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[It’s Dangerous Outside]이불 밖은 위험해ep.09-A game that lasted until midnight20180705

*why feel so sleepy…* Daniel : This one is 5 Yikyung : It’s not Daniel : Ahh it’s not Yikyung : If i close my eyes, i’ll fall asleep right away Yikyung : But Daniel and Joonhyung are so excited Yikyung : I’m not sure if i want to sleep first Yikyung : So we decide to play game together Daniel : I did it because Yikyung was here Daniel : Usually Yikyung hyung likes to play around Daniel : Joonhyung hyung is doesn’t like play a game Daniel : Like a board game, but he said he had fun Joonhyung : I do feel sleepy Joonhyung : Yikyung and Daniel was there Joonhyung : I think we were sitting there for a long time, playing the game *no one wanted to play that game…* *it’s so funny lol* Yikyung : Left 9 Yikyung : Daniel was sleepy Daniel : This one is 9 Joonhyung : Do it one more time? Joonhyung : The one in the end is 4 Yikyung : This one is 4? Yikyung : I only have 3 left Yikyung : Yoonhyung that was 11, open it Daniel : Daniel, i get it now Daniel : This one is 0 Yikyung : This one is 0? Yikyung : I only have 2 left Daniel : It’s so fun Daniel : It’s really fun
Yikyung : It’s fun Joonhyung : The black in right is 9 Yikyung : So we get it now Daniel : 5 Joonhyung : Wrong Yikyung : You should guess it right Daniel : I guess it 5 right? Joonhyung : 2 Yikyung : I’m done Daniel : Guess this one *WHY HE’S SO CUTE XD* Joonhyung : You only have 1 left Joonhyung : 2 Daniel : You guess it right Daniel : It’s 1, 2, 3 Daniel : It’s fun
Yikyung : Should we change it Joonhyung : White one is 6 Daniel : Wrong Joonhyung : How can i guess it right *DANIEL LOOK SO ADORABLE EVEN WHEN HE WAS ASLEEP XD* *translated by 강초딩씨*
*translate may inaccurate*

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