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Incredible 2 Dress Up Assistant Lifeguard Saves the Waterpark from Spooky PJ Masks

– [Narrator] Family fun for everyone! – Wee. Whoa. Yeah. Ooh, super cool. – [Young Girl] Help! Help! – Oh no, someone needs my help! Have no fear, the
Incredible Assistant’s here! To guard the lives of the pool. I’m the Incredible Lifeguard! With my friend Frozone’s ice powers, I’m gonna keep this
waterpark cool and fun. C’mon in guys, the water park’s open. Enjoy yourself. – Ooh yeah.
– Alright. – Woo hoo hoo.
– I can’t wait. – Oh it’s gonna be so much fun. – Well, well, well, it looks like things just got a little
bit more difficult for me to take over the waterpark. No worries, I have a plan of
my own. (laughs maniacally) This water park will be mine. Mine I tell you. (laughs maniacally) – Hey Incredible Assistant,
I have to warn you I haven’t heard from Romeo in awhile. That troublemaker may be up to something so keep your eyes peeled
and protect this waterpark. – Don’t worry, I’ll keep the pool safe from any trouble and any shenanigans. I got this. (loud pop) (island music) (footsteps)
(loud pop) (laughs maniacally) (loud pop)
(footsteps) – Okay the kiddie pool looks a-okay. – (giggles) – Hey Jack Jack, having fun? – (menacing laugh)
– Uh oh. Whoa that was a close one. We don’t want any sunburn around here. Hey guys having fun? – Oh hey Incredible Assistant this is my favorite waterpark game. – (laughs)
Silly geeko that’s the shower. The fun’s over there. – Oops. – This waterpark is amazing. Okay c’mon up for the
best water slide in town. – Yeah. – Okay next. – Woo hoo. – Okay next. – (growls) – Hey what’s goin on? Get over here. – Hmm that looks like fun. I think it’s time for the lifeguard to take a break. Wee. Whoa. Yeah. Oooh. Super cool. – [Girl In Distress] Help! Help! – Oh no someone needs my help. Oh no what’s wrong? – My ice cream, it’s melted. – Oh no, not your ice cream. You need a fun frozen treat on this hot summer day. – Can you help me? – I got this. – Oh thank you, thank you,
thank you, Incredible Assistant. – [Romeo] (laughs maniacally) – Oh no Romeo. – (laughs maniacally) The
waterpark is officially mine. Ha ha ha first take over the waterpark, and then take over the world. Monsters get em. (laughs maniacally) – Have no fear, the Incredible Assistant
life guard is here. – [All Speak] Oh no. (zombies growling) – Hey you guys over there
there’s no running at the pool. It’s not safe. Freeze! Literally. (trumpet blast) Gotcha. – Uh oh, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Ugh, those monsters. Uh oh, I better get out of here. Ooh, the slide, my quick escape. – Not so fast, Romeo! – Grrr! – You thought you could
take over the water park and ruin everybody’s
good time at the pool. But not today, not ever. – Oooh, Incredible Assistant Lifeguard, I’ll get you next time, and
your precious pool party, too. Grrr! Brrrr! – Who knew I could have so much fun at this super, awesome water park, just being a life guard? I can’t wait for my next
Incredible Adventure. And, thank you guys so much,
for watching this video. And what was your favorite
part that we did, this video? My favorite part was going down
the water slide, of course. But wait, another cool
video starts right now. Bye! Hey team, it looks like,
for your first mission… (dramatic music)
(gasps) (laser sounds) – Woohoohoo, the Assistant’s almost here. Woohoohoo! Whoa, yeah, wooh. (slide whistle) – Hey PJ Masks. Whatcha doin? – Hey Assistant, we’re just
about to go on a mission. – Wow, can I help? Please, please, please, please, please? – [Both Speak] Um… – Yeah, oh yay, oh yay, yes, yes, yes. This is gonna be so much fun. Woohoohoo! – Uh… Gecko? – Happy dance, hap-hap, happy dance. – Oooh, yeah, doing my happy dance. Wait a second. – You see Assistant, you don’t
have any superpower pj’s. So it could be dangerous. – [Both] Awe man! – Hmm… I’ve got it! You can be Overwatch and in
our PJ Mask headquarters. You can be our eyes and
ears out on the mission while still being safe, here. – Oh, wow! So cool. – That sound’s like a
great idea, woohoohoo! – Well, c’mon now, you better hurry up. PJ Masks, let’s go! – All right, woohoohoo! – Hey, wait a minute. That’s my line. Guys, get back here. – Catboy. – Owlette. – And Gecko. Hey, uh, where’d you go? Where’d you go? – [All] PJ Masks, let’s go. – Don’t forget the Assistant. PJ Masks, this is the Assistant. Do you read? – [Catboy] Okay, we’re here. Copy Assistant, we read
you loud and clear. – Okay, great. – [Catboy] Okay, time
to assess the situation. – Okay team, it looks like,
for your first mission… (dramatic music)
(gasps) – Oh no, the Puppy Dog Pals are trapped under a big pile of rocks. PJ Masks, go save them. – (gasps) Oh no! – You need to get them out, right now. – [Bingo] Woof woof. Uh yeah, it’s okay, we’re all right. We’re just a little bit stuck. Can you help us? Woof woof. – [Owlette] Don’t worry,
we’re gonna get you out. – Oh no, those poor puppies are trapped under all of those rocks. What are we gonna do? – C’mon team, let’s go. We need to move those rocks and save the Puppy Dog Pals before… (dramatic music) Uh oh, the volcano erupts. – Oopsie, I forgot to mention, Okay, while you’re working on that, I think we should think
about my super suit. I want mine to be orange with
black spots like a cheetah. And that way, I’ll run super
fast, faster than Catboy, to catch up to Romeo. And my super name could
be the Assistant 3000, fastest person in the whole universe. (explosion) – [Catboy] Um, Awesome Assistant? Maybe this isn’t the best
time for this conversation. – Uh oh, now Catboy’s stuck in the rubble. What are we gonna do? – Oops, sorry, back to the mission. Well, according to this,
you’re gonna need backup. – Man, this is inconvenient. – [Bingo] Woof woof, we’re still okay. – We need Rubble. – Copy that, I’ll send Bubble. – Huh?
– Huh? – Oooh, sweet ride! Uh, where am I? – No, Assistant, we need Rubble. Not Bubbles! – Whoopsie, my bad. I’ll send Rubble, right now. Rubble, do you copy? – Well, see you later! – Whoa. Uh, hey, what’s going on? Why was I picked up in
this mini, blue limo? – Rubble. – Wooh. (barks) That’s lots of rubble. I’m on it. Who’s ready for some digging? (rocks crumbling) (rocks crumbling) – Alright, c’mon little pups. Get outta there. – [Pups] Woof, woof, woof. – Hooray, we did it! – Yahoo, great job, team. (yawns) I’m tired, I need a nap. – [Bingo] Yeah, woohoohoo. Great job you guys, woof, woof. Thanks Rubble! – (barking) Rubble on
the double. (barking) – Uh, Pups? What were you doing playing
over by the volcano? – [Bingo] (barks) We were chasing a cat. – [Rolly] Yeah, and the silly kitty ran up in the tree over there. And we just got caught under the rubble. – Whoa, really? Did you hear that, Assistant? A cat. – Meow. – (snoring) Wha, okay, sending bats. – [All Speak] Bats? – Wait, no no no no, ahh, everybody run! – [Owlette] Whoa.
– [Rubble] (barking) – [Gecko] We said cat, not bat. Whoa! – Well, I think my work here is done. What’s the next mission, guys? Guys? Wow, that was so much fun. Bye! – [Announcer] Hey there, everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now, make sure that you subscribe
to the Engineering Family so you can see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another
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