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Imagination Playground given to Aztec Special Education Complex

RAQUEL REEDY: Today’s celebration we have
KaBOOM! and Blue Cross and Blue Shield and stood up to take notice and they have donated
this innovative playground. JEREMY EXELL: We are here to celebrate the
13th Imagination Playground unveiling for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico with KaBOOM! We just believe that play matters for all
kids. We believe that it is crucial to the social
development, the physical development and all aspects of a kid becoming an adult and
it is critical to that. We want to make sure that there are healthy,
safe, active engaging play spaces for all kids to use. JANICE TORREZ: We are very excited to do this
I think the students here today will quickly be creating and playing with the equipment. I am looking forward to seeing some big smiles
on these children’s faces today as they are able to go and play. LUCINDA SANCHEZ: This is really going to give
them that foundation and opportunity to interact with each other and to build social skills
and just to have some joy in their lives by playing. Thank you for bringing us this opportunity. The staff at Aztec will take full advantage
of it. Trust me. EUGENE SUN: Children need to be physically
active in order to be healthy. Physical activity helps mental development, their creativity
as well as their social and physical skills. The funding comes from Blue Cross and Blue
Shield of New Mexico’s Healthy Kids Healthy Families initiative. We fund playgrounds because we want to encourage
physically activity with children. It strengthens their minds and bodies and
helps create a stronger family. RAQUEL REEDY: It brings out the best creative
tendencies in the children. Just look at them they are in so involved
and thrilled to death to be building different things. This landscape will change many, many times
as they build different structures and they are having a heyday and this is their first
opportunity to play with this. This wouldn’t happen if it hadn’t it been
for KaBOOM! and Blue Cross Blue Shield who stood up and
moved forward and decided this is what they wanted to do for the children that come to Aztec
and I just cannot thank them enough. [MUSIC ENDS]

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