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Jump Rope Progression – Pt.3

So a lot of times we try to do our double under, and we have a hard time just getting the rope to get around twice, and it’s because we just don’t know how to put tension in the system to give that rope that speed. So something to work on is just with a single rope. Fold it in half, grab your strong arm for example, and you just start spinning it. This will be your singles rhythm. Notice that I’m not even jumping or anything, I’m just getting that rope around. This just gives you a little coordination to see what that feels like and how that looks. For a double under, we want to put speed on it so we try to look for speed. Ideally, we should be able to accelerate that rope until it’s spinning with some nice tension. That’s your first drill. Try that with the other side. This is my less efficient side, so let’s see if it looks any different. Most likely it will. I start spinning. This is my single speed. And that’s my double under speed. I want to hear the jump rope. You should be able to hear that rope whipping around without any problems. Cool, so that’s your first drill. Next drill. We want to try to do it with two jump ropes. So I grab two jump ropes, fold them in half. I’m going to do the same drill. This is my single speed, no jump. This is my double under speed. I should feel comfortable with that and I should be able to translate from single to double. Cool, now I can actually start jumping with it. So I go, jump, this is my single, power jump, power jump, double under. So we’re looking for that speed and that’s something to work on. Let’s get the rhythm right. Power jump. Power jump. Double under. That’s the beginning of you starting to coordinate the jump with the circle with the speed. If you have that, now you go into one jump rope. Let’s see if I can actually do a double under now. Feet together. Singles. Power jump. Double under. And you start connecting those.

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