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Install EZ SET Torsion Springs

this video is a supplement to the
residential garage door installation video it covers installation of the EZ-SET
torsion springs working with springs can be dangerous make sure you follow all safety warnings
in the manual and on this video and read the safety information completely before
proceeding with the installation of Springs do not attempt to install them yourself
unless you have the right tools reasonable mechanical aptitude or
experience and you follow these instructions very carefully use this
video only if you’re installing the EZ-SET torsion springs with your garage
door if you’re missing any spring hardware
please call the toll-free consumer services number found on the front cover
of the manual take a moment to lay out the tools and hardware that you will
need for your tools you’ll need a variable speed and reversible
three-eighths inch medium-duty power drill a 3/8 inch open end wrench a 3/16
inch hex-head wrench a 1/8 inch drill bit and the included one quarter inch insert
bit the hardware for your installation will
vary depending on the size and type of your garage door in this video we will be installing two
EZ-SET torsion springs on a two car garage door see your manual for the
hardware needed for your particular configuration for this installation we
will need two winding units two easy set up or mounting brackets 2 drums one
full-length torsion tube one center support one left side torsion spring one
right side torsion spring a hardware bag consisting of two one quarter inch by
one inch lag screws four five sixteenths inch by one and five-eighths inch lag
screws two number 14 by five eighths inch sheet metal screws four three eighths
inch 16 x three quarter inch carriage bolts four 3/8 inch x 16 flange nuts and
two tube retainers now that we have everything we need and
identified start by separating the brackets by
simply bending the joint brackets back and forth until they separate then
attach the easy set upper mounting bracket to the flag bracket and the
horizontal angle with a three-eighths inch 16 x three quarter inch carriage
bolt and a three-eighths inch flange nut be sure to orient the carriage bolt and
flange nut as shown here place the bracket up against the jam and
the flag bracket note that if your door is two inches
thick the carriage bolts should be fastened
through the slot in the flag bracket farthest from the jam if your door is one and three-eighths
inch thick the carriage bolt should be fastened in the slot closest to the jam
do this for both the left and right sides if you have double track or low
headroom see your installation or supplemental manual for installation
instructions next we will secure the easy set
brackets to the jam to avoid splitting the wood in the next steps drill 3 sixtennths inch pilot holes where the
five sixteenths inch lag screws will be used using two five sixteenth inch by one and
five-eighths inch lag screws secure the bracket to the jam use the slots closest
to the flag bracket if possible make sure the carriage bolts
are tight and the bracket is seated securely against the jam and the flag
bracket as these brackets will be under strong spring tension do this again for
the other side of the door next lay the springs flat on the floor and measure
the length of each spring as shown here record these measurements as you will
need this information later note that on this configuration the
green spring will be installed on the left and the orange spring on the right
now slide the spring onto the torsion tube as shown here you may need to work with the alignment
to get the tube to pass through the spring spacer inside the spring then do
the same for the right spring insert the spring plug into the winding
unit ensure that the spring plug and the winding unit have the same color code
before snapping them together line up both ears on the spring plug
with the two slots in the winding unit and push them together as shown here make sure that both ears of the spring
plug are fully intact and engaged into the winding unit slots before proceeding also check that the drums are oriented
so that the slots are facing away from the winding unit or units and the end
bearing support as shown here the drums are designated as left side
and right side by the letters L and R respectively found here near
the cable slot next carefully lift up the torsion tube and components and
place the ends of the tube in the cradle of each bracket lift the tube away from
the brackets to slide the drum in between the bracket legs and engage the
winding unit rails in the bracket slot now push the winding unit rails into the
bracket until the unit bottoms out now go to the other side and repeat the
procedure for installing the winding unit in the bracket next center the tube
as equally as possible between the brackets so that an equal amount of the
tube is extending from each side the following procedures are four doors
over 10 feet if you have a smaller door see your
manual for installation instructions next snap the center support on to the
center of the torsion tube then position the center support to make sure that the
tube is straight and level add shims behind the center support if
necessary to make the tube straight mark the position of the center support
then drill 18 inch pilot holes where the lag screws are to be attached then
fasten the support with to one-quarter inch by one inch lag screws to the
header above the center of the door the lag screws
should be located at opposite corners of the center support as shown here now we are ready to set the springs to
start you will need your drill and the one
quarter inch insert bit included with your door you can also use
a 7/16 inch socket set the drill to forward which is clockwise as you point the
drill away from you if the stripe on each spring is not
facing toward you as shown here engage the drill with the one quarter
inch insert bit or the 7/16 inch socket into the drive shaft of the winding unit
to rotate the spring until the stripe is facing you now we need to set the gap in the spring holding the tube in place compress the
left side spring completely against the winding unit and then release the spring
measure and adjust the length of the spring and match the length you recorded
earlier be sure not to stretch the springs
before tightening the set screws stretching the springs could cause the
loss of spring tension and possibly allow the door to fall now tighten both set screws in the set
cone to the torsion tube use a 3/8 inch wrench if the springs are supplied with square
head set screws or a 3/16 inch hex wrench if supplied with internal set screws be
aware that when resistance is encountered while tightening the set
screw the screw has made contact with the tube set screws should be turned
from three quarter to one full turn after they have made contact additional turns may damage the tube
repeat the last procedure for the other spring in this next step be careful not to shift the tube left or
right as this will disturb the gap set in the spring or springs start with the left side pull the lift table up from the safety
bottom bracket behind the rollers and inside of the jam
brackets next insert the cable lug into the drum
slot note make sure that both set screws are flush or below the surface of the
cable groups before securing the drum take up the cable slack by turning the drum by hand make sure
the cable is pulled tightly into the drum grooves and that the drum is
against the bearing in the winding unit then tighten the one accessible set
screw in the drum using a 3/16 inch hex wrench set screws should be turned from
three quarter to one full turn after they have made contact with the tube
only one of the two set screws need to be tightened at this time the remaining
set screw will be tightened at the end of the installation when the door can be raised or lowered
while maintaining cable tension use the drill turning clockwise to win the spring one
or two turns the spring tension will maintain the proper cable tension when
you let go go to the right side and repeat the last
procedure to secure the right side drum next you will install the tube retainer
attach the tube retainers to the easy said torsion spring system brackets on
both sides with a three-eighths inch by three quarter inch carriage bolt and a
three-eighths inch flange nut you are now ready to tension the spring
or springs to avoid personal injury during this process do not make contact with any part of the
easy set torsion spring system next we need to adjust the tension of
the springs to the specified number of wounds found in the spring winding table
of your assembly manual to do this engage the drill with the one quarter
inch insert bit or the 7/16 socket into the drive shaft of the winding unit to
wind the spring when you start to wind the line drawn earlier on the spring
starts to wrap around, creating a striping effect each stripe represents
one full turn of the spring count the stripes to determine the number of winds during winding operate the drill at half
speed until the required number of winds is reached if additional winding is required or
the system has to be completely unwound wait at least five minutes between
consecutive winds or unwinds if for any reason the unit begins to resist winding
stop winding at once and wait at least five more minutes before continuing only
adjust the number of spring winds when the door is completely closed failure to follow these instructions may
result in damage to the unit the rapid release of spring energy or
personal injury go to the left side and wind that spring
to the specified number of winds now you’re ready to check the tension
to do this you will manually operate the door but before you do ensure that the door
will clear the brackets and the winding unit or units failure to check this
could result in damage and injury if the tracks are not correctly aligned or the
back hangers are not strong enough the door may fall make sure that if you
have an automatic door opener that it is disconnected then proceed slowly and
carefully to lift the door by hand if the door lifts by itself or lifts too
easily reduce the number of winds if the door is too hard to lift increase
the number of winds the exact number of winds may be adjusted by adding up to
two and a quarter wines or subtracting one half wind as compared to the table
in your manual for your door to finish up starting on the right side tighten
the other drum set screw that was not previously tightened before because it
wasn’t accessible then do the same to the remaining left side drum set screw
your easy set torsion spring system installation is now complete if you have the optional spring cover
install it now by following the directions set forth in the installation

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  1. Just please save your money and don't buy the piles of crap tin foil insulated metal doors! Total garbage! The ones that have thin tin on the out side and on the inside you can see the cheep Styrofoam sections .

  2. What should I do if there is no jamb behind the bracket after attaching it to the flag bracket. I cannot move the door anymore left or right. Can I just move the whole rail system out from the door to reveal more of the jamb ?

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