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Jump Rope Squat Jumps – The Most Iconic Jump Rope Boxing Trick

Have you been trying to take your jump rope
workout and tricks to a new level? Well in this video, you’re going to be learning
the most iconic boxing jump rope trick, the jump squat. Coming up. Hey what’s up guys? Leon here, helping you achieve your fitness
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in this video. The jump squat is really one cool jump rope
trick you can learn. The squat you’re going to be doing in this
trick is not the same as the one you might be used to doing in the gym or at home. When doing the jump squat, your goal is to
keep your weight on the tips of your feet. So in the gym you would usually squat by keeping
your legs wide when jumping and opening your knees as you go down. But when you’re doing the jump squat, your
legs should be opened at shoulder width. Anything more than that you’re just going
into a regular squat. Once you go down into the squat you should
be at the tips of your toes. When you’re jumping back up, you’ll want to
keep an angle at your knees at all time.Your legs and quads should be acting as a spring
as you go up and down. You should really be feeling the front of
your legs activated when doing the jump squat. Don’t forget, your knees should be at shoulder
width at all time. Now for the second part of the trick which
is the side swing. A brief about the side swing. If you’re right handed, you’re going to put
your right hand on top and your left hand on the bottom. And you’re going to swing to the two sides
of your body starting on the right side. So right side, left side, open. If you’re left handed, it’s the contrary. You left hand on top, your right hand on the
bottom and you start swinging on the left then right then you open up. The thing when doing the jump squat is that
when you’re going down, you’re going to want your hands which are doing the side swings
to stay at the same level as they were initially. So as you’re going down, you’re going to want
to slide your hands up so they stay at the same level. If your hands do go down with your body, you’re
going to have a lot of cable material, the cable of the jump rope hitting the floor. And this is jump a lot of friction and it
might, it might low the rope down, it might get is tangled to your feet. You just don’t want that. So as you go down, you simply just slide your
hands up do the side swing. And once you did the swing to the two sides
of your body, this is when you’re going to want to open back your hands back out. For this trick you should open your hands
wide because this brings back to the idea of having too much cable material so when
you open wide, you’re going to have less cable touching the ground, and it’s going to give
your feet more space to pass. A common mistake and this might explain why
you might now be able to do the jump squat is that when you go down into the squat, your
legs are too widely opened. What this does is that it shrinks the space
that the cable will be able to pass under. So this might be a reason why the cable might
be tangling when going up. Now there something I need to say. When you do the jump squat, it puts a lot
of pressure on your knees. So first thing I would not recommend to do
this trick for long periods of time. And if any any time you feel that your knee
hurt, I would really recommend that you stop so you don’t injure yourself ever further. A pro tip when doing the jump squat. When doing the side swing, I see a lot of
people tend to rotate their hips when doing the side swing. Doing this doesn’t really look very elegant. So I would recommend you to when you’re doing
the side swing simply keep your core tight. Do’t let your core or your hips rotate with
the side swing. Keep a strong posture at all time. So that was it guys, the jump squat. We that that you’re going to have to squat
down at shoulder width. Anything more then that you’re going to be
taking the weight off the tips of your feet. When you’re side swinging you’re going to
want to slid you hands back up so that it stays at its original level. Third thing is to be careful and to listen
to your body while training for this trick. And last thing to look as fluid as your are,
maintain a string posture when you’re going up and down doing the side swings. If you’ve made it so far into the video thank
you so much I really appreciate the time you’ve taken while watching this. So you guys actually voted on the next topic
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