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Jace Norman, Kira Kosarin, Lilimar & More Play ‘This or That: Spring Edition’ πŸ‡πŸ¦† | #NickStarsIRL

[laughing] I can’t do that one,
that one– that one’s too hard. [laughing] I’m ready, ask me my opinions! Alright, let’s see what you got. Hey guys, Jace here,
let’s play This or That. [music playing] – Skateboard.
– Scooter. – Skateboard.
– Skateboard. Bunnies! Ducklings. Aww, both! Cheesecake, how dare you make me choose
between cheese and cake, I’m offended. – Er… cheese.
– Cake. – Cake.
– Cheese. – Er… talking dogs.
– Talking dogs. Neither, those both sound
utterly terrifying. Talking… dogs, ’cause I played one! It’s a win-win, I get to eat people food
and dog food. – Video games.
– Board games. – Video games.
– Video games. – Smoothies.
– Slushies. Slushies. – Orange juice.
– Er… Orange juice. – Orange juice.
– Apple juice. – Milk shake.
– Milk shake – Milk shake.
– Er… chocolate milk. Zombies. Robots. Er… robots. Robots. Slippers. – Slippers.
– Slippers. – Slippers.
– Slippers. – Gummy bears.
– Gummy worms. Gummy worms. Oh… Gummy worms, especially if they’re sour. If you look at the size of a gummy worm
and the size of a gummy bear, it paints a very scary picture
of the gummy universe. Pizza on a bagel. What? No, just give me
all the pizza bagels. Both. – English muffin.
– English muffin. Regular muffin. – Glitter.
– Tie-dye. Tie-dye, ’cause once you get
glitter on you, you never get glitter off of you. See, I should say unicorns
’cause their magical creatures but I’m so hungry right now,
so corn on the cob. Unicorns. Corn on the cob. Wait, what about a unicorn
with a corn on the con horn? [neighing] And that was This or That. I think I did… well.

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