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I Went Camping in a Floating Tent on a Lake & It Was Fun Until This Happened…

(instrumental music) (dog licking man) – New merch available, finally. It’s taken like three months. A lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of preparation gone into it. It’s here now, finally. Link in description. Go check it out. Let’s get on with the video. Bigby is on it and
there’s the pathetic one. There’s t-shirts in kids and adults sizes. – Okay, it don’t want to…
– [Cameraman] (mumbles) – I got all we need. (cart rolling) – [Cameraman] It’s big? (whoa) – How we get it in? – [Cameraman] Thomas,
that is not going in. That’s double size of the car. (ugh) – It’s only around the corner, I’ll just carry it. – [Cameraman] It’s not
just around the corner, it’s quite a bit. – It’s alright. – [Cameraman] Thomas, it’s quite a bit. – I’ll see you there. You drive. (Thomas grunts) – [Cameraman] Thomas, it’s not very close. (yells no) (footsteps) – [Cameraman] I’m waiting
for an hour Thomas. – Ugh Stupid. – We are here. We’re at the lake, and if you haven’t seen the (ineligible) video, you should know that we’re going to be
making a floating tent. Floating tent! Are we doing this Moon? – [Cameraman] We already got the plan. – We’ve already got a plan, you see we’ve already started. I’m not going to tell
you what it is just yet. You’re going to see as the video goes on. We’re going to make this floating tent. We’re going to launch it into this lake. How long am I spending in there? – [Cameraman] Don’t know. – As you can see, it’s a beautiful lake, lovely day. The beer bottle just adds
that finishing touch. – [Cameraman] Well that’s a cool t-shirt. – Where can I get it? – I’m glad you noticed. New merch, link in description below. (playful music) – [Cameraman] Don’t fall in. – You filming?
– [Cameraman] Yeah – Moon, you filming?
– [Cameraman] Yeah – I’m going to put it here. You filming? – [Cameraman] Yeah put it down
– Quick! What? I can’t hear you. You filming? (boards dragging across) – Alright, that’s how
big it’s going to be. I don’t even know if
this is going to work. We just got a few lie-lows and a bit of wood, and a tent. – [Cameraman] And duck tape. – And duck tape and a few screws, but the screws might puncture the lie-low. (electric screwdriver) – Twist this, my life
is on the line, Moon. You can save just your duck tape, but it’s me on there. I need it. – [Cameraman] Just use duck tape. It holds everything together. – I need some security. – [Cameraman] If you’re a real proper man, you would just use duck tape. – Don’t come at me with that. That’s a load of rubbish. I need to screw you. Twelve lie lows. You said 12 lie lows are
enough, that’s right. Isn’t it? 12 lie lows. – [Cameraman] It don’t seem
a lot now I’ve seen it. I was just guessing. – You said you worked it out. You said you calculated how much air in it and how much it would hold.
– [Camerman] How can I work it out? I can’t work it out. – [Cameraman] How do you think… I can’t even do simple math.
– Tell me you worked it out. – [Cameraman] Well, that looks nice. Just leave them like that,
– Yeah, well… – [Cameraman] Don’t even put air in. – Are you for real? – [Cameraman] Yeah (laughs) – What are you laughing for? – [Cameraman] I just don’t want
to blow them all up, Thomas. – The fun part. (air hissing) – Is that it? Did you put spare batteries in this? – [Cameraman] That’s thumbnail. Look a bit sadder. Thumbnail, that’s it. Thomas. – What? – [Cameraman] Cool t-shirt you got there. – It’s nice, isn’t it? – [Cameraman] It is.
– Funny you say that, I didn’t even notice. – [Cameraman] Where did you get it from? – I put a link in the description below. – [Cameraman] Thank you, that is awesome. – Out now, available! (blowing up low lies) – That pump is actually useless. Moon! – [Cameraman] I think I pass out. – I’m looking forward
to Morgs doing this one. I know he’s going to do it really good. – [Cameraman] Getting a
good idea from me, isn’t it? Go on, Morgs. – I’m going to duck take them all. Duck Take. – [Cameraman] Duck take it all together. – I made a mistake. Okay? I said it wrong. – [Cameraman] Thomas…
– What? – [Cameraman] You’re using duck take. – Stop it. (laughs) No! – [Cameraman] You’re duck taking? – Oi! I said it once by mistake. Okay? – [Cameraman] Is it the good duck take? Duck take one. I’ve got some duck jokes that
will quack you up, Thomas. Are you ready? I’ve got them ready. I’ve got at least 20 on them, Thomas. Go on, then, Thomas. – What? – [Cameraman] What did
the duck detective say to his partner? – What? – [Cameraman] Let’s quack this case. (laughter) – That’s a good one. – [Cameraman] You know
like crack this case, they quack.
– I understand. – [Cameraman] Because
that’s what ducks say. – I get it. – [Cameraman] Quack, quack. – Duck Take. – [Cameraman] Thomas.
– What? – [Cameraman] What do you
get when you mix ducks with fireworks?
– What? – [Cameraman] Fire quackers. (laughs) – [Cameraman] I got more where these are from, Thomas, plenty more.
– Please, no. – [Cameraman] Thomas (repeats)
– What? No. – [Cameraman] Thomas, what
do ducks watch on television? – No, no, no. – [Cameraman] Looks good, Thomas. – No more jokes. – [Cameraman] No, I’m not, I promise. – No
– [Cameraman] No, I promise, pinky promise. – [Cameraman] What is a
duck doing in a rubber ring? It looks nice, the pink
and yellow, Thomas. – Good. – [Cameraman] ♪Pink and
yellow, pink and yellow♪ (hip-hop instrumental) – Now, we need to try to stick
the lie lows to the wood, flick it over, and
throw it onto the water. We got to be quick
because it’s getting dark. – [Cameraman] Why not screw it on? – I’m not screwing on the lie lows. – You can’t screw lie lows. – [Cameraman] You can at least try. (Thomas grunts) – It looks like a real boat. – [Cameraman] It does. It looks like something that could work. That’s like a real boat. I’ve seen boats like that before. – [Cameraman] I’ve not
seen boats like that. (laughs) Oh, God. – That’s massive. – [Cameraman] It’s bigger than I thought. (directing into lake) – You keep walking to the edge. – [Cameraman] That’s it. A bit more. That’s it. – If you put your hand
there, like I am now, lift it long.. – [Cameraman] That’s not working. Look at them working it out
together, father and son. Pathetic.
– I’m not lifting in (mumble). – [Cameraman] That’s pathetic. Three. Two. One. Oh, yeah! – It’s floating. – [Cameraman] It looks like it’s working. – It’s floating. – [Cameraman] It worked pretty well. – Moon, it’s floating. – [Cameraman] It looks very stable. – Moon, help, Moon! – [Cameraman] Go on, do a little dance. – Moon, I can’t. – [Cameraman] Do a dance.
– I can’t. – [Cameraman] Stand up. – Look, it’s creaking. Moon. (upbeat music) – I did it, I got to be quick. – [Cameraman] Can’t believe it, can you? – Quick, give me a tent. Is this it? – [Cameraman] That’s it,
it pops up, it’s out. – It’s out?
– [Cameraman] Yeah. (techno music) – You said it sets itself up.
– [Cameraman] You need to give it a little go. – [Cameraman] That’s it, tent. – It’s up.
– [Cameraman] Yeah. – That doesn’t look like a tent. – [Cameraman] It is a tent. – Oh (electronic music) – I’m in. I could go anywhere I want. – [Cameraman] I packed you some stuff. I hope you like it. – You picked it?
– [Cameraman] Yeah. – Oh no. – [Cameraman] Come on, quick. – That’s heavy. What you’ve got? – [Cameraman] Just get the lamps out. It gets a bit dark now. – Camera, please, Moon. (chuckles) – We’re in baby. We’ve got some torches in
here, I ain’t got a light. – [Thomas] What we’ve got? Straight away, that’s good. Two lights. Yes, three lights. Alright, Moon, push me out please? – [Cameraman] Alright, we’re pushing. – Okay.
– [Cameraman] Bye. – Bye
– [Cameraman] Have fun. – Bye. – [Cameraman] Bye. – Moon, no, bring me back. – [Cameraman] Bye, have fun. We still got the emergency rope. – I don’t like this. – [Cameraman] Bye. – No way, I cannot believe it, this is actually happening. I can’t believe it worked. Look at that guys, an awesome view. Can’t believe we’re floating in a tent on 12 lie lows. (laughs) – [Thomas] It’s so cold. Look at that view, that beautiful. Where are you? – [Cameraman] Here. (laughs) – [Cameraman] Blur me out. – [Thomas] I’ll blur your out. Where are you going? – [Cameraman] I’m here. (laughs) – [Thomas] What we’ve got here? I’ve got my oar, so I
can steer myself around. I’ve got a sleeping bag, a little table, I don’t know why I’ve got a little table, and my girlfriend, Moon,
has packed me a LifeStraw. – [Friend] That’s your drink. – My only drink? – [Cameraman] Yeah – What have I got to drink? – [Cameraman] What you’re on. – I’ve got to drink the water from here with the lifestraw?
– [Cameraman] Yeah, filled. (ineligible) – That’s filth. – [Cameraman] Yeah it’s filth. – [Thomas] I’ve got, What’s that? Cooking ware. Ration, self heating ration pack. Self heating food, is that legit? – [Cameraman] Yeah, from the Russians. Very good that. Self heating food, what? – [Cameraman] The Russians
know what they’re doing and they send people to the moon. – What? What’s these big cubes of sugar? – [Cameraman] If you don’t
eat it, it’s fire cubes. – [Thomas] Fire cubes? A lighter, and a gas thing. – [Cameraman] Thomas?
– [Thomas] What? – [Cameraman] How’s it going? – Good. I’m hungry, though. – [Cameraman] I packed you some food. – I’m going to have some now. Is it really self heating? – [Cameraman] I don’t know,
I ordered a survival pack. – The yooged on this is a joke Anya. – [Cameraman] No, it’s for you to survive. – I’ll try it. Look how many flies. Look at this. Look at that. That’s ridiculous, that’s insane. They’re all over. They’re actually everywhere. It’s making me itch. It is making me itch. I don’t want no food because these flies are going to get all in it. Seriously, I’ve got to try
some of this self heating food. What is self heating food? I’ve got to try it. I know it’s going to last me all night, but I just need to know. Alright, so I think that looks good. Let’s open this self heating food. Vegetable, curry, and rice. – [Cameraman] Read the
instructions, Thomas. – What instructions? (bag crunches) – I can’t see any instructions. It would be quicker just cooking it. – [Cameraman] (laughs) no. (laughs) – I can hear your echo right over there. Tear here, alright, so you tear this open. – [Cameraman] Completely.
– Right, that’s off. – I get my vegetable, curry, and rice in there with this in there, I guess. Just leave that in. Add water to bag up to
fill line at bottom of bag. I need water. Ugh, there are flies in my face. – [Cameraman] Looks good. – This isn’t real. Moon, can you see how
many flies there are? This isn’t real. This is not… Okay, so I’ve got actual
filthy pond water. Now, what? – [Cameraman] Now pour it in the bag up to the fill line. – That’s it? Fold that over that, that’s that, touch in the middle. Listen. (bag popping) Whoa, it’s filling up. Oh, geez, whoa. (laughs) – Moon, I feel like it’s going to explode. I can’t it’s too hot to touch. I can’t touch it. No. (laughs) It’s steaming. – [Cameraman] That’s the
coolest thing we’ve ever gotten. Whoa, that was crazy, that was insane. (laughs) – The mosquitoes are still here. They live through it. Push me back out. – [Cameraman] Push yourself out. Bye. The ropes around my leg, the rope! – [Thomas] I can’t find you.
– [Cameraman] Yeah. – [Thomas] Are you there? (Cameraman responds in foreign language) – I don’t know if it’s been 12 minutes. I’ve not got my phone. Moon’s not got her phone. I think its been 12 minutes. Let’s open this bad boy up and see how the self heating food is. I think this is it. Just take it out. Ew, it looks like cat food. I’ve got my fork, I’ve got my bowl, I’ve got my food, let’s try it. – [Cameraman] Is it hot? – No
– [Cameraman] It’s cold? – It’s not hot, it’s not cold, its just… – [Cameraman] Warm then? – Yeah. I need a drink.
– [Cameraman] Tea. – I’ve only got this weird stuff. – [Cameraman] Drink that love. – This?
– [Cameraman] Yeah. – But, it’s pond water.
– [Cameraman] What? – It’s pond water. – [Cameraman] You’ve
got the LifeStraw in it. – What? – [Cameraman] You’ve got a filter in it. – I can’t hear you. I think I’ve got a mosquito in my ear. (gags) – I can’t, Moon, I can’t. Have you got a drink, please? – [Cameraman] I’ve got a second
system that is bullet proof. I’m going to deliver you delicious liquid good for 100 percent. – How? – [Cameraman] Just watch. (drone flying) – [Thomas] I’ve got it. I’ve go it, Moon. – [Cameraman] I got you
a delicious beverage. (Thomas laughs) Moon, I think that’s the first
ever hover craft delivery. Look at me, throw your money on that, and deliver everything to hovercraft to people on boats. – [Cameraman] And you
just build those floats – I’ll quit recording,
we’re recording, wait. (fire starts) – Making a cup of tea. I’ve got tea bags, sugar,
and everything in here. You sure this is safe to drink, Moon? – [Cameraman] Let it
boil for another minute. It needs to boil for a couple minutes. – Then what, when it’s boiled? – [Cameraman] So, all those
mosquito eggs will be gone. – Couldn’t you just have said bacteria, instead of mosquito eggs and stuff. – Moon is that you? – [Cameraman] It’s me. – That you?
– [Cameraman] Yeah – Shall I head towards the bright light? – [Thomas] Moon, it’s bubbling. Is it good? – [Cameraman] Yeah, it’s
going to bubble for a bit. – [Thomas] Whoa. Steaming up. I can’t see. This is awesome, Moon. – [Cameraman] You like it? – [Thomas] Yeah. – [Cameraman] You like
being an adventurer? – [Thomas] Yeah. – [Cameraman] We’re
going to go camp in one? – [Thomas] Yeah. We got milk for this tea? – [Cameraman] Is it not in the pack? – [Thomas] No. – [Cameraman] Then, no. – I can’t drink it without milk. I’m not camping ever again. Ugh, that’s a bit warmer. It’s getting so cold out here, I had to get a sleeping bag. It’s a little bit warm in here. Moon, you’ve not packed a very think one. This really looks like paper. – [Cameraman] The cheapest one. – I know it’s the
cheapest one, I can tell. My stomach is like a washing machine. I don’t know why a washing machine, it’s going around and round. I don’t know, I feel a bit sea sick like, something like that, I don’t know or if it’s something weird I’ve eaten, or that dodgy water. I know I shouldn’t have
had that water, Moon. I keep going into the hedges, Moon. – [Cameraman] What? – [Thomas] I’m in a bush. (water splashing) – My lights are running out of battery. It’s almost gone. My lights are dying. My batteries are going. It’s so cold, I might have to make up a little fire or something. Camping, you got to do
camping with a fire. Camping is not camping
unless there is a fire. I guess, I could do one
here, just at this point. Why? – [Cameraman] Thomas, you’re
tent is really closed. – [Thomas] It’s alright, there’s loads of room there between that and that. That’s nice, that’s really nice. That’s lovely and warm. That is beautiful. (sigh of relief) – Should’ve done this earlier. Think I’ve got quite a lot of these cubes. So, we could do this for a while. Let’s get a little bit closer. Oh, that is nice. That is so nice. (screams) – [Thomas] No. No. Sleeping bag is on fire. Can’t get it out, I need to get it out. Moon, there’s fire. Quick, I need to get out. – [Cameraman] Oh my God, Thomas jump. That’s a really cool t-shirt. Thomas jump. Thomas grab it. Grab it. (electronic music)

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  1. Well here’s a few things you should be thankful for being on a lake:
    Being away from the wendigo’s and skinwalkers
    life straw = infinite water
    The sounds of a lake
    And some peace and quiet

  2. What could passably go wrong fire in middle (edge) of pond on wooden raft with Thomas thank goodness Moon was there shes like a super hero

  3. This is a fantastic idea better than the bubble!! ha ha ha I love Digby I hope it's not too late to order a shirt with his cute little face!! Hello Moon. your brilliant!! Hello Dad thanks for all your help! THat was hysterical!!!! Self heating food??? PATHETIC!!!

  4. 5:39
    Kill’em? More like kill me 😰

    Also is it just me or is Kill’ems dad invisible and blends in with the wood at 6:24?

    (Self-eating food at 10:08, that defeats the object of food… be careful how you pronounce “Heat”… it can mean TOTALLY different things…)

  5. He could have drop that thing on the water… So the tent cannot get fire, sorry for my bad English, I'm from Italy

  6. So, he doesn't bring a bug zapper with him onto the lake, never uses the same camping gear twice which means he never knows if he'll like it or not, and then is surprised his wooden boat caught fire when he set fire to it… pathetic…

  7. What happened to the video where he stayed on the lake all night in a boat or on an air mattress i cant remember

  8. A life filter is a water bottle that is for out door survival u can also drink mud but you have to constantly l
    Clean it

  9. When the plank is on fire, why Thomas didn't just get a some water from the lake? Or push the wood thingie to the lake just in case something cool happens?LOL

  10. Thats so funny. You two are great I laughed so hard. Please make more overnighters. Thank you for an excellent video.

  11. Hahahaha oh Thomas that little dance ya did on the "boat" reminded of the dance Tiffany did in her music video, I think we're alone now. Look it up. ❤❤❤

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