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IEM KATOWICE 2016 Game zone (ENG SUBS)

Hello everyone It’s Danya Zeus A little video for you guys from the game zone They gave us these red bracelets, people without them can’t come in This is were shit goes down Okay, FaZe are playing here Where is our spot? Oh it’s right there We got moved EnVy, lost their previous match to Astralis on train What’s there? Wait, karrigan is -10 but was playing well Maybe it was just for one round TaZ is giving an interview They haven’t played yet right? So this is how it looks What the fuck Comeback? Seized:Lmao they only won pistol Versus who? Astralis? GuardiaN:Tempo Brazilians? Oh, well I know they got thrashed on by FaZe So yeah this is how it looks TaZ is ready and motivated Here’s Tempo This is our place This is for food right? This is how the PCs look I’ll walk around a bit more This area is well done to be honest Very convenient NBK sitting here Let’s watch him We completely surrounded him lol Ye he is playing well Edward/Ugin: Let’s go eat Seized:Turn off the camera Seized: Turn it off OK Why? Just turn it off

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