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Infected town part one

Hi mAtLu pAtLu. that’s right; matu. Is that Ellie from The Last of Us? God dammit! How many- how many asset’s have you how many assets have you stolen? How many breads have you had? you MONSTER! *mumbling* resetting anythings jesus where you wearing the mask in this video?! I DON’T CARE!!! (to the game, not me) I didn’t wanna sub this you know But Generic said he’d make more rad rider if i subbed it so… I kinda goota do it for dat BOKU NO RAD RIDER Generic: I SLEEP Generic: R E A L S H I T I have my own youtube channel you know… I don’t have to deal with generics abuse!!! Ah…who am i kidding…he has the only copy of Rad Rider Safety Cycle: There’s A New Kid In Town. Generic: Gimmie dat bitcoin, kaBiBBa But what if… What if I stole Rad Rider…. Generic: YEET! yeah, ACTUALLY THAT MIGHT WORK! I mean shit…he’s so busy playing zombie escape games, i could just snatch it! Generic: SUPER FAST YOYO BOI SUPER FAST! This idiot wouldn’t even know if i stole it! he would be SO confused! Wait…no, sadly it wouldn’t be THAT easy… I mean, i am someone close to him after all, i’d be the first to be searched! I gotta think…maybe i could… I GOT IT!!! I’ll just steal it, sell it back to him and his dumbass won’t even remember that he had it! Of course Ican’t sell him the ENTIRE thing as 1: it would be to suspicious. He’d say”the entire thing for half price?! Yare Yare…” 2: I draw all my power from each page, and to sell all of it would mean to sell my soul… 3: With all the rad rider’s power against me, i’d be dead in seconds. The kid’s dumb, but when it comes to specific things like the FULL BOOK, he knows somethin’s up… Generic: I shoul- I should go to the casino, huh? Generic: YEET! Generic: Thank You Generic: Isn’t that curious, mysterious stranger? Of course i can’t just defeat him with rad rider’s power, though it is much… Generic: yoted Generic: You say “Yoted” Or “Yare’ed” That combined with my 「Stand」「Generation One Pokemon Theme Song」i could injure him, but my chances are still slim. THAT’S IT! I’LL USE A WEAPON! Let’s see what I got… *searching* AHA! This will cut him up for sure! I mean, compared to him it’s a bit…what’s the word… eh, donkey?…no, darkly?…not that… Generic pretending to be President in Hunt Down The Freeman: MY FELLOW AMERICANS, IT PAINS ME WITH A DEEP HEART TO SUR- *starts laughing* *Vibrator goes off (;* Generic: Oh ffs! Generic: Oh my c0k (; Generic: My ro- no my head. DINKY! THAT’S THE WORD! DINKY!!! Finnaly! ffs, well yes…it might seem “dinky” But i swear i’ll train my hardest with this weapon to become a master! Yeah, with his size compared to mine i could see how dinky it is, but it still has a sharp end! I gotta think of a backup plan… Generic: Shoot’n it open. Generic: Because i’m very fast boi i will show fast. Generic: Also this game have a battle tendency to crash, so uuuuuuuuh, if it just ends abruptly…that’s it! Generic: I’ll upload the next one like nothing has ever happened! Please don’t upload more of this trash Generic: Unless it gets corrupted and then aw );

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