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  1. I love you so much ♥️♥️ and you should do more music's like this one. By the way you should do a music featuring Mike Yung. He is truly amazing too! Like you! It would be amazinnnng

  2. Found this right when I was going through the hardest breakup in my LIFE.
    wow, these words helped me fall asleep

  3. Your acoustic performances are sublime. I never listen to music on YouTube, but I can see your passion coming out from the way you bend your fingers to the squint of your eye. It's like every time you perform you can tap into that original place it came from. Just brilliant!

  4. Every time I watched this version I guess that is better for me… the Trap Version is badly the natural is better..!!

  5. You are one brilliant girl comin right at us in weirdly different ways, through words, feelings, emotions whereas the other singers just come at us with tunes, you make us feel connected to you in some unexplainable way. God woman, you are a damn magician or wizard or something.

  6. if it will help you
    erase this problem
    please, just say it
    and I am done
    is that what you seek Stefani?
    please, let me know.

  7. Hi, i’m sorry for the spam but I didn’t figure out a better way to share my music yet. I’m a french singer and I would be very happy if you would come listen to my songs and tell me what you think !! Have a great day 🙂

  8. this is my personal promise directly to Stefani: I will never.
    I intend to die as your shadow forever.
    You made it all by yourself.
    If you still believe I will be going public after all you published,
    you better think twice.
    The slowest and painfulest death for you is the minimum that I pray for.
    I will not Stefani.
    I accepted it already. And I am fine with this.
    You should too.

  9. Julia this is so so good here from Uk, love your music, your emotion and quality vocals are sensational, saw you first with Kygo singing "Carry Me" and what a song, you sang it superbly. Love ya voice cracks, you…. darling…. are shear talent, one of the finest, and I am in the music business with a record Library of some 18,000 tracks. you will go far, just keep it up and plugging away, and do some Albums and get a huge following on U-Tube :-)) your a star because you love your music and have passion fir it, and "wealth is a bye product of success" when it's natural and one has a passion for what they do in ones life….. and you have just that, it shows 🙂 well done and thanks for your great music talent !

  10. This song gave me goosebumps and a well up of tears..thank you Julia Michaels!😭🙏to feel so deep is a priviledge and to express it and share it with the world is beautiful!

  11. Happy birthday Julia michaels your music always so inspiring and amazing I hope you have a wonderful birthday 🎉🌟🎀🎶

  12. Imagine if the lyrics were: you make me forget that I'm not ready for love LIKE OURS … LIKE OURS… instead of I jump I jump

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