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I Hate When He’s Right! 💙 I Am Kristin

Matt just got home and we were headed to
the gift subway and he pulls up with this damn thing in the back of his truck no brought it home oh my god
no we’re not done talking about this hey it doesn’t work you told me you said you
read but it was that it worked yeah it works what you’re gonna redo the
electrical cord that’s a fire hazard in the making why not an electrician I know
how to do it hello it is Saturday morning we just came back from Walmart
got a bunch of stuff and I got my new bike seat from Amazon look how big it is
look it’s bigger than my head but it supposed to be like super cushiony
because if you guys watched my last vlog I was having some major issues and
literally for like four days after that bike ride I had severe like bruises on
my butt because it hurts so bad so I’m hoping this is gonna help and we’re
gonna go put it on and test it out so we just had to take off the other pieces
these ones so that this one would fit for my bike okay so I think that’s too
quiet Lord I don’t usually like it to be up super high where’s your helmet so you still need a
help still need a helmet on whoa wow you
should get one of these too and give all cut out for your no I’m fine my seat
sign I don’t know why your seats nothing okay oh it took me a second to figure
out these gear things I kept clicking it was getting cuz I didn’t know that one
clicker goes one way one clicker goes the other way I’ve never had a fancy
bike like this that’s good that’s good Gracie just came in and she’s like can
you come and record us on the trampoline so for your vlog content is bubble blow
like sure I’ve only recorded them like 50 times but they want to show their new
like flips and all their tricks that they can do alright let’s see what you
got please don’t hurt yourself and go you’ll do like a double flip yeah when
you do that one I don’t like that I’m so scared to do this what are you demanding
attention come here stop it give me five go girl you want me through your frisbee
okay go get it oh good girl I did a DIY video on this tether ball
like how to make it and look what the dog did to the ball do you see this she
destroyed it you you’re they’ll ball destroy her do you let her get it no
don’t let her that’s why it looks like that oh no see won’t sit yourself in the
head yeah I see so this is you play when you don’t have anyone to play with you
play with Lucy yeah that’s funny Lucy well now it’s too high okay but if
we get a new one you can’t let her do this anymore sure so now the project is trying to
figure out where to put this one and as you can kind of see it is literally like
a home depot in here so we were gonna put it over there but we can’t there’s
no outlet so now the plan is to move all of this well for some of that and then
move this all the way over so that it can go next to that one so we got it all
moved we’ve got this space over here now well these like white scratches and
stuff come off and so now we just have to put oh my god time went by so fast
it’s our gym like 8:30 we really didn’t do too much I’ve been editing videos but
anyways um we had egg salad sandwiches for dinner which I haven’t had an egg
salad sandwich for ever I’m sure everyone in her house is gonna be
farting very soon but you guys never do stuff like that like random stuff we had
omelets on Thursday and that was kind of fun I was just doing like breakfast for
dinner but I was just curious if you guys ever do like weird dinners like
that but now I’m just editing more videos and that’s pretty much all I’m
gonna be doing for the rest of the night and I’m watching face off I’ve already
watched all the face offs but like the first one was like forever ago and I
don’t really remember all the details so I’m pretty much free watching it on Hulu
so that’s what I’m doing I’m editing and watching base off so it’s pretty much it
for today and I guess I’ll just see you guys in the morning
alrighty so it’s now Sunday and I’ve got a Broncos shirt on because I’m literally
the only shirt that I have for football since it’s Super Bowl Sunday we normally
we go somewhere to like a friend’s or something but we just really wasn’t
feeling up to it and so Matt decided to stay home too
so we’re gonna do our own stuff we’re doing some like
full of chicken wing dip and we got like a five layer bean dip and he’s making
pretzel bites but yeah so we’re just kinda hanging out we just got back from
going your shopping and went shopping at Costco and I really hate to admit it but
MADD had a great idea with that fridge because he got it all fixed up and it is
pretty much full already so now instead of our normal fridge like our main
fridge being like overloaded and where we like can’t find stuff because there’s
so much stuff in it we put all the stuff we don’t use on a regular basis like
dinner things in the other one and it’s working out really nicely and I hate
telling him that because it’s just gonna encourage him to bring more stuff home
but I wanted to show you like how full it is already so he switched the doors
around too so it opens this way and if look at this it is full like we would
have had to put all of this stuff in our normal fridge mostly it’s mainly meat
because we went to Costco and then we got some like those are muffins but
they’re like this whole entire bottom thing is full to drinks so we pretty
much have like I said a bunch of just dips and stuff for today we got a six
layer dip from I think it was Safeway so this is the first dip and you can see
there’s all those different layers Matt and I made pretzel bites from scratch
and then he made a cheese sauce and then he also made buffalo chicken wing dip so
all yummy dippy stuff well if you watch the Super Bowl then you know the Eagles
won which I couldn’t care less about I really am NOT big into football the best
part of the whole Super Bowl was the fact that pink was there performing I
loved her so much and I was so excited to see her perform
she’s amazing so that was my favorite part and eating all the dips and stuff
because we don’t usually eat like that it’s a lot of cheese I’m not a big
cheese eater so we had a lot of cheesy stuff and a
lot of fattening stuff so my diet it’s gonna have to resume tomorrow yeah
that’s pretty much it the weekend’s over we are getting ready to go to bed
I’m gonna finish watching some face off and maybe check out Twitter and stuff
and it looks like Logan Paul’s back so I’m gonna go and watch his video to see
what he’s got to say anyways that’s it for this video if you guys liked it
please give me a thumbs up if you want to see more don’t forget to
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talk to you later peace

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