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Jump Rope Workout Challenge: 100 Reps In 30 Seconds

>>MARK: Hey guys, it’s Mark from BuiltLean, today I’m gonna show you a super quick
jump rope workout, literally takes under 5 minutes. How it works is I want you to do 100 repetitions
of jump rope as fast as you can. And ideally, if you’re really fast you can
do it under 30 seconds. And I wanna see how fast you can do it.
You can let me know, you can leave a comment under this video let me know how fast you can do 100 reps.
Alright, I’m gonna do a 100. Let’s see. 10-20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 There, I just missed before a 100.
So, I don’t think that was 30 seconds. It’s probably 33-35. Anyways, that’s my
challenge to you. Try to do a 100 reps as fast as you can,
separate about 30 seconds rest, to five total rounds and if you’re super shape hopefully you can
do it in 30 seconds. Thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoyed

Reader Comments

  1. I can do 100 in 30 secs for the first couple of round but then as the rounds go on I start to burn out 🙂 Good workout

  2. I am able to do 100 in 30s for three rounds. Just about manage 50-60 post that 🙂 Marc could you talk about types of skipping rope, and one you use for the double jumps etc. I feel my rope is not right for those.

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