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Joel McHale and More Play Get in My Pants – Hollywood Game Night (Sneak Peek)

-Are you guys ready? Here is your first question. -Here we go.
Part of this movie takes place in Area 51. [ Indistinct shouting ] -[ Bleep ]
[ Buzzer sounds ] -Stop whining, Joel! Just do it!
-It was “Independence Day. This movie’s title character
drives a bright red Ferrari 250 GT. [ Shouting “Ferris Bueller” -[ Repeating “Get it!” ] [ Cheering ]
[ Bell dings ] -Okay.
-It’s the movie where the White House gets blown up. [ Shouting “Independence Day” -Get it!
-I got it. I got it. -Confidence, Joel.
-Good job. -The lead character of thi
movie presents to be the Sausage King of Chicago.
-I got it! -Yeah!
-Do it. -Nice catch.
-Yes! -It’s the movie where
President Bill Pullman… -Got it! Mine! Mine!
-…refuses to go quietly into the night.
-Right here, right here. Yeah, go ahead.
Got it. Alright. [ Shouting ] -Whoa! -It’s the day in this movie’
title — February 2nd. Yeah, she’s waiting for it [ Cheering ] Nice.
It’s the movie where Denze won an Academy Award.
-“Training Day!” “Training Day!” You got it!
-Get it! [ Audience ohh’s ]
[ Buzzer sounds ] -Nice try, sweetheart! The song “I Got You, Babe”
is played several times in this movie.
-Oh, “Groundhog Day!” -Yeah.
[ Cheering ] -Nice. This movie features a teenager
lip syncing “Twist and Shout.” -[ Repeating “Ferris!” ] -[ Bleep ]
[ Buzzer sounds ] -And our final ball is —
Spoiler Alert! The main character dies
at the end. -“Training Day?”
-[ Repeating “Training Day” [ Audience shouts ]
[ Buzzer sounds ] -Six points, team Lacey. Drop your pants.

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