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INSTANT JUMP – Card Trick Tutorial | TheRussianGenius

Hello guys, and this is TheRussianGenius and i’m gonna be showing you something pretty cool Pretty interesting that you have probably seen David Blaine do you and other magicians as well? This is actually quite cool, and you can use this in a lot of different ways. Now This is a trick where first of all let me just show you how the trick it looks like really quickly all right. You take the seven of spades and The idea is that you know every time you place it in the center it jumps to the top matter of fact Let’s do it with a signed card. I’m just going to ~writing with a marker~ (didn’t expect that, did you?) Just like that sign the card so now I have a three of Hearts Which is signed now. Let’s say that this is a selection right so look here’s what would happen This is a part of the trick This is where you would take the card place it inside the center snap your fingers And it jumps all the way on top this trick right now what I am doing is called the Ambitious card It is where you know you stick it in the center (*fails to snap*) Snap your fingers and just like that it jumps all the way on top So three of Hearts in the center snap my fingers and jumps on top you can even do it face up Without snapping it just jumps magically to the top as you can see it Happens really quickly and quite. You know really visually as well. Let me do the once again, so just like that We can even do it with a dribble if we want to looks quite cool right so That’s kind of the idea of this Wet which is every time you place it in the center the card jumps to the top so like right now? It’s not on the top because I haven’t snapped my fingers But I want to show you a different way of doing it Which you probably have already seen. There is a chance that you have seen it before This is something magicians like David Blaine have done now like I’m going to put a small band Into the cart and the reason for why I’m putting the Bend is Because then you can see where the card actually is so like I’m going to place it around the center like that There’s the bend all right So look here’s what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna snap my fingers, and you’re gonna see the card jump on top all right ~perrrfect *snap my fingers*~ Just like that jumps all the way on top the card that we signed the three of Hearts so That is basically what I wanna teach How you can bend the card place it in the center, and then it jumps on top because it’s quite cool It’s quite simple It’s a little bit difficult to pull off sometimes and I really want to show you it and go in a little bit more detail so Basically you can start off by doing any trick you want you know you can start off by doing tricks like this where you place it in the center and then the card jumps all the way on top and Then when you are ready to do the trick where you bend the card place it in the center? And it jumps on top you can do this you’re going to have to have the card the second from the top So what you need is you need to get a double which means you know two cards as one You need to get a double lift and Then you need to bend the card and here’s how I like to get to the double I like to do the Marlo tilt like this Snap my fingers and show that the cards jumped on top so now I have two cards, and now you are going to grab it tightly Really tight and now what you’re going to do is you’re going to bend it and you need to carefully bend this so the card doesn’t split and Try doing it You know quickly like this you can even cover it with the hand a lot To to cover the flashes in case something happens you flip it over quickly And then you’re going to you know cut half Pull it down and place your index finger on top if you don’t place your index finger on top Then this is gonna happen so make sure To pull it down and place your index finger on top so nothing is seen and Then you show them that you know, this is the card you push it in Then you place these two fingers alright on top (*JUST*) like that In the center and now you are super clean you say snap your fingers And when you do you kinda let go slightly of the top of the fingers and then the card jumps magically on top if you let go quickly then it looks a little bit more visual if You you can even hold the deck and not perpendicular, but you can hold it a little bit like this alright This is over exaggerated, but you can hold the deck a little bit to the side And then the card will pop and go to the side If you placed a bigger bend in the card Then it would have looked you know a little bit differently it would have looked like that. I guess also What you can do is you know once the card When you show the card like this you can use your index finger to bend it a little bit more alright, and then you can square it up before you know pushing it in and Doing the move so that’s basically something extra you can do if you want to so once again You know to repeat the move once you have the double you can put a bend Inside the card like that and then you can take the card down and you can show them the bend and if you want to while showing the bend you can bend the card a little bit more by using the fingers and then Square it up with the hand Push it in and then let me focus in ~*clicking sound* nice~ And then it jumps to the top once again ~very nice~ Just like that and this is really really really impressive, so yeah I hope you enjoyed this make sure to like, comment and subscribe If you haven’t subscribe to this channel and make sure to do so it If you want to buy playing cards like this then check out my website. There are some I ship out all the cards I also signed some of the decks if you want me to sign them, so thank you for watching And I will see you guys in my next video

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  1. are you revealing trick or showing magic? please reveal the fact or else stop your video . its wasting time. We can see David Blane , Shin Lin youtube.

  2. May God Bless you all and your families🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️

  3. If this wasn't a tutorial I'd be screaming flash like a mad man but I think the flashing helps everyone understand a bit more the .most basic of basic cardistry. Nicely done.

  4. Даже что бы понять как трюк работает не надо было смотреть обучение, тупо столько раз спалился…

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