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Jump Starts and Quick Starts (twintip kiteboard tutorial)

This tutorial explains ways to start riding,
without sitting in the water. You must already be very consistent with jumps
and jump transitions. Since any mistake made in the shallows is
far more likely to result in injury. I strongly recommend at least knee deep water,
far from rocks, hazards and other people. Okay, let’s get started. The easiest option is to start with the front
foot holding the board like this. Place your front foot in the strap loosely,
and balance on what will become your back leg. Steer the kite up towards 12. As the kite reaches 12 push off with the back
leg. You also pull in the bar a little to support your weight, giving more time to place
the back foot. If you’re ready, steer the kite back down
to ride away. With practice you can complete these steps
rapidly. Steer up. Place the front foot. Pull in the
bar. Place the back foot. Dive the kite to ride away. A more challenging version, is to jump then
place the board on your feet while airborne. You hold the board with your back hand and
your front hand controls the kite. Start with the kite on the side that you will
ride. Then steer the kite up quickly. To steer up, you may need your front hand on the wrong
side of the bar like this. As the kite climbs, move your front hand to
the correct position. As the kite nears 12 pull in the bar and jump.
To jump, you must push off upwind. Letting the kite drag you downwind would ruin the
jump. Next, place the board on your feet, focussing
on the front foot first. Do not steer the kite much while looking at
the board. When you’re definitely ready, steer the
kite down quickly to gain speed. Let’s recap. Steer up with the front hand. Move your front
hand to the correct side. Pull in the bar and kick off upwind to jump. Don’t steer too much, and place your feet
in the straps. When you’re ready, steer the kite back down. With all of these quick starts, if anything
goes wrong, DON’T continue to dive the kite down – simply steer the kite slowly to 12. So far we’ve been sending the kite up to
12 for lift, then back down to ride away. There is another way to do quick starts. You
can start with the kite on the opposite side to which you will ride. Steer across 12 and then down to ride away. This can easily give quicker starts, so you
must be more careful. However, this method is simple and you don’t
have to move hand position. Begin with the kite on the opposite side to
where you will ride. Steer towards 12 quickly. To jump kick off and pull in the bar. Keep
the bar straight to slow the kite as you get the board on. When you’re ready continue
to steer quickly. Thanks very much for watching. For more tutorials
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  1. nice to know, thank you Alex!
    I see you change kite brand time to time, finally you will do a review about the brand you like more? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the upload. As always, extremely well produced and highly informative content.

    I hope things are going well with the new baby!

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