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J’AI ATTENDU 3 ANS POUR Y JOUER ! (Outlast 2 #1)

Time for a new let’s play, friends ! On Outlast 2…. ho ho ho ho Shit I’ve been waiting for it during 3 years ! I remind you there will be one episode published every two days. This let’s play is a bonus added to the videos I’m doing weekly, There will still be four normal videos per week on other games. I only played the playstation 4 demo, apart from that I’ve not been watching any trailers to not be spoiled and to keep the … pleasure ! Gloomy cosy atmosphere Let’s go ! Lynn Langermann is an investigation journalist who is looking for answers concerning the death of a pregnant woman in impossible circumstances in the rural region of Arizona. You are Blake Langermann, her husband, assistant and cameraman. Record everything you see. Neither she, nore you are fighters. To cross the horrors that await you in the desert, Your only choices are to run, hide or die. Fuck. The pressure man, it’s.. it’s… like this ! Please Blake. Where are you? I am scared. We are not alone. He’s coming. AHH ! HE IS HERE ! AHH GO AWAY ! QUICK ! AHHH Jesus Blake, are you really asleep ? I’m awake. You should’ve slept last night. I had to get that hospital footage organised. And hum, you were calling another woman’s name… What? In your dream, Jessica I believe. You know a ”Jessica” ? Oh hum no… I mean I was dreaming about Jessica Gray When we were kids Oh yeah hum… I haven’t been thinking of her for years. Hey ! We are flying over the reserve. You asked me to look for a factory building. Yeah. We can look for it, but there is nothing here. That’s true, this place looks deserted. With all the mercury this woman has in her blood, she must have lived for years near a factory that threw tonnes of toxic waste. If you say so. You’re the one paying. We should film the introduction here. It will help with the montage. OK. It’s amazing, damn, this camera angle is so good, That old report, shit ! I can’t change the diaphragm with this thing. The sound will be crappy. We will have to– Woah ! FUCK ! But what the.. Shit ! Sorry ! The panel on the left doesn’t respond well but… Everything’s fine ! Wow, so many emotions! Try to film as much as you can of the landscape behind me. Okay I center that ! – Is it good? I’m a pro ! – Yeah all good ! *Lynn does noises to warm up her voice* Okay. I am Lynn Langermann for We are flying over the Indian reserve of Havasupai in the center of Arizona Looking for Jane Doe’s origins, victim of a murder… Hey Lynn, you shouldn’t talk about a “murder”, We don’t know what happened. – Yeah that’s fake news ! I have to say that she strangled herself to death ? That’s what the police report says. We could put this extract before doctor interviews, We put that in the first 30 minutes then we talk about murder. What the …? We have to mention the foetus, how it… Wait, let me try a version that can be used as an intro against the murder, Shit. Tell me when you’re ready. I’m good. Two weeks ago, a young woman was found wandering alone… barefoot and pregnant on a section of a desert road more than 100kms to the nearest city… Oh ! WE HAVE LOST THE MOTOR ! SHIT ! FUCK ! AHHHHHHHHH Mayday mayday mayday. Helicopter November-539 Juliette-Charlie on board Shit, Blake Oh my God, my God Mayday, mayday, mayday. 300m 250m 150m 100m 60m 30m Blake, I beg you, I don’t want to die! I won’t let you ! Lynn ! I’m so… I’m so happy ! Fuck ! We’ve been waiting for this for so long ! Oh, it starts right away ?! Sainte mère de Dieu Oh but that’s the building from the demo of the game on PS4. Plus, it’s been so long since I lastly played a horror game, I’m totally freaked out. What’s this locker ? Jessica. First place. Alright. Ok, very good. Man, I feel, I feel that I’ll… It’s a memory… *stutters* So that’s in the past I think. It’s kind of a nightmare It’s a nightmare that he’s been doing after hitting the floor with the crash, in my opinion. Something like that. Shit, he walks faster than us. Too much pressure ! Oh fuck. You who wanted more horror game because you were missing it Man, I think we’re going to have enough for 8 years. Clearly. Oh wow, the design of this game is so… We’re not alone. Okay ! Thanks ! I told you it was a nightmare, it was sure ! I thought he was tied up but it’s his watch *laughes* Fuck I panick for nothing ! Get up, big boy. It will be alright. I hope he’s not injured. Okay, we’ve got the camera. With a good load of battery, I hope ! Shit ! Fuck, do I have to go down, I have to look for my girl ? Find Lynn. That’s the only thing that matters. Okay, goal : find Lynn. Alright ! Press Tab to see the goal. I can’t jump more than that ? Okay, the way is over there. Man, I thought “it’s gonna be difficult !” Guys, we can feel the years of work. It’s amazing. Okay great. Can I go down more or ..? Yeah this way. Oh, it’s going to be the big jump here. Wait : “to access a cornice, move towards it”. Okay. All of that is going to be helpful, because man, When we’re gonna run away from the psychopaths who will want to kill us a lot of time, We’ll be happy to know how to do that ! Left control, okay. I have to remember it man, with the panick and the stress I’ll feel when I’ll be hunted .. I don’t know if… If I will remember. The important events have to be recorded. Press “right click” to raise your camera. The recording will be automaticly set. Alright ! You know you’re pointing the camera at the event you have to record. Point the camera at the event until the red circle is full to record it entirely. Alright ! New dynamic then ! Alright ! Damn that’s funny ! And at the end there will be an editing of all the events we filmed Video recorded. Watch the recorded videos to know more about the events and the goals. Okay. So I can re-play it. She wasn’t here. Lynn’s body wasn’t in the wreck anymore. Maybe she’s still alive. It’s amaziiiiiing ! He comments, damn it’s amazing ! Man it’s amazing ! I already like it ! Ah shit ! So, who’s there ? Lord ! Is there… There’s the pilot, right ? No, there’s nobody. She’s not here. Lynn ! Fuck man, if she’s been abducted by the fucking guys that… That’s what we saw in the demo… Night vision. Even for this, I’m happy to get it back, man that’s great ! But now we’re going to do it “save the battery” style. Oh oh fuck, shit shit shit shit shit ! Oh, it’s starting like this ! No, we didn’t crash ! That’s bullshit ! Man, I know you don’t believe it, but… Oh fuck ! This, this is a horrible key – Oh what’s going on ? Okay. That’s a horrible key because It means that there will be moments when we’ll be hunted and we’ll have to look back like morons. Oh I don’t like this key man ! It’s stressing me out ! Well, we keep going right, we push in ! It’s beautiful ! It’s smooth, what else to ask for. A city. Thank God, I thought we were miles away from everything. Ah ! We’re going to re-live the demo right ? We’re going to re-live the demo ! Into the house, is it a good plan ? Is anyone here ? I’m lost. And injured. Fuck it’s locked. Too bad. Ah, fuck man, this is the demo ! I think I heard steps… Ah no, it’s my own footsteps ! Shit the paranoia starts already ! Hey. Anyone there ? Please. Anyone there ? Hello ? Can I open it ? Let’s open it. I’m gonna see if there’s someone here. Oh man I’m out ! I’m out ! What a shitty idea ! I must find my girl and leave right away ! I have to find her quickly. To take a peek, press A or E – Oh no, don’t tell me that… Fuck. It’s on again… *cries* I’m happy but not so much. Ok here we are, let’s go ! Oh fuckkk… Yeah we could hide in barrels, right. OK but now we’re gonna rush. Oh shit. I’m under pressure man, level 1000. Can I knock ? Is anyone there ? OK I go in. There is a note. Oh there are screams, shit. This is not good my friends ! Dear Father, Our loving God keeps blessing me with his visions and I know more than ever that the enemy comes closer every day. I was scrubbing the stains from the floor of Daniel’s room when the blessed music rose from inside myself to immerge me into true sight. Very well. So the good thing is that they aren’t crazy. The good thing is that they really aren’t crazy. Hum, that’s nice. Where is that other bastard, man ? I know there’s a guy prowling around, that’s obvious. It’s a considerable obviousness. And at a point he’s going to hunt us. There’s a doorway, I have to go through the house, of course. To open the windows, press A, Okay. Shit ! It’s gonna be alright ! Fuck I forgot this one ! “Oh merde !” Some doors have locks that you can close or open. So new dynamic again, I don’t think that this existed in the first one. Well at least I don’t remember it. Okay. Well man, anyway… We’re going through this small hole, huh. CTRL, Okay. The gameplay is so smooth man, it’s amazing ! It’s perfect, nothing stops, a bit like Mirror’s Edge ! It’s really good ! Man, I’m running. I hear noises, I swear I can hear noises around me ! I swear I can hear noises around me, it’s horrible ! HORRIBLE Satans Inimical Dei… Satan something God Midwife’s Lament- The babe is coming ready the knife, the babe is coming night’s midwife mother to the enemy stained within, Gods creation saved with sin. Very well, we see the mood ehh we see the atmosphere clearly of Outlast 2 and it both pleases us and not AT ALL pleases us Shitt no pleasure happening here, dude Holy shit So.. here we go, here we go, let’s goooo. Oh I have to crouch, my bad Fuck, I am so panicked that i can’t think correctly ohh noooo we are sinking man it’s the worst thing to do Crawl… ohh damn we’ll have to see it that we can go under gates like that? It’s not easy In the book of life of the immortal lamb What? the book of the immortal lamb ? What’s happening there ? I knew the book of life of braised chicken but huhhh the lamb’s.. By the knife curved, church hampered any chained man Ohlala but we can hear what he’s saying Like, he’s really close, actually.. he’s glued oh yes, a battery *He spreads his ignoble seeds* Ok I remember… Shit but dudee But she’s right here actually, wait i see nothing OK there are logs holding me back…. It’s good Where is she? Where is the person who spoke, man !? Oh it busts my balls, there’s a fire that- *weird scream* WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAT !? already !? already !? but no ! but no !! but it’s not possible But, but where are we I don’t know where it she disappeared It was a vision (5x) Oh men, go ahead where going at your home Theres may be my gow. My gow where at you ?! Good ! I hope its not your blood Bandage ! Check how much bandages, press Tab Ok, i see, not worry i know the goal Euh go y open it. Lynn ! Lynn ! Oh sh*t i need to find it we can eat some Lindt together The chocolate Lindt! oh sh*t the joke who reassures put us good while this incredible let’s play ! And probably the next seen the ambiance that reigns *shout* DESPATCH YOU SHE GOING SHOOT YOU BY THE FEETS ! Sh*t ! It annoys me when this kind of situation It annoys me when you know you have a part of your body which exceeds the other side where there is the bad guy You know when your powerless Ok y know the delirium I don’t see so much of what there gonna serve us but here ok Ok, it’s really well done Oh in fact it’s really not like this in the demo ! The demo is really a ting custom made *sight* They are away men really, we are in the village of crazy guys I hope now, i know Outlast I know really good that soil is gonna break and where gonna fall nose to nose with a men wheve

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  1. J'suis super content de faire un nouveau let's play et de ressentir toutes ces émotions avec vous ! Au-delà des mécaniques originales que les devs ont trouvé pour nous effrayer sans jump scare, le jeu a vraiment l'air cool niveau scénario… #VivementLaSuite

  2. 1-il est 23,36 H
    2-je suis seule dans ma chambre avc mon chien, un trouillard
    3-il dort
    4-quand la faucheuse est arrivee mon chien a fais un bruit horrible
    5-je vais faire nuit blanche c'est mieux, mais noooon pas du tout je n'ai pas peur, moi peur, nonnnnn 😅

  3. Je connais un jeu Chaire De Poule en Français et avec ma pote on voulais te demander si tu voulais faire une vidéo dessus stp sinon on adore tes vidéos

  4. Ça fais 4 fois que ue regarde la série entière je quif beaucoup stp si tu voie ce commentaire fais un nouveau let plaît d'horreur plz

  5. Désoler on est en 2019 mais pourquoi quand ils sont dans l'hélico ils y des choses qui passe comme si il y avait des fétus de grenouille ( !? )

  6. Arrêter les gens qui commente : Qui est la en 2019 ? ON SEN FOU OK ? TU REAGRDE SA QUAND TU VEUX ON SEN BLC

  7. Qui regarde le let's play maintenant ( que je me sente moin seul ) vous avez peur ? Moi aussi mais je suis avec vous ! Vous etes pas tout seule

  8. Qui regarde en 2029? Honnêtement jai posté ce commentaire en 2019 mais ci tu le vois des années après dis le moi ce serait cool que ce soit genre dans les mecs qui me répondent ya le gars de 2019,2020,2021,2022etc. Merci😊

  9. " Vas y dans son crâne y a des brindilles avec sa tête on peut allumer un feu" j'suis mort 😂😂😂

  10. Juste comme ça Squeezie , j'ai un jeu sur Switch qui s'appelle littel Friends et tu peux adopter un chat ou un chat et stppp répond moi
    Bisous 😘💕

  11. A partir de 12:05 nous avons perdue notre squeezie il a étais atein du syndrome je répète tous plusieurs fois repose en paix Lucas on t'aime 😂❤

  12. 🧸🦄🍭Bonjour et bienvenu dans l'espace commentaire nous avons des couverture des oreilles des petites veillées de la nourriture et des histoire de licorne et de bisounours nous espérons que vous passerez un bon moment en notre compagnie 🦋🦄🧸🥪🍿🍪🍫🍭🍬🥛🛋🛏

  13. 2:45 Jane doe ???? C'est la 10e fois que je regarde ce let's play et c'est la première fois que je remarque ça ! Un film d'horreur, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, a été réalisé sur elle : le corps d'une femme inconnue est envoyé à la morgue. Les 2 médecins vont la nommée Jane doe or il va se placer plein de phénomènes surnaturels en rapport avec elle ! C'est carrément cool que les réalisateurs aient fait un rapprochement avec ce film !!!

  14. Squeezie faut que tu test la démo de Silent Hill (P.T) qui a quelque temps déjà. Elle est mortelle dans le genre et ça prend 30min à peu près

  15. 02:19, je tiens à dire que le paysage est pas génial… alors si tu penses que ta vidéo va faire plus de vues grâce au « paysage », bah ma fille t’es bien perché toi hein!

  16. Ok 2019? ->
    _ baiser le son ✔
    _ monde miniature ✔
    _ Ce réfugier dans les commentaires ✔😂
    C'est bon j'peut regarder la vidéo ✔😂
    Bon bas la meilleur vidéo d'horreur 2019 👻💀

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