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Is it spring in February? Trying out the new Gopro Microphone Adapter.

So there! Then we are on our way! Not the best weather but it’s … …. it’s weather. Stefan is with us, Tony is in front. We will be up in Dalsland and … … find some gravel. Now that said In Dalsland, there is still some snow There will be more and more snow when we enter … … in the deepest of Dalsland. I saw a video of a girl who … have you seen it? She stands and looks down at a lava flow … and slips in! -NO!? You can’t be laughing at it anyway A little sun! Yes! Can you believe it! Oh, yes, is it a steep here? Yes! What is this called? Passo del Rostock? Hahaha I have the outdoor map on mobile now I see every single little f**king moose Yes a bit of “Viking fog” here So … here we have a lake Apparently! Drive down to the left yes Perfect .. Nature reserve. MC park I read .. Haha you look like a moose scratching a tree! Hahaha Now there will be coffee and Snickers! Look! Here! I have … take it! What do you mean do you have for everyone? I have to everyone! I just take some coffee so I’m happy. What are you getting fat? What do you think? It is enough I look it and BAM! I have a another thermos. It is a water purifier. Oh !? How does it work? Do you have a hose for it? No one lives here. No I do not think so. No, if you look at the door is completely … Here is a little common house This is nice!

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