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In-Home Back Exercises : How to Do a Back Superset

Hi I’m Kyle Brayer. Now for your back exercise
we are going to do a back superset. The idea here is to get as many repetitions as possible
through multiple exercises. We are going to start with the heaviest one first, which is
your bent knee dead lift. Working that lower back. So you are going to start off just like
you did before and you’re going to perform about eight to twelve repetitions. Performing
with perfect form as heavy as you can go without sacrificing form. When you get fatigued on
these, you are going to stand straight up, adjust your hands so your palms are toward
your body, you are going to bend over and your going to go straight into your bend over
rows. So you are rowing up, back down, up, back down. After about six repetitions like
this you are going to switch to a neutral grip and you’re going to continue. Up and
back down, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale. And after you get fatigued on those, you are
going to set this aside, you are going to do the same thing with this medicine ball.
You are going to row up and back down. Now this is a good exercise to do to failure.
You can keep doing this until your back goes into complete failure, you can no longer pull
this ball forward anymore and then you go into your supermans. Finally taking care of
that lower back and you just hold this as long as possible. And that will be your back

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  1. Help Please

    I have many question people been giving me alot of different answers, but I wanna know the true, i'm trying to gain weight, "20 pounds" and I only have dumbbells to work with, no barbell, I need workouts to help increase mass, any info, i'm on week 24, i'm 19 yrs old, 150 pounds at the moment, 5'8

    Routine with Sets, Or just Focus Set
    Cardio, Yes or No
    How many sets/reps
    Which workouts
    How many times should I workout a week
    Best ab workouts for strength & bigger


  2. @pronation1 You are going to have to remember that nutriention is your best way to gain or lose weight it's 75% of your total body workout. Have you tried to find a calorie counter? On top of that working out using dumbbells is good. Finding compound workouts to work out your total body trying to keep in a 45-1 hour time range 3 days a week. Now when it comes to sets there are many different ways. I like super sets myself but I approach it a little different.

  3. @jodzileigh Yes i understand, eating right and resting has a huge part of me getting bigger, thank you for responding, i was wondering if you can help me as much as you can, what would you suggest, i'm 19, 5'8 and 150 pounds, and is working out monday, wednesday, friday, with the workouts, and i haven't found a calorie counter, would you know where i can find one?

    thank you

  4. @pronation1 beside the fact that u want to gain weight, what are you looking to get exactly? just bigger? either way its hard to tell, it depends on what your physique is.. there is no one routine that will work for everyone.. you got to eventually fig what works best for you, as long as you know where you want to go and what to do in order to get there..

  5. @pronation1 maybe eat more and do more harder or longer reps and or sets. I was like 135 and now am 145 5'6 and 17 years old. I workout too.

  6. if i workout my abs monday,wednesday and friday.
    back on tuesday and thursday.
    Before i do that i run for abour 20-30 mins.
    Am i going to over work my muscles?

  7. @APV
    dude your gonna be 5'2 fotever cause youve been working out since you were 7 you dumbass
    have fun being shorter than all your girlfriends if you can get any

  8. Question. You might have heard this several times but are these exercises dangerous for the lower back? I really want to start working out my back muscles but i'm afraid something will go wrong.

  9. @sourcecode123 could you more thoroughly explain why that is? I'm not trying to argue I actually just want to know if this is bad for you because I'm considering implementing it into my workout regime.

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