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Job’s Spring ЧАШМАИ АЮБ – Northern Uzbek Language Film (O’zbek kinosi) – New HD Full Movie

In the great city of Bukhara there is an ancient legend. This legend is told at the spring where a trickle of pure water flows even in this day. According to the legend, there was once a terrible famine in this region. Fearing for their lives, the people of Bukhara pleaded with God the Provider to help them. God answered their cries. God sent the prophet Job. Job struck the land with his staff and water flowed forth from the ground. Well, who was the prophet Job? People refer to the prophet as a model of patience. What’s the reason for this? Job’s story is given in the “Book of the Prophet Job,” which is one of the writings included the Holy Bible. This ancient and sacred text provides a detailed account of the prophet’s life and deeds. Job was the greatest man in the East. Among all the people his wealth and wisdom were legendary. He was, “blameless and righteous. He feared God and turned away from wickedness.” Everyone respected Job. But then suddenly tragedy struck. Satan said to God: “Is it without reason that Job fears you? What if you take everything he has away from him right now? He will curse you to your face.” God gave Satan permission to test Job. He allowed Satan to take away all that Job possessed his flocks and herds, his male and female servants, even his beloved children. Deprived of all that was his Job was filled with grief and mourned bitterly. His life which had been so full was now in ruins. Even in the midst of the most terrible calamity, the prophet Job proclaimed: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked will I depart from the world. All that I had God has given, and God Himself has taken it away. May the name of my Lord be praised!” But satan was not satisfied. He asked God for permission to afflict Job’s body with suffering. And so Satan afflicted Job, covering his entire body with awful sores from head to toe. Job’s friends and family turned their faces from him. Even his own wife said to him: “Why don’t you just curse God and die?” But Job said to her: “Shall we accept good things from God’s hand and not bad things?” Job was left in a shameful condition. It appeared that God had forsaken him. Job cried out to God and asked: “Why?! Why have you allowed your devoted servant to have such pain and suffering?” Job waited. Covered in great pain he waited. In mourning he waited. Keeping silent he waited. While being rebuked and scorned by his friends and countrymen he waited. In the midst of his shameful state he waited. For God to respond to his cries he patiently waited. Then at last, God spoke. God revealed Himself to Job. He revealed His might, His strength, His goodness and wisdom, and that He is the Judge who rules over the heavens and the earth. Job acknowledged God’s greatness. He confessed that his mind and thoughts were incapable of fully comprehending God, and he repented. He honored God, not himself. After this God was gracious and generous to Job. He blessed him and raised him to a position of great honor. All Job’s brothers, sisters, former friends and countrymen came to him and feasted at his house. For the troubles the Lord had brought on him, all of them expressed sympathy and comforted him. God gave him 7 sons and 3 daughters to take the place of each of his children who had died. Job grew to a ripe old age and prospered greatly. Having enjoyed a long life he departed from this world. According to legend, the spring of Job in the holy city of Bukhara was a blessing sent from God. This miracle which gives life, God revealed through His humble, tried-and-true servant, the prophet Job. Job patiently endured even in the midst of pain and suffering. And so God, who is just, exalted him. The person who humble himself before Job’s God and trusts Him even in the midst of terrible suffering, like Job will be considered worthy of God’s favor and blessing.

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