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I Went To A Japanese Spa Theme Park

If this video stops randomly in the middle, it’s because we dropped our camera in the water Hello friends and welcome to another video. This week we’re going to a spa theme park in Japan Yes we’re, going to japan and we’re also going to a spa theme park. So what exactly is a spa theme park? It’s not a super clearly defined idea, but it’s basically a mash-up of a traditional japanese hot spring spa resort, a good old water park and a dash of pr baby features. you may have read about in like a refinery29 article. Spa resorts are actually pretty common in japan. For thousands of years Onsen or traditional hot spring spas have been a staple of the japanese Skincare health and relaxation routine. Being a very volcanic country japan has a lot of Naturally occurring hot springs and where there are hot springs there springs forth a desire to soak in them but This, particular spa resort yunessun, has taken it to another level not only with the waterpark aspect But with, baths full, of wine green tea coffee, and fish that nibble on your feet Amongst other things so we decided that while, we were in japan, we had to stop by And try it out, not only to get our first full-on onsen, experience but Also to see if there might be some hidden benefits in bathing in all of these different liquids all right Let’s go so our first step in getting to the spa theme park, was to of course fly to japan now We had scheduled our spa day for the second day of our trip so We were very much still in the throes of our jetlag fever Like 36 hours the unison spa resort is actually located in hakone a which is an hour and change outside of tokyo, where we were staying so We thought it would be fun to take a bullet train to get there this is the footage i got from trying to give you Guys, a tour of the bullet train station, which almost caused us to miss our train Clearly it was worth it? So japanese bullet trains are pretty Well known for being one of the fastest train systems in the world traveling up to 200 miles an hour you can Feel how, fast you’re going? And with our booties thoroughly rattled, we arrived at odawara station a quick 40 minutes later Where we caught a bus that would take us all the way to the spa look at tyler showing us what bus were getting on very demonstrative walking on tyler i like it Unison itself is pretty high up in the hills so the bus ride got pretty raucous the road Was winding and narrow and our driver was quite fearless? But it was a good, way to get pumped For the spa so from the outside unison kind of looks like a, big beige hotel but it’s surrounded By, some of the most beautiful mountains that, we could finally appreciate because We weren’t flying around at the sides of them it’s so pretty out here
T: i know When you first walk into the ground floor of yunessun you get a little taste of their theme park branding they’ve created These mascots, which kind of look, like felines spongebob’s that are speckled throughout, the park it’s like Someone relaxing theme, and then it’s like a grumpy cat with a beard as you can see the entrance is just like the Hull, of sponge cats, so to get into the park We had to go up a few floors passed a series of lobbies a giant gift shop and a number of crane toy machines Until, we finally reached the actual entrance where they immediately have you remove your shoes what they’re like you, can’t take those hammer toes in here So the park itself is broken into two sections One is called the more–not you or the naked Zone where men and women are separated and one is the swimsuit adair eeeh which is where the more water park and more key Attractions are we’re going to the naked part right now, we need to monetize that We had gotten to the park a, little early, before the naked, zone opened so we could film in there by ourselves without the aforementioned nudity and also so tyler could come as, well this is nice i Want a churro, but, don’t worry, we got permission to do this over all the naked section is more about rejuvenation? And relaxation, which i think captures more of that traditional onsen Vibe obviously i’m wearing a bathing suit for youtube reasons but You’re, supposed to get your onsen on in the nude all right chuckling, wash off you get No, tongues so am i doing, well give me S we’re sitting, is we’re naked, people said sometimes in the naked Zone there are about six different kinds of baths that i could try out four of which are filled with Warm or hot plain spring water including the first bath right at the entrance next to the showers if you like a talent or a do This, fully wood lined indoor pool which is almost like a sauna because of how hot it is and it smells really good it smells Woody i don’t know. How, else to say that you’re, like, piney i don’t know Other wouldn’t mahogany no i don’t think that this large outdoor communal lagoon, and these personal porcelain Bowls look just like their, own like personal images it’s like the teacup ride at disneyland the like actually teacup You, don’t get dizzy. You don’t throw. Up you grow up on that right they, do have a couple of specialized Waters back here in the naked zone as, well though including this green tea bath Which i think, is just spring water but they steep a rather large tea bag I’m talking about mountain dews baby in general bathing in green tea is supposed to help your pimples and pores and has some anti-aging Benefits as, well i’m not sipping tea i am becoming tea it They, also had a summer special collagen, bath, which, was filled with roses ecology Besides smelling like a face mask collagen is supposed to improve skin elasticity and fight aging by promoting Cell turnover i did the collagen is like counteracting the sun it’s like, aging, anti aging, you’re really, drink the kool-aid Huh, well i’m trying not to drink the cool Overall i found the pools very relaxing, but the big winner of the naked Zone was the view of the mountains and though, we had ventured to unison mostly for the more unique experiences i’m glad We got to get a Peek into the naked, zone to capture some of that thousands of years old traditional onsen experience and now that they’re About to open this naked, zone to the public. And people will actually be making here we’re. Gonna head back out And see what’s out there? Now, when you first walk into the, main part of the spa they Have like a foot and knee rinser which kind of took, me by surprise Like a bidet for your knees one yet i do i Have, not used one yet it was tyler’s loss there are a lot of very nice bidets in japan now the central chamber of the indoor section has one Giant pool in the middle of it which i’d call, like the neutral watered communal I’ll look, in there some bells look, at that but building on the onsen, vibe it has like a warm bath temperature there my Thighs, hello, thighs thighs out Sky’s out, besides that i’d say it’s pretty standard so We wanted to move on to the more exciting waters i want to show up, my wedded chess hair to all of you, nasaan Could you leave so first up on our list of specialty pools Was the doctor Fish foot baths we’re A school of garra rufa fish a variety of turkish toothless carp nibble or i guess Vacuum the dead skin off of your feet, oh these, guys are ready for action, now i’ve seen This, before online and it seems to be pretty popular in many east and southeast, asian, countries Like get your hijab funyuns so basically what you do is you sit at the edge of this tub and dangle your feet in Like i can, smell it okay take a girl and you haven’t a lot of time of 10 minutes ready i’m ready, oh? Yeah, some action shots yeah this, would be like shark, we would fish it vikings up your feet The doctor, fish are incredibly tickle inducing i’m feeling, like really disheveled Some of them sort of traverse your whole leg, and others just pick a spot and go at it They, really, like, my feet i think that’s not a compliment in a particular tyler’s right foot had a Disturbing number of fish on it might be versus, on speed but Before his foot could be consumed entirely or ten minutes were up friday, yes i actually Do think that the fish got some of the dead skin off of my toes but i probably would have had a more thorough Pedicure had tyler not been hogging all of the carp, there’s like, not dead skin on my feet right now they’re Chunks, too not when we’re in a little, like creeper So unison has like a schedule of events and at specific Times they will pour coffee and red wine Directly on to you in their respective pools and we had a bit of time before the next coffee pour began so We went to check out some of the smaller themed pools next, door the green tea and the saki bats You’re, not supposed to drink the sake or the green tea I say that to me so, we went to the green, tea, bath first, which, was pretty different, from the green tea pool outside, oh? really That one was just like normal spring water with a green, tea, bag and this, was like a scalding cup of tea I’m guessing they mixed this one with something else or just like diluted in a bit but in general the tea Was just too hot for me hey, soph yeah, you’ve spilt tea everywhere So having mildly, boiled the booty, we then hopped over to the saki bath Which was noticeably a much better temperature, well i like this? That’s nice i like the ones that are like warm but not like too too hot Sensitive five sake could be good for the skin and meta can help exfoliate and lighten dark spots And bathing in it is actually a traditional geisha skincare secret on the side of the bath Was sort of like a giant sock a drum but i think the liquid in the bath Was pretty? Diluted from the smell and feel of it i don’t know That you could, like get plum in here because there are a bunch of kids in here earlier Though, on the side of the barrel was a true, sake spigot so apparently this little knob here shoots out. A little sake, and drinkable I’m gonna get sir Shoot me the face you’re, not usually supposed, to drink the sakae straight out of this nozzle but the unison employees Who are escorting us around Encouraged us to try it don’t photoshop this you get a little bit Put your hands out there so you can, catch it There we go, yeah, here’s my, sake, baptiste Yeah, yeah that’s good sake but after our sake, taste test it was time for the coffee bath You almost fell it at the camera i’m hammered the coffee bath itself is just kind of like very Watery coffee though it does smell and look pretty accurately coffee ish in terms of its skin benefits there are some antioxidants In coffee that can, help detox your skin and the caffeine actually combats puffiness and i feel like Also just gets into your pores and wakes you up you know i don’t know There’s recibo, or what but as soon as i walked in here i was like eight Let’s go the big event at the coffee bath is the coffee pour and what happens Is that they prepare actual drinkable coffee in these giant buckets, and men dole it out, to the crowd, there’s monster ladies Oh, yours was a drink it i just threw it on my face No it was good so i tried to co-opt some of tyler’s portion for drinking purposes Actually and after a decent amount of the crowd, had tasted the coffee they then proceeded to throw entire buckets directly at us It’s good it’s very tasty they, did this quite a few times I’m not sure if the skin benefits are amplified, by the coffee being thrown at you but it is exciting Idea what kind of footage? And i did feel pretty, awake, afterwards so the final unusual bath that, we wanted to try, was the wine back Which had another pour type event later that afternoon, so we decided to visit the outdoor Portion of the park in the meantime on the way We passed a few additional pools that looked pretty plain, but it turns out that this, was the location of the ramen baths Which were a pretty popular Attraction last year in which park goers bathed in pork broth and collagen i’m kind of salty, we missed it So the outside of the park has some of your usual waterpark accoutrement Like slides and kiddie pools and waterfalls with the added bonus that the view is pretty freakin ridiculous? We four went to the children’s area for the waterslide i got a behavior rinse, off because i really smell, like coffee can You see it yes i can, amongst, my hairs it’s like, coffee stuck in your mustache on your shoulders Unfortunately they didn’t let us take our gopros onto the slide but i guess that Did spare everyone from having to watch a very slow, water slide shot which i think Was just our problem because other people were going down much faster but nonetheless We do have a second angle on this shot if you, want to see it Following the slide, we went through like, a hot springs grotto, which, was mostly just a series of shallow Pools but you could see the waterfall from behind as, well as this gemstone thing that they call a marin rose But from there you can walk through to behind the waterslide, where the observation pools are Coming, these are basically like a series of long skinny pools alright and once again a warm pool Very warm that oversee the mountains as, well as unison itself down there is tyler and? Then there, is the spa resort the view kind of made the observation pools My, favorite part of the park but, after bobbing around a bit and film like 50,000 pans of the surrounding landscape, we had to head back inside just like You know i love these kids are getting, wasted tyler kept making, that joke as for the skin benefits of red wine it’s got some Antioxidants for some anti-aging and also some antiseptic properties for some anti acne I thoroughly enjoyed the red wine pool though it, did seem to be the most diluted of the specialty pools For example this giant wine bottle that spraying My head is completely just water but for the wine pour itself they, went for the real deal Like with the coffee they started off by pouring, some red, wine into your hands which By wine standards was a pretty decent amount Unlike, tyler, who chugged it i voluntarily threw it in my face hoping for some quality anti-aging Then they proceeded with a, more direct port Which i think tyler, thought he, was supposed to chug, again, it hit him pretty quick They, concluded the show, with another round of throwing a full bucket directly into our face With the wine bath complete i think, we had actually hit all of the specialty pools So, we threw on some complimentary scrubs and slippers and got something to eat all right Hi, what’s up next we’re getting buffy, now lunch dude grab and then we’ll run their buffet had a pretty good spread and was a nice cap on top of all of that soaking and Afterwards, we caught the tail end of a. Park-wide aqua workout class So after 11. Baths lunch and a workout i think? We had thoroughly investigated our spa theme park and were ready to head back to tokyo how Do i go, yeah let’s go it was really fun so, we caught our bus back, down the mountain hopped on another bullet train, which you can really see the speed of here But that’s the best right and needless to say, we were home in a speedy 40 minutes well from the train station of course alright, so we are back at our hotel room now, and i’m feeling pretty cooked We had a great time at the unison spa resort but i feel like, i’ve just been Steeped for so long in so many different types of liquids that i just need a nap Overall our experience at the spa theme park Was very positive though i think the things i thought were the most exciting before i went were not actually my, favorite parts i thoroughly Enjoyed the quieter parts of the park like the naked zone and literally all of the Amazing views of the mountains one thing i thoroughly enjoyed, which We didn’t include very much in the main part of the video were the Mascots i like this one cuz it looks like he has cheese on his head but they were kind of cute lee Speckled all over the park subtly this Sneaky, guy, look, at him so sneaky and not so subtly Say and rio is quaking, is that still a mean i think that after this trip We did feel sufficiently spod whatever happened to sponge bob that cured him of the suds i think happened to us Yeah, i mean i think that, we do feel softer and i think there was a logic behind each pool as to, why They, would be good for your skin i think that, we soaked in so many things that we’re not? Going to be able to pinpoint like if our skin is better like, which one it was yeah helped Us but it’s sort of like the cumulative experience of just like you know sort of rolling around in hot water and feeling good and Tired it was quite a trek so it’ll be difficult for us to return but if you’re? Down for about 15 hours of travel we’d say it’s worth the trip or, also if you’re in japan already Maybe that would be good thank you guys so much for watching if you, liked, that video make sure to smash that like Button and if you want to see more videos like this Make, sure to shamash that subscribe button a big shout out to vicky for watching thanks for watching Vicky and i will see you guys next time

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