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Intermediate Cardio Workout (AT HOME PLYO ROUTINE!!)

Hey, you guys! Today we’re going to be doing my intermediate
plyometric workout. This is maybe not for the person who’s ready
for the more advanced, or extreme plyometrics. This is kind of middle of the road. It’s great, you can still get an awesome workout
with these. It’s still tough. With any of these exercises let’s try to do
anywhere form 12-15 reps, and the goal is three rounds. So with that, you can either go through all
five exercises, and do your rounds that way, or you can do the first exercise for three
rounds, and then move to the next one. However you guys like to do it. Okay, we’re going to start with a ball burpee. So you can use any type of object. If you don’t have a medicine ball, that’s
okay. The stronger you get, obviously, you’re going
to go with a little heavier ball. You’re just going to have it sitting out in
front of you because you need space to do your burpee. So what you’re going to do is you’re going
to start in a T here. You’re going to pop up, you’re going to grab
the ball, and then we’re going to explosively jump up. So we’re going to start here, we’re going
to pop up, we’re going to grab the ball, jump up, back down, right into our burpee. Back down. So this is adding some resistance into our
legs, so you’re really feeling this everywhere. Ball burpees. Love those. Okay, you guys. Next we’re going to into one foot marker hops. So once again, you’re if you don’t have
markers you could use coasters; anything you may have at home. Use as many as you’d like. We’ll start with four. These are super great for your balance and
building endurance. We’re going to do forward, or frontal hops
first. I usually like to do anywhere from three to
five on each leg. Think about really staying on the fronts of
your feet. And it’s not about speed, initially. It’s just about pacing yourself, watching
your balance. Next we’re going to go laterally. With these I usually push my markers in a
little closer because you’re not traveling as far. When you go laterally you want to control
the motion so you’re not being pulled. Then make sure you switch feet. Super great for endurance, you guys. I can’t tell you how great. Especially balance. Okay, we’ve done our markers. Next we’re doing to do lateral marker grabs. So basically we’re going to be doing an ice
skater. We’re going to place our marker, do another
explosive skater, place our marker, and then we’re going to grab it, grab it. Place it, place it. So what’s good is, it’s making my range of
motion work a little bit harder because I have to get down, deep to grab this marker
to pick it up. Super good. Always work those laterals. Okay, you guys. We’re through those. Next we’re going to go into power knee drive
tucks. So you’re going to start on the ground, we’re
going to drive our knee up, and we’re going to go right into a tuck. So we’re going to drive up, knee tuck, down. Drive up, knee tuck, down. Of course, when we finish that we’re going
to hit the other side. Last, but not least: transverse jumps. Actually, hops. Hops are always on one foot. So how you’re going to start this is, you’re
going to start on one leg, and you’re going to rotate to the other side, and come back
to start. So I’m hopping backward, going low, and turning
forward. These are hard. You really have to work on your balance with
these. Which I’m not doing very well right now. There we go. And rotate. So really think about getting low here and
explosively rotating. And up. Then, of course, we would hit our opposite
side. It’s a great kind of motion a lot of people
don’t use. We’re usually here, laterally. Transverse is just your rotation. Super good. I know they’re a little tough, especially
when you’re tired and out of breath. But if you kind of calm yourself for a minute
they’re super great. Builds great power in your legs. Five great, intermediate exercises, you guys. Hit them hard. Hey, check out Let’s say you’ve been doing the intermediate
one for a while and you want to find something a little bit more intense. There’s other great, advanced workouts there. Always keep pushing yourself. All right, you guys. Hit the like button, subscribe, and leave
me comments. Let me know how these intermediates went for
you today, and I’ll see you guys soon.

Reader Comments

  1. I love your workouts! I can't tell you how excited I get when the notification of a new video comes through. Keep them coming!

  2. Word of caution you should not be doing that exercise towards a window because if you trip you will out the window.

    If you do this enough times at some point a mistake is going to happen.

  3. Thank you, Susan. I do have a concern using the cone markers for this type of exercise because it is very easy to misstep especially as you fatigue. Better to use painter's tape which comes off easily, will not trip you up and accomplishes the same visual effect.

  4. I want to start my comment saying it's great how you girls are sharing these videos.
    However, while doing the transverse hops, I just got a pretty serious injury. It is entirely my fault, as I always had problems with my knees and my patellar tendine and I should have known better. Nevertheless, I'd like to warn others to be very careful , expecially when you re tired and still want to work hard. I also want to stress one point: Jeff always says to evaluate risks and benefits of an exercise. Transverse hops are highly dangerous for the patellar tendines, the acl and so on, for the very nature of the exercise ( I think you betrayed the athlean x phylosophy a little with this, and should take into account these considerations for your next routines. Then again, I don't blame you for my own injury; we should always know our body limits.

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