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  1. By the way you forgot to include the steroids injections in the itinerary. I mean Mark's body looks soo lean… And bulky.. Something you can only reach with steroids.

  2. He say shhh my family’s a sleeping
    And the he fat man jumping a rope like hahaha and then he scream like 😱 oh 😯 q a Rotbl

  3. Sad to say, my Early workouts happen tobe my best ones.. Physically and mentally.. Hard days are more mental.. I'm up at 3am.. Need to be out of the house by 330 am.. We begin the 5 mile walk.. Which is part of the cardio.. Will arrive at the gym with with in 90 or less.. Once in the gym, it will start off with 70 min on the stationary bike.. Follow up with wts.. and then the not so fun part.. The walk back.. Its love hate.. with the walk in the morning, just because I can drive.. But sometimes you just want to be out and about in the fresh air just to clear your mind… I make it a point to do this once a week… The trick for me is to have everything already prepared for the morning.. I keep the phone and tv off which in the past prevented me from leaving.. LoL.. Let it be told, I'm not the nicest person when I began the walk.. But I seem to get nice as I keep moving..

  4. james Corden beats all the other top latenite talk show host out there today
    dave chapelle
    ames Corden
    i am black & love humour

  5. To be in America, and to have that program with your family close and everything is the most beautiful thing you ever imagine !

  6. I love watching people brag about waking up at 4AM as if it's any different than staying up until 4AM and sleeping until noon.

    Your day didn't magically become longer. You're sleeping the same amount as the rest of us. You're awake for the same amount as the rest of us. You're just pretending that being reclusive in the morning is better than doing it at night. Stop it.

  7. There are a couple of unproductive minutes or flaws in that schedule. If he takes 30 minutes off that 1 and a half shower time and take another 30 minutes off the morning snack. He could at least sleep another hour or do something else.

  8. Boy band 😂😂backstreet back 😂🤘🏻🤘🏻 mark make sure he doesn’t throw up in my bathroom ok 😂😂

  9. Top shape? 2:30 wake up and do cardio, kip all the reps repeat everyday. I hope it's a joke cause it can be a really good joke 🙂

  10. It must be the first time James Corden as been in a gym, but he is a male feminist and males and male names are sexist….

  11. but also, waking up at 2:30 is easier for mark because he sleeps at 7:30, but im guessing james is sleeping later so he's getting less sleep

  12. The lifting part is not hard tbh. The hardest part is to be as successful and rich as him, so that you can workout as and when you deem fit without having to worry and stress about what is going to happen at work in the day. That is the power of financial freedom my brahs.

  13. This is extreme and shouldn't be reccomended to anyone. I dare ya, try this with your regular 9-5 life. You'd crash and burn in within a few weeks. But good on him for making this work for him.

  14. I didnt see "Injections" on the schedule.
    Maybe that's later in the day?.
    But first one prays to the gods. How pious.

    And wow! People lose a lot of muscle when not on a cycle.

    He looks much better when he isnt bulked up with crap. Otherwise he gets too puffy: too much water weight gain.

  15. i lost a little respect for mark because of his workout style. He aint a gym bro. Where the weights at dogg? and whats with the batting gloves? callused hands separate the men from the boys. I got one question Mark; do you even lift?

  16. I really don't understand those people getting up so early to workout. Night is for sleeping, day is for everything else.

  17. Who else swears this video is like 3 years old???!? Like I for real remember this coming out years ago and it happened within the last 11 months like what the heck?????

  18. Why are we giving this criminal any attention ?? Why do people give any fucks what Marky Mark does ?? The guy made his millions while being a punk and a criminal. I don't care if he's repented and now on the path of righteousness or not. Good for him and his soul. I don't think his acting is that great either and I never cared for rap or his rap days. I'm a 49 year old blue class worker who has never been convicted of a crime AND I served my country for 9 years in the US Army. I raised two children that weren't mine and I put them into a decent public school system while working two jobs. And…I'm a pretty good actor myself as I did theater in high school. I workout when I can as I work 53-58 hours a week. Not too bad looking either, about a 6-7 out of 10. So tired of hearing about Walhberg and his whole family. I'm also tired of hearing about how so many of you idolize this average human being. But hey….it's America and he gets away with it. God bless him anyways.

  19. How pissed are Mark's brothers that he got all the great genes? His other brothers look like marshmallows and don't have 1% of his income. His brother Paul is trying to be the hamburger celebrity of the family but the food is totally overrated (have a new Wahlburgers that opened near me so I know what I'm talking about).

  20. I don't get this appeal of getting up at stupid o clock in the morning actually does? So this means he just has to go to bed earlier right and really no hours are gained.

  21. That's a bit overkill for morning workout. I usually just stretch and do some minor strength exercises before work. After I come back I can workout until I turn into spaghetti. Otherwise I'd be just worthless at my job.

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