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Innovative Outdoor Playground Surfaces & Flooring | XGrass

Are you ready to say goodbye to dirty
worn-out fields, cracked blacktop courts and uninspired playground designs? At
XGrass we’re reinventing the playground by installing innovative surfaces that are
safe fun and engaging for kids of all ages playgrounds that serve as a
showpiece for your school park or facility we’re replacing difficult to
maintain grass with innovative synthetic turf solutions from XGrass XGrass is
virtually maintenance-free it does not require mowing watering fertilizers or
pesticides plus it’s clean it never turns to mud or dirt and you
don’t have to worry about it staining kids clothes or being tracked indoors
best of all kids love it whether you use XGrass to create a
miniature baseball or kickball field or just outfit your playground with an open
space to play you’ll see how much joy it can create we’re also replacing unsafe
and unsightly blacktop and concrete with colorful easy to maintain courts from
VersaCourt. VersaCourt’s durable tiles utilize a shock absorbing construction
that drains and dries quickly for maximum safety and performance plus
VersaCourt tile can be used for a wide variety of sports and games from
basketball and volleyball to Foursquare and hopscotch
armed with these innovative surfaces our design team can blend in colorful rubber
surfacing to make your playground even more engaging we’ve even used rubber
surfacing to make organizing re-entry into the school buildings simpler
provide clean walking paths and replace loose fill mulch in tree wells
best of all when you work with XGrass you can rest easy knowing that your
playground will be installed by experienced professionals and backed by
one of the leading companies in the industry to start reinventing your
playground today please visit and bring your space to life

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