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In-Home Abdominal Exercises : Bicycle Crunch Abdominal Exercises

Hello I am Kyle Brayer and your next in-home
abdominal workout will be the bicycle crunch. The bicycle crunch is also performed on an
ab mat. Kerri is going to lay back on her back. For her starting position she is going
to put both hands behind her head, she is going to have one leg straight out starting
about three inches off the ground, with her opposite knee up. What she is going to do
is she is going to alternate touching her left knee to her right elbow and then her
right elbow to her left knee. Ready. Twist, and across. Now the key here is that she is
twisting her torso, so as she comes up off the ground she maintains that contraction
and she holds it while she is twisting her body. And relax. So this is working the upper
abdominal region, the lower abdominal region and the obliques which are the muscles on
the side, so she is working the upper abs by actually coming off the mat with the upper
part of her torso, her legs being elevated off the ground works her lower abs, and then
every time she twists she is working her obliques. So one more time Kerri. And twist. She is
making sure that she breathes naturally on this exercise, so while the abs are always
under tension it is very easy to stop breathing. There you are. It is very easy to stop breathing,
so she wants to just concentrate on breathing naturally and smooth, so inhale, exhale, in
through the nose and out through the mouth. And that is the bicycle crunch.

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