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Jump Rope Workout For Abs

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  1. Hell yeah just started Following you guys, amazing work and videos. I just started Incorporating jump rope and body-weight with my weight training. found your channel and simply amazing thank you guys for the information and amazing workouts. I'm looking forward to all your future videos keep up the great work.

  2. dude, what is the best weight for a jump rompe, im not an advance jumper more kinda like an intermediate currently using a light weighted one, should i buy a 1lb? a 1.5 lb?

  3. Dude thank you for your advises. I could replicate what you do with speed and style, but now I am fat again. I will be forced to carry on with my extra weight of 15 Kilos of fats. 😅

  4. I'm new to jump rope. I'm do not have a lot of fat, maybe 10 pounds excess over the fit percentage I should have. I am going to jump rope 30 minutes a day. I eat pretty healthy, say a few slices of pizza a month and a coffee every day. I'm vegitarian and don't drink dairy, due to an allergy. Do you have any advice on how much I should aim to lose per month? Or how I can get more energy for things that aren't coffee? I've started drinking carrot juice and protien smoothies homemade to get extra, but I always feel tired. I have been average actively, I used to bike 10 miles a day for 3 years, but college has left me depressed and tired physically. I'd love any advice or even emotionally upbeat stuff. Thanks ❤

  5. I just recently started jump roping again, it is a great overall exercise for fatloss and endurance. I remember back when I was training for an ironman I would do tons of skipping rope,but I would cross train. I would bike,run, jump rope and also do some swimming. Overall I think I was doing more jump roping than anything,simply because it was so endurance and stamina demanding and that was the extra edge I was looking for.

  6. I'm new to the jump rope to help my weight issue, nice video that will definitely be one I'll have to practice a bit to get down… Nice work…

  7. Bro i don't understand dat many ppl are in caloric surplus but dey still are able to burn der belly fat and able to gain 6 pack abs nd ol d abdominal muscle how is dis possible please suggest instance if my macros are Protein-140gms
    Carbs-250gms and fat-80gms and doing 5tyms weight training and 3tyms skipping rope 300calories burn workout and 2 tyms abs workout so vl I b able to lose my fat n gain abs.
    Thanking you in advance.

  8. Hey Dan, i want to incorporate weight lifting into my jump rope routine. should i start with jump rope then weights or the other? thanks!

  9. Doing this one today x3!! Hasn’t even been a week guys and this almost 51 yo can feel the difference! Thanks guys!!

  10. Been jumping rope for a month and never for my fitness but jumping rope is fun i have a thyroid issue and a right brundle branch block right side if my heart doesn't work and this channel motivates me to take better care of myself im 18 from Florida

  11. love from india dudes……my question is what if i dont want to do the tricks you did in this video between workouts like the mummy kicks… it really necessary????? if it is ill try my best to do so

  12. Hi , very nice i really like Rope for burning my calories , but the problem is that i don't know how to do the Rope Jump sprint and others type of the rope jumping i only know the Regular fast and slow rope jumping , is it fruitful for me or i have to learn all type of them.

  13. I love working out with you guys. I appreciate the great job you do in putting together educational videos. I wish you guys would not use foul language, though. I like to do the work out with my kids, and the language is not a highlight.

    Thanks for considering my comment.

  14. I came across your channel over the weekend. Its very inspiring!!! I had a jump rope from couple years ago and had totally forgot about it until I came across your videos. I have started this morning and I cant wait to see the benefits. Thanks much and keep posting. 👌👍😎

  15. Justo lo que hacía falta para los qué no somos muy buenos en el inglés, los felicito, excelente circuito los llevo siguiendo hace un mes me gusta su motivación.gracias saludos de PR. Éxito

  16. I just did 1 set and I'm dying fairly new to jump rope and learned all the skills in the vid but is 3 realistic for a beginner ?

  17. I have been watching such jump rope videos over a month now. But sadly, i still haven't managed to start a routine. F.U.C.K me.

  18. This looks dope, homies, but I wanna know since tht I'm already skinny is tht if this would make me a lot more skinnier or am I just stupid? XD I want to have a body and abs to show like urs.

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  20. Your a Beast at skipping Dan, I don't set Jealous very often, but… lol. Been killing the skip rope lately. Incorporated a ton of Body Weight Exercises in between jump sessions. Seeing gains alot now, I'm down 50lbs since finding this channel. Thanks guys, appreciate you as always.

  21. I'm doing this circuit today. Apparently I taught myself mummy kicks yesterday had no clue that what they were it just came natural lol

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