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Jump Rope “How to” Collaboration Lesson

By the end of class today you’re gonna be able to know how to run
into a turning rope jump it and leave without the rope
stopping. Okay, so what you’re
gonna need to come up with is how to do it
I have chalk here that I’m gonna pass around and in your group
you’re gonna have to list the steps on the blacktop. Okay? If
you mess up I have water. We pour water. We erase. Okay? (Kids moving around on the black top) (Music playing) Teacher: Which way am I going? Student: You’re going to jump that way. You’re going left. Teacher: I’m kinda with the rope right? Student: Yeah. Okay, okay. You’re
going to go up under it. Am I gonna go…so you have to
figure out which way the rope turns
first then how do I know when to go? So girls what’s the first
thing I need to worry about? How you get in. Going in.
Jump…turning the rope. So how do I turn the rope? You have to
write that down. Runs in once it’s down there you come in, jump over, and then keep on doing that. The rope direction
is doing like this and then you run out. When it’s like this you
do it again. Turn the rope toward the jumper.
Stop and get the rhythm. When you are ready
jump in without an exit. When the rope touches the ground
jump in. Beautiful. Now how do I get
out? I don’t know. Oh when it’s in the sky. When the rope is
over my head. (background music and kids talking) 2, 3. Slower, slower. Could you go slower? Put your rope by your directions and then go find somebody else’s
rope and directions and try to follow them. Okay. Well it says
turn the rope toward jumper… I know. I mean and then I don’t
know what this… Stop and get the rhythm. Oh. It takes all three of you to
make this work and when you’re writing steps
directions down you really have to think about it don’t you? What I need you to do now is go
get some water.

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