind Disney cartoon Easter eggs (Mikey Mouse’s)? I would appreciate it! You don’t have to, though. It must take forever to get the script ready and memorized. O.o’

  4. i laughed so hard when sean yelled "DECEPTICONS" and then when ryan screamed the second time. The way they both scared greg made me laugh

  5. Lego
    An extremely powerful, not exploding landmine, that has not been used in the military because it is considered inhuman. They are also household toys, and have ruined many peoples' days'.

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