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Insane magnetic ball creations that you
need to see they’re insane insane in the membrane let’s go
today we are matching how great to be look right now okay this goes right
through it’s kind of like a magnetic sheet magnetic balls layers of cake I
give this one as like the views on it too it’s very light it’s like an over
edit with dubstep remix it’s it’s getting me PAH what step mix a one step
you know what is it I can’t do it with my mouth but it’s like a you know xqx
whoo okay nevermind yeah it’s just it’s just a little bit early for your
generation how old are you again let’s not talk about
it like oh we’ve made this before it’s like magnetic slime okay it’s slime or
pudding it’s no it’s slime but then you mix in my friends okay
it’s like magnetic dust that you mix in the slime and then it just becomes this
crazy like venom goo and it just attracts of things it’s so much fun but
it’s dangerous look at this like all that pressure just it’s literally venom
it’s so epic why magnets so cool we actually have
some magnets that are very dangerous like one time I play I almost lost a
finger oh no cuz they’re they apply so much pressure just shaboing it went shaboing yeah like that you can tell this one’s gonna be satisfying already gonna
take them off in one sheet I want to see the sheet come on
I don’t think magnets works that way though I mean baby I feel like if you’re
really good it works take that Grumpus but then they put it
back on and it looks like this like grumpily like weird sheet of uh-oh what
can they actually pull it all off and then it comes out like that no go back
no person how do magnets work I don’t know I think there’s a negative and then
there’s a positive that’s kind of like you and me but we still attract what you
know like a positive negative you know you see the same okay just talk
too much time struck what what is happening right now
what is that yellow squishy thing that’s a wreck oh you’re not even kidding
and that wrecking ball loves its job look at that smile hi why did I not play
with magnets like these when I was a kid these guys are literally on a wrecking
ball no that’s why we could have bought some magnets though I wanted that we got
to do this maybe one day Grumpus will test viral tic TOCs with me.maybe viral
facebook wait we have not seen magnetic cubes like this before
tubes and circles together make a little pyramid I feel like if you have these
cube magnets you can basically it’s like Minecraft with magnets
mmm I like this a lot oh wait wait a second wait a second he’s about the
brother this is going to be heavy that is
illegal what he just said was illegal and I love it oh he made a little tiny
one – oh it’s got a baby wait he’s gonna be oh these are like those
multicolored lights you can change okay it’s gonna put it inside
surance oh my gosh Oh reminds me of a discotheque if he put a battery in that
he could just let it like just go the entire time oh what a dream dad got it
that was awesome black square magnets together with
hockey pucks Oh little tiny magnets oh whoa floating
on top there like barely floating like just we’ll see if they float any higher
they’re like birds going east to migrate for the summer put this in the Olympics
but it but put this in the Olympics I would I would pay to see this rhythmic
magnetism that would be really cool they’re like magnetic trick shots hey dude
perfect if you’re watching this video where you want magnetic trick shots
tomorrow you don’t do a work doing it and we’ll
do a bad job I knew it so satisfying I just love the sound
I’m honing in I’m channeling my inner magnet lovingness I didn’t know I love
magic it’s as much until I watch this video we
need to get magnets like that to play with at the office oh yeah big pile of
them it’s some kind of a prism maybe it’s now what he’s building right now
whoa dude that is a magnetic crown put it on oh it looks really heavy though
you might not actually want to put put it ah okay why don’t you put it on okay
go get it well I mean I don’t know where that guy is currently located eat it
then why’d you promise me I never promised I just bring it up and you got
mad at me they gave me the hiccups no there’s no sound I want to hear I’m
miss ever hearing all the magnets clang together and not hearing it it’s Lewis
I’ll do it III quickly oh yes oh I’m so satisfying
okay that these sounds are being too redundant now I try to make magnet
sounds quick quick you can’t just row basically click it’s really good it’s
more like cling cling you know I mean quick or like like this like taps like
hippity taps you know me like I don’t know how I feel about your ASMR I might
need to substitute you out when we do the ASMR episode for shivers oh no I
need to give the people with ASMR with Grumpus Oh cutting down the entire
center where’s can I get one of these blue knives
I want colored knives are those ceramic I think it would have to be ceramic if
it were metal oh this is why they pay you the big bucks Grumpus you have all
the answers to all of my questions it’s like no cutting it’s like a salami
version of magnets delicious it’s just a very nutritious meal wait there’s
somebody in the background you get some magnet crackers and magnet cheese good
who’s that in the top-left yes there’s a did you see that person oh yeah they’re
just watching over what there are people here watching us I don’t know look
behind you no it’s nothing you really made me look
Grumpus I’m called for it had to get a point in okay whoa huge who’s a big magnet (in southern accent) These are some big
magnetic beads brother he’s building up that’s how you do it when the real
states expensive you go up you don’t go wide that’s just good business
no heavy haste if you see I’m really heavy what anybody think they’re like
this big around all right probably big is my eye about
sockets always disconnecting them I like the sounds that magnets make like when
they kind of like Clank against each other it’s small but it’s like it ladies
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guys whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa a full magnetic helicopter this must have taken forever
I don’t want to know how long this tech oh that’s like what did they just come
out of the box like this and you can just clamp clamp slap slap you know you
can clap clap slap slap of course he’s gonna architect these magnetic beads
into a hellimachopter do you know what those sound the helicopter makes yes wah-wah-wah yep learn better
helicopter say let me hear it chugga-chugga-chugga that is a train
we’re talking about two different types of vehicles air and land did he tease
this in with a hellimachopter and then now we’re getting thrown a boat
that looks like a rotor to me I hope it’s a train then my sound effect will
be correct can’t understand what what piece of it the vehicle is this it is
got it’s got to be a boat wait no where’s that the helicopter helicopter
yep all this helicopters got weapons does it have missiles on the side of it
or does it Wow impressive I give this a 10 out of
10 easy 10 out of 10 ladies and gentlemen you know what I’m going to
agree you’re gonna agree solid 10 out of 10 and good work the nice thing about
building these with magnets unlike Legos is they can’t just crumble you can’t
just you know tumble one over the booth they stick together
Lego stick together – well yeah but like there’s like a crumble what they do okay
you’re really trying to get into this yes I am a TV some kind of motors it’s
spinner it’s a fidget spinner once again past your time or before your time I
can’t remember which one it’s definitely these making is this a
DIY magnetic fidget spinner I don’t know wait a second it’s gotta be yeah
that’s the bearing oh please tell me it’s been please tell me it’s gonna have
to my life is going to be completed this thing actually spins a great life you
know what the Lord’s been good it’s my time see you later okay well
like not now but like you must go your people night right now no just go ahead
just ascend too heavy gravity hits me too hard you know how colorful magnets I’ve been waiting for these for all my life what a variety I like that’s
actually a phenomenal variety here I feel like we’re going from Mike but that
was that a new cooler I just saw nucular symbol a mess I can’t say that I knew
Keeler so it sound like a goofball trying to say nuclear this is like
Hanukkah colors mix with blue cooler colors mix for st. Patty’s Day colors
make some Christmas colors oh wait a second are our eyes being tricked
mmm we cannot be tricked come on no pre-recorded video is better than
Preston and Grumpus this mmm the PEP G for PG parental guidance we are I would say
we are parental guidance we gotta have a ship name could it be like Grumpy or
like Greston got a nice ring to it right like Greston well we can’t decide
for ourselves all right meet some help we’re gonna make the viewers decide in
the comments oh boy we’re gonna see a whole slew a nonsense and I’m excited
they will see Grumpus it is time to end this video which means if you guys come
in the first 60 minutes of a brand new Reactory episode we will feature your
comics on the screen so make sure you guys click either one of these videos if
you want to keep on watch it have a great day Grumpus this and I will see you
all next time see you soon

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