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In-Home Shoulder Exercises : How to Do Steering Wheel Shoulder Exercises

Hello I’m Kyle Brayer and your next in home
shoulder workout will be the steering wheel. The steering wheel is used at the very end
of your workout to get a nice pump in your muscles. So Kerry is going to use this three
pound danskin ball. She is going to hold it straight out and lock her elbows out with
the palm facing each other. And now what she wants to do is she wants to rotate her palms
up and down. So as one goes up the other one comes down and she comes back and forth. And
with her posture the way its is, go ahead and turn to the side, this is going to put
stress on the deltoid just holding there. As you moves she is shifting the weight inside
deltoid over and back. Go ahead and keep going. She is breathing naturally on this exercise
so don’t hold your breath don’t try to breath through a positive and negative because it’s
a little too quick to do that. And she is going to feel a lot of stress all throughout
the deltoid naturally shift every time she performs that movement. So go ahead and come
back to the front. Another variation is as she is doing this exercise she can bring the
weight down and do a front raise and come back up and then do her twist. Steering wheels,
alright and that is the steering wheel.

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