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Inclusive Playground Family Fun with Zion!

Hey everyone! It’s Roshini. Time for
a little vlogy vlog. So recently my husband and I took Zion to Zachary’s
Playground which is an inclusive playground near my house. I didn’t even
know things like this existed you guys before but I’m so happy they do now.
Inclusive playgrounds allow children with all abilities to play together and
promote inclusion and social development. This video is done in partnership with
Landscape Structures which is the company that creates the equipment for
playgrounds like this nationwide. Landscape Structures reached out to us
I’m so happy they did! They believe in inclusive play because they believe that
children learn life lessons, leadership, partnership, physical, cognitive, sensory
and social skills. Not only that but Zion had so much fun at this playground! His favorite activity was definitely the
swings although I did notice that he really liked discovering all of the
surprises on the playground. There are like little stations everywhere. The last time
we brought him he was a lot younger and now he’s older so we could see how much
he really loved exploring and just finding all of the surprises. At a
regular playground Zion wouldn’t be able to fit on most of the equipment in his
wheelchair so then we’d have to take him out and then we’d have to help him play
and then he would lose his independence but, on a playground like Zachary’s he
can play independently and honestly I’m just so happy to see him so happy! If
you guys want more information about playgrounds like Zachary’s playgrounds
nationwide visit and thanks for watching!
Bye!! Hello. Mommy.

Reader Comments

  1. I am a home health pediatric nurse. We need more of these. I drive 40 mins to the nearest one to spend time outside with clients.

  2. This is wonderful. I've seen one semi-inclusive playground thatbhad a swing but it was designed to actually fit the entire wheelchair. It was a ramp that had straps. I didn't quite like this feature because there wasn't a posting to make awareness of weight restriction but the young boy was very happy being pushed In the swing. This playground you visited is awesome!! I am gonna look into this for my area. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know quite a few young ones that could flourish and discover their confidence at play, if a playground like this existed here in Tuskegee!! I would probably not be able to stop the tears if we did.

  4. I loved seeing Zion have fun, the insert with him in glasses, and his smile at the end. Also, I wait for Zion's bye and laugh at the end of your other vids

  5. I actually have tears in my eyes watching him and the other gentleman on their version of a merry go
    round. That playground is a beautiful thing!

  6. Your whole family is so impossibly cute! These types of playgrounds should be the norm, not the exception.

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