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I GOT SORE…. MY FIRST VR EXPERIENCE (HTC Vive + Virtual Portal HK) // PanickedPixel

Hey, how’s it going, PPixel Pals? This is PanickedPixel, home of my gaming, geek and tech ramblings. You can call me Kristeen! So sometime last week,
I had my very first VR experience. I was super excited about it and
had a lot of thoughts afterwards so I just wanted to share it with you guys:
how the whole thing went. Just to clarify, this video is not sponsored in any way. My sister did pay for the 1 hour
I spent at the VR thing But other than that… not sponsored at all. As many of you already know, VR isn’t something that typically
many of us can experience Though there are many YouTubers who can
actually buy the equipment necessary for it, not all of us are able to purchase high-end enough PCs to run these kinds of games because money.
[cash register sound effect] And even if we do have gaming rigs that can fit
at least the minimum requirements, it’s not like all of us have the necessary VR equipment because… money.
[cash register sound effect] I know there have been reports that VR has
become more affordable and accessible in China and I know that Hong Kong is technically part of China but you don’t really see that around here. And this inaccessibility, my friends, is exactly why I was super excited to try my hand at VR. So there were 6 of us who went to this VR place called Virtual Portal in Tsim Sha Tsui which basically had a bunch of GTX1080 rigs,
hooked up to some HTC Vives They had sensors around the room,
as well as acoustic foam because, y’know… people get really loud when they’re playing VR. And by people, I mean my sister and her best friend. Yeah, that’s right. I’m calling you two out. While the two loud ones were in the other side playing this robot zombie shooting game called “Raw Data”, 4 of us were playing this archery
tower defense game called “Elven Assassin”, where we were obviously Elves and we were protecting this village
from orcs, ogres and dragons so we had to shoot them down
with our MIGHTY BOW AND ARROWS! I unfortunately did not get to record myself because I forgot to press the button on my camera and I realize even if I did press the button on my camera, I would’ve been out of the frame most of the time. But the staff at Virtual Portal were nice enough to let me record some of my gameplay from the actual session. Virtual Portal people are really cool! So Elven Assassin was really fun. I was so into it and I felt so badass
using the two controllers and every time I’d pull on my virtual bow, this controller on my right hand would kind of vibrate a little bit kind of mimicking the feel of an actual archery bow. It also felt really cool being able to
physically dodge things, physically move That was a pretty new experience for me! I was actually surprised that I got used to
virtual reality really quickly. I was expecting that I’d be a little bit stupid with it for about 30-40 minutes. [Gameplay Commentary]
“Okay, that’s too high” “Too high.” “Got it.” [Kristeen in concentrated silence] “OOOOH! HEADSHOT!!” [Kristeen continues to headshot more orcs] I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done archery before or if it’s just my whole gamer-ness or whatever, but it only took me 10 minutes or probably even less to just get used to the controls and just get into the game. That said, in the beginning of the day, we were aiming to beat level 18… [Gameplay commentary] [Kristeen sees a dragon]
“Oh no..” “Where!?” [Frantically tries to shoot arrow to teleport]
“UGH!” “OH GOD! Someone else: “I DROPPED THE WRONG PLACE! AWWW!” [Kristeen laughs] [Orcs streaming into the village] “Oh noooo…” “NOO!” “NOOOOO!” [laughs] “No!” “Oh no- YES!!!”
[laughs in relief] “Yeah, we’re on 19. WOOOO!” and we managed to reach level 19,
so I felt pretty accomplished and I was pretty addicted by the end
of the whole session. I couldn’t believe how quickly it went by. One hour didn’t feel like it was enough to
fully enjoy myself, I think. However, that’s not to say that the whole
experience was flawless. After we finished playing and we were walking
towards the train station to go home, I started feeling nauseous. I ended up having a nagging headache
for the rest of the day while I was eating with my brother-in-law
and my sister at a sushi restaurant. And I’m not sure if it’s connected but I also had
little nagging headaches for the next couple of days or so
while I was in my office. Additionally, and I’m kind of embarrassed to say this, I forgot to do warm up exercises
before we went into VR so it was basically a 1 hour session of me
moving around, suddenly dodging things. I think my muscles kind of freaked out and
they just got sore after the whole session. That doesn’t sound too bad, but it will, once I tell you I was sore for the next 3 to 4 days! What made things even worse was the fact
that my office is uphill. For those next 3 days, I had to walk up stairs…
and slopes… with painful legs. Also, go down them. So I had to be careful
not to step too hard or else a pain would just jolt through my body and ugh… That was really bad. I don’t think I’ve
experienced this kind of soreness ever since doing basketball in high school. With all that said, the question is
“Would I do VR again after this experience?” Now, HK$136 for a VR experience is pretty pricey, considering that you can get a HK$300-ish ticket to go to Ocean Park, that is the local theme park here in Hong Kong. For the whole day. And I did have all these physical effects
after we played for an hour at the place. So would do it again? HECK YEAH! VR is actually a really great group activity to do. I see myself doing this with different groups of friends and finally having a reason to hang out with them again. Maybe it could even be some sort of light-hearted, team-building activity for your co-workers. I know Virtual Portal is actually developing some sort of corporate program for their space. And overall, I found the experience pretty addicting. After the 1 hour was over, I just wanted to play and play even though my legs were hurting. And really, that whole soreness thing,
I feel like that’s really more my fault for underestimating VR and just forgetting
the fact that I am actually MOVING. But as great as VR is, I don’t think
I can see myself doing it too often given that whole nausea I was feeling afterwards I mean it was pretty uncomfortable. Once a month, when I have extra money,
I think that would be fine but otherwise… Aaaah, I don’t think I’ll be going that often. So, PPixel Pals, I want to hear what
YOU think about VR! Have you tried VR yourself? And experienced
the same kind of things that I did? And if you haven’t tried VR yet, are you willing to try it out after hearing I have said in today’s video? And finally, Do you… like pancakes? Go crazy in the comments section! Thank you for watching this video! And I hope you have a pleasant day! 🙂

Reader Comments

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted to try a Vive but the only VR experiences I've had were with Google Cardboard. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't very immersive. :/

  2. Sounds interesting, PP. As for the physical symptoms you described, did anyone else in your group have the same issues ? Have you ever felt slightly nauseous playing in first person in a normal shooter ? I guess the reason I ask is that I'd be more interested in trying it if only one person in a group of six felt ill than I would if everyone felt the same way !

  3. I haven't tried VR myself, I would love to try VR games, but nothing of what I've seen here (in conventions and stuff) have motivated me to do it. But yeah I'd love to try it. Great job on the visuals, I'm really loving the new format.

  4. I haven't tried VR myself yet either. I think it might be a fun novelty thing to try out for a little bit, but I definitely wouldn't want it to become a full-time style of gaming.

  5. i havent gotten to try it yet but if i could ever try it without other people around i would love to! im way too anxious to do it with people around ;;;; and yes i love pancakes but i love waffles more because there's more surface area for the toasty caramelized goodness to happen bc of the ridges ♥♥

  6. Hey Kristeen! This is awesome, you're really good at this! Hopefully you're feeling better now~ And please bring me pancakes when you come visit next time~ 😛

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