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Jump rope-resistance tubing workout #1

Hi this is Tim and Shana from Punk Rope.
It’s January 12th and it’s 64 degrees in New York City but there’s no global
warming. Don’t worry about that. The only thing you have to worry about
is a jump rope and today’s workout which involves resistance tubing. This is
tubing from SPRI and Shana’s going to go with green which is relatively light. In
this set there is also yellow which is even lighter and there’s red which is
medium. If you were gonna go heavy there’s blue and purple. We didn’t bring
those out but for today’s workout. We’re going green. We’re gonna go with an
interval format at 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. I’m gonna try to set my
watch while I talk to you and we’re going with four different jumps and
we’ll show those to you first. And we’re going with four resistance tube exercises as well. So the four jumps are in this order: basic bounce, elbows tight good posture;
knee up is second so you’re getting some hip flexion in there; third is going to
be a butt kick with a stabilizing jump in between so we’re getting some
hamstring action; and fourth and final is a side straddle, feet apart together,
looks like half of a jumping jack. Those are your four jumps, 30 seconds each.
Your four resistance tube exercises will be an alternating shoulder press. This is
done in a split stance. Shana is gonna extend one arm, lock out, and then switch
over to the other arm. Perfect. So bicep is by her ear at the finish.
And the next one is going to be a bicep curl. This will also be alternating so
we’re going to be taking fist to shoulder. Number three we’re gonna use
this orange pole over here—let me just slide over—for a standing row. Now if you
don’t have a pole at home you might do a seated row. You could sit on a step or
couch or on the floor but for today we’re gonna use the pole. So come on up.
And actually I’m going to have Shana step far away so I can get her in frame. So standing row
we’re retracting the scapula, just gonna pull. Getting some bicep work in
there, some grip, and mid-back. And then the fourth and final tubing
exercise we’re just gonna flip things around and go for a standing chest press.
And this one I’m gonna have Shana in profile, not facing away too much because then you won’t really see what’s going on. But yeah sideways is good. Okay it’s a
little windy here guys. I apologize. Alright so pushing forward contracting
the pecs, the delts, getting a little bit of triceps in there too.
Awesome. So for today’s workout we’re just gonna do one round
which is going to be one round of each exercise—thirty seconds—and that’s a
total of four minutes. However at home if you’re feeling good
feel free to add on multiple rounds, potentially three or four. Each round
should be followed by some rest. For this round thirty seconds of work, 15
seconds of rest, and we’re gonna start with the basic bounce. And you can go
into your side swing if that helps. Yeah you’re good. Guys we’re gonna go in three
two one and go. So finding your rhythm, trying to be
consistent, soft landings, low jumps, good turns. We have ten seconds. We have three two one and rest. And actually I have the recovery set for for 18 seconds. I
apologize. So we’ll go 18 seconds recovery. And our first tubing exercise is
the alternating shoulder press in three two one and go. So trying to get full extension. I
guess I’m gonna get you from your knees up. There you go. Ten seconds to go. Three two one and rest. Nice job. Okay so we’ll get rid of the tubing. And actually
I’ll have Shana back up just a tiny bit. We’re gonna go to our second jump which
is the knee up. It’s a little bit more demanding and that is in three two one
and go. So a lot of hip flexor in this one. A
little bit more demanding coordination- wise. 15 seconds is halfway. And we have three two one and time. Nicely done. Okay we’re moving on. We’ve got bicep
curls. Alright. And that’s in three two one and go.
So Shana is in a neutral stance with the tubing under both feet. Soft knees, elbows are staying pretty close to her sides, fists coming up towards her shoulder.
This is really a half curl. You’ll notice for some folks the full curl doesn’t
feel great on the elbow. Five seconds to go. We got three two one and rest. Awesome job.
Shana’s gonna put the tubing down. We’re going to jump number three which is a
butt kick so this is a little bit tougher coordination-wise if you haven’t
done it before. And it’s in three two one and go. So there’s a flick of the heel toward
the butt and then a stabilizing jump in between each rep. So depending on your
range of motion and your strength that heel might might actually make contact
with your butt. We have five seconds to go. Two one and
time. Perfect. Really nicely done. The standing row is next. Gonna get
into a little squat. Going in three two one and go. So Shana’s palms are facing.
She’s got that tubing a bit higher than her shoulders. You can experiment with
different heights—that’ll change the exercise slightly. She’s got those elbows
in pretty tight to her lower ribs, full retraction. In three two one and rest.
Fantastic. That’s three down. We’re on to the final jump which is the side
straddle. I’m gonna have Shana back up just a foot. And she’s going in three
two one and go. So this is feet apart, feet together—abduction followed by adduction. Fifteen seconds is halfway. She’s got a
nice rhythm going. 10 seconds to go. And rest. And now this is our
final final exercise which is going to be the standing chest press. And we’ll
have Shana in profile. In three two one and go. So again thirty seconds of work. And once again that tube is at about neck height. Her motion is coming out and
slightly down. She’s getting good chest involvement, good shoulder involvement,
good triceps involvement. Two one done. There you go. So to recap: for jumps we had the basic bounce,
we had the knee up, we had the butt kick, we had the side straddle. For
tubing exercises we had the alternating shoulder press, we had the bicep curl, we
had the standing row, and we had the standing chest press. So it’s a nicely
balanced workout. You’re getting some good cardio, some good strength, very
efficient: four minutes. Something you could do at home or in your hotel room.
Again Shana used a green band which is light but depending on your strength
level you could go heavier or lighter. You could play with the work to rest ratio.
We were at 30 seconds of work and 18 seconds of rest. That was my fault
but three seconds won’t won’t make too much of a difference, and yeah very
effective, lots of fun. So if you enjoyed this video give it a like, feel free to
subscribe to our channel, check us out, and if you have any
questions jot them down below. Let us know what videos you’d like to see in the
future. I lost Shana’s arms there. There they are. They’re back. Have a great
start to 2020. We’ll see you next time.

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  1. I wish could jump like her
    My knees are killing me… and i have a bad timing for jumping and i jump to high and that hurts my knees

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