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Interview with Zeus before final OSPL 2011

– Hello, Zeus! – Good afternoon. – Tell us, how did the 1st day of the tournament go? As far as I know, you got to the finals. – Yes, we got to the finals, everything is just great. We are now in Kazakhstan, Almaty on this nice tournament. The tournaments in CIS are rarely held, so it’s great to have people organizing tournaments of such level. There are good CIS teams here, including DotA squads and FIFA players. Somehow it reminded me of the tournament held about 7 years ago in Kharkov, the prize money were different, there were local teams and we were like intruders, no one really liked that. What can I say? It is the first time we visited this club, the design is nice, it looks cool and we liked it What we didn’t like was a non-professional approach. It is clear that organizers treat it as a local tournament, but as they invited us, they could prepare in a better way. Last year we visited international tournaments and we got used to high quality of everything that happens during the event. – And were you unhappy about? – Funny that we had to shout asking for pause during the semifinals vs k23, one of my teammates had connection problems. They failed to pause the game during a freeze-time, so we had to play 4 versus 5. Luckily, our opponents had eco, so we won that round. A few seconds later the whole sever went down. The most funniest thing was system administrator who was doing something else while we asked for pause. So we had headache configuring new server, setting startmoney, reconnecting, etc. Speaking about another discipline like DotA one, guys had bigger tables there which were more comfortable, however seating in this discipline is not the main factor of playing. Due to small tables, we had to sit tightly close to each other, we played with keyboards on our knees which affected our aim and gameplay. We practiced before Extreme Masters, Intel Challenge Cup and for this tournament so we didn’t lose our shape. We played well. – What can you say about semifinal match versus k23? First map with 16:0 score, aren’t you ashamed? – To be honest, we don’t and I sincerely hope that they have no offence towards us. Usually if we win the first half with 15:0 score, we would give 1 round to our opponents, but it applies only to much weaker teams. As you remember from our last ASUS CUP, k23 beaten us so we had to “payback”. We focused and took every round we could. They had chances, but we were lucky plus we showed our well-prepared game. We had CT-advantage on train and after 15:0 we decided to make it 16:0. I can say that guys from k23 have now different style of life, they don’t play CS at all, they don’t have any team, although earlier they could rely on their individual skill (Adren and Nickel both have vast international experience). They were able to show a very solid game and win because of that. At the moment they are just enjoying the game, I talked to them a lot and they have other life priorities. Beast got married and he became more serious and responsible. That’s why they didn’t show much. – Tomorrow you will meet an Uzbek team, it’s either Storm or Just. What do you think about Uzbek teams’ skill level? They outplayed and Ukrainian teams in the past. – I think that we’ll be facing Storm tomorrow. This is a good team, they can show a nice game, but I think it isn’t a world top team. They are promising and should their practicing continues, they may become a good European team. Finals are always difficult, but it’s clear that we’re going to win should we avoid serious mistakes. – I’ve got a personal questions. People that they you’ll be releasing some unique content, what’s that? – This is true and I think it will be awesome. I will film a week of my life, what’s happening around me, my friends in my hometown, Kharkov. I’ll try to make it all bright, very colorful. If I make enough efforts, the movie will be stunning. The video will be released in a week or two. – We’ll be waiting! FIFA player Yozhyk and DotA team are also playing here. How do you estimate the new Na`Vi divisions and their level? – Hmm, Yozhyk plays solo-discipline, he doesn’t have much experience in eSports community. I see that he is quite an introvert which is good because he keeps focused. I like him as a person. As a gamer, I see that FIFA isn’t developing much but he has got the chance and now he is in the finals. It proves to be a nice pick by our manager. I think he’ll concentrate and win this tournament. The DotA guys have good team, they are much alike us even despite our games being absolutely different. Ivan ArtStyle plays for our team and I remember him playing in the same club. We are both from Kharkov and I have always considered him to be good, he is Top player right now. The DotA team found a common mixture although they lack teamwork. I look at them from the outside and see a lot of potential in this team, which will show very good results, and they have already started to do so. You can’t just attend the first tournament and take the 1st place easily, especially as it is their first LAN-event. There aren’t many DotA tournaments organized and most of them are online. Na`Vi.DotA showed great game, they have got to semifinals and they are facing DTS (Moscow Five) now. We’ll be rooting for them, it is very important match, but everything is superb, I am pleased. – Thanks a lot for the interview, good luck! – Thanks, see you!

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