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IBTASEM – A playground as a response to the refugee crisis

you you the aim of the parts battery exercises will stand both the kids from the very beginning of the project to give them a sense of ownership that they actually were part of making of this project so we weren’t people from the outside bringing something into them but they were part of imagining it conceptualizing it and even bringing their own elements of play or what they like to play to the playground the design of the playground was really affected by the participatory exercise that with him in March but we also had to do a lot of research about the kind of spaces that we wanted to create a relation to the active play we divided the work into two workshops the first workshop was designated to build the structure of the playground which was a timber structure easily assembled and disassembled it was all cut sanded varnish and built on site and then the second the workshop was to animate the playground with the with the kids create all of these games that were all designed on site we mainly with three kind of spaces one is the active spaces so all the spaces that are like related to physical activities like the basketball scores or the monster another kind of space was the private spaces so where the kids can go and like be in an environment where they feel like relaxed and they can do like their digital day one and the other spaces are like educational spaces so for example the planets that we installed they all have like messages about like subjects or like concepts that we decided to put and we develop together with the fun most of these children I just heard the war and they live in really harsh and the restrictive environments that don’t allow them to express themselves and just be children and before the playground was built will be observed is that they would fight the loss on the gravel because they had all this chart energy that they needed some way to express it so this playground is really gonna let them back to their childhood vennela no Colombian velodrome vitiligo still alive a kamba Surya history massillon crh today they are institutionally allow pero di mo centers in the servants Marie they are Eva miss climate lambda can overturn activa Sarnoff am all the rotten we don’t have to the tournament sure we don’t have it kept at feel having a playground is such an attraction for children to come to school if we spoke to the teachers and they told us that they had a lot of children root leaving the school before and I think that having the playground here is gonna reverse that and it’s going to really increase the attendance once your best part of the worship I think I’m building it I see that something like your product is realized you are creating all the drawers of us at all in that sewer laughs hold on Davis Cup soo Lee Elia trabaja Masekela we evade you fear and Pharaohs rasouli healthy leg baby being a female see in ham nadama chance of novena patiala hannity p alley Jambu marido year move my visual at sean Murphy my zombie shop with more we’ll hayley minogue slowly ha Oh much more NM chi sao paulo de Marchand a village or spiritual just me I’m in addition I in a sriracha le bateau any criminal rules camino much shamrock asleep shantih shantih determinedly rudy’s chemically muscala what do I am ok with it eh Baldy vocal faction suppose I own and leafy mean and maha pants cuffs on is a tune a champion Louis de menthe bombed amateur paleontologist Dalai Sarawak day we got his sleep authority to leave a little bit Livia

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