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LBefore we Even start This video i want to do a disclaimer This is not Clickbait Everything That i will Say in This Story Is a Hundred Percent true Nah i’m telling The truth otherwise i wouldn’t be making this video Um i’ma let y’All look at my face bruh I’m you know i’m Saying yeah i got my Shit lit last night but i’m gonna tell you What Happened i Got Jumped i went to the club last night Got Jumped but i’m gonna be into detail and start from the beginning To the end i have never Been in a Situation Like This before you Know what i Mean iii i didn’t Really think that It Was ever gonna Happen to me But After Calling a Few People Talking to him about It and shit cuz i was Kind of in shock i’m like down really Just Got Jump and It Was like Man i got Jumped too Block i even Asked Kennedy She Says she Got Jump you know i mean i’m like Like Damn Niggas Just Be Getting Jumped but It Was my first time so like i Didn’t Really take It to serious you know i’m Saying i could Have pressed Charges And All these Other Shit but I’m like no it’s Just an Experience Now i know i can’t be Walking Around here like I’m Saying a Regular Niggas Just Doing Whatever you feel me i gotta watch My Surroundings and Shit So um basically I’ma tell you from the Jump What Happened i haven’t did a Story time in a minute and This IS 100% true I wasn’t gonna make This video at first Because i know it’s gonna be a lot of Niggas you know i’m Saying creating Accusations in The comments but you know i’ve Been doing this shit for three Years i don’t care When they Just talking about any comments But uh Yesterday i didn’t Vlog i need to start vlogging I’m sorry But Basically i went ahead and i uh i went out to melrose or whatever Me Poudi and McQueen and we Head Out there i went to cop me some some Zebra Yeezys and some This little supreme bagging Shit So i’m Chillin you know i’m Sayin We Having a cool Little day Everything smooth You know i’m Saying We Get back to my spot or whatever and then We Get back to my spot or whatever and then We Like You Know what its Friday night we might as Well Go Out McQueen end up leaving I’m Saying he had to have some other Business so It’s Just me chino and poudi so we’re like you know we might as well Go to the club i’m Saying on some cool shit i mean Doing that no so i was like Alright babe so we go to the Club Get in the Club and you Know exceda’s cool but It was Edm music Edm is like That Dubstep Bullshit you know what I’m Saying and i Can’t Get Jiggy to that Shit so i’m literally Just standing Around the club and Upset Not to mention we Was sipping on some Water so at that Point um you know Niggas is like I’m you know i’m Saying i’m in the mood you feel me i’m Chillin You Know sound Mingling with People and Shit Having a Good time you know i’m Saying Chillin i wasn’t dancing there none because it’s Kind of You Know Saying It Was Kind of Like i Don’t know i hate Edm Music that shit gay as hell to me but you know i’m Saying it is what it Is so We Chilling This is like around like i Say Like 11 p.m. So shit Like That Around That time is around 11 and then i poudi had to go back to his spot to change and Shit then he met us there and Then like a hour later poudi Showed Up so now i’m Kicking It with poudi like What know what I’m saying? i Get some more Water or Whatever gang gang you know i’m talking about but alright so i’m walking Around the club or whatever Chillin with uh It was me chino and poudi we all Walking Around then we see like This Group of three girls come up to it i guess it Was like fans or some shit They Was asian and they was like hey I’m Saying my What’s up or whatever i’m Saying We Are Just Making Like Chilling and Shit and uh? She was sipping on some Water too So he was talking to them for like a Cool i don’t Know like a Cool Twenty Minutes and Then One of The Girls is like Um What’d They Say She was like do you know where i can smoke to you smoking Cigarettes and all That bullshit so i Was like Yeah you can Go out to this Little Alleyway so It’s like This Club is like When you walk in the club it’s like an area You Turn to the right then you keep Going This way and then it’s like a stage and shit you know i’m Saying People do performances and Shit and There’s Like a Big ass Damn Sward and then you Got like Two Bars on the side and Then you got Upstairs but The upstairs Was closed That’s usually where i go when i go to this Club Go to the upstairs That’s What hit music a but It was Just etm its i’m like alright I’m Saying Let me entertain she talking about i was like Yeah? you can Go to the Alleyway and i’m Saying People Be smoking Over there so i show her where it was that right so i goes Out there with her or whatever? It’s like a Bunch of People in this Alleyway it’s hella People Everybody’s smoking Cigarettes and Shooting Up so i’ll smoke Cigarettes but i was Just Kicking It so then she like? She was asian she was from Careers me she’s like oh it’s the korean cigarette bolo blah Blah Art and Then She Was like Smelly Smells Like chocolate so i goes to smell the cigarette right i sniffed a Cigarette Right Kid you not right After i sniffed the cigarette somebody Punched the shit out of me out of nowhere The Craziest Shit That ever Happened in life bro to this moment i do not Know why this shit Happened you Feel me but i guess when you get i don’t i don’t know if It Was a Hater i Don’t know if i was talking to this Girl or some shit you know i’m Saying i don’t even know what the Nigger look like? They Niggas Let My Shit Right Here right from That Point on it’s nothing i can do at That Point right You Say There’s nothing i could do Then nigga Punch me he didn’t Knock me out but i did fall so i’m on the ground right No security outside it’s no Security so it’s Just 101 you know i’m Saying I’M loose off the pimp Juice i’m on the ground and Shit and This nigga Up then Security Finally come Out and Then he Get on top of Him grabbed a nigga But The naked before he grabbed a nigga Hit me like a cool three I’m getting my ass beat I’m not gonna lie bro i’m getting my ass beat but i got snuck okay so it does not count as a Win for That nigga anything give us a Whole if i Knew he was and i ever Seen Him person even my Fair Ones think i’ma beat yo Ass But nigga Hit me like a cool three right I’m like shit you know i’m Saying i’M loose off the pimp Juice I already Feel The shit it Just Feel like pressure on my face and shit you know i’m Saying all right Here oh? You don’t send the same side or something like Damn i gotta pick in the back of my Head while i’m getting punching my Damn Got Picking me up from the Airport Tomorrow We Will sam Be swole Up his shit i never Brought i Swear i never Got my ass beat before This is literally The first time but i was getting Jump I realized i was getting Jumped i didn’t Know i thought i Just Got Slapped by One nigga and One nigga Was Beating my Ass but i realized that i was getting Jumped These Niggas Look Like They Was like a Cool 2530 Years old old Ass Niggas Pink in my shit you know i’m sad oh so they Get punching me in sick Security Guard Get The nigga off of me or whatever right So it’s soon as he’s picking them up and they could Kick me that is the most Disrespectful Shit That you can do but at this point no Matter how loose i am off the pimp Juice i’m pissed Young Sound Like Broke Because Security is literally Holding me i know one of y’All Watching Been in a predicament or even if you Got Jumped comment Below if you Got Jumped before and Let me know What you did in this Situation But The Damn Security Guard Was Holding me trying to break Up the fight but he was Just Holding me so i got Kicked i couldn’t move Then They Got Holding My Arms of Shit it’s like They was helping him beat my Ass or whatever and Then the nigga Put me back the security put him back and then Out of nowhere somebody Punched me right Here i’m like bro What’s Up you don’t understand i Got Sucked By some Random Ass nigga on the right of me you know what I mean i’m Just getting snuck Left and right Left and right getting Stuck and When the nigga had me on the ground it Was like One of These nohomo nohomo I’m Just trying to let y’All even see him turn no, homo all right But look so my this Thing it like This on some Shit my Head right Here my Arms Right Here i Try to grab this Snake Like This Should look gay as Hell but i grab this Thing like These And He’s like This Boop Boop Boop and Then That’s When security come give Him that he Kicked me in my face and Shit and? Then Um the other nigga Punched me right Here So i’m like bro What’s up and the other nigga that punching i think It Was big as Hell It Was like One of them Z assassin Things so i’m like Damn you know i’m Saying i wasn’t scared no bullshit like That but It was Just like i was so pissed that i couldn’t Do shit The Security Guard Messed Up everything for me okay i got Jumped you know out of me i got snuck in everything Which is okay you feel me i don’t feel like i lost anything Because you know I’m saying It Was nothing i could do It wasn’t a Fair fight at all you Feel me it was not a fair fight but i was still pissed Because The Security I didn’t at least Let me get one licking on one of the Niggas you feel me i even get to hit the nigger bro And i woke up this morning so pissed i’m like brah i really Just Got disrespected last night but i don’t think anybody Got that Shit on video But if they do man i want to see it i want to see what happens i really don’t remember As i selves lucifer Pimp Juice But Yeah Um Nobody Say yeah Man so the nigga the police came and all This Other Shit They start Carrying the Niggas out as The Security Guards Carry My Grad and Niggas Shirt or Whatever trying to grab his sneaky or whatever you know i’m Saying? Cuz i’m like bro What the hell Just Happened this Was the literally i went from talking to a girl? Sniffing a Cigarette to getting Punched for no reason i didn’t Say nothin to these names bro and i can see if It Was like Why are you talking to my girl i wouldn’t even You Know i’m Saying i don’t know shit you feel me i’m Chilly She Was a Fan she came with two Young target or you know, me so i Can See if the nigga had some Type of argument with me or something and We score Up or something you know i’m Saying That Way i would’ve beat his ass cuz i know how to fight you feel me I’m pretty sure i would’ve beat his ass the first nigga cuz i think the first Thing It Was like He was like he wasn’t Nosy Ass ass and he like the other nigga you know i mean so i know i would’ve beat his ass But i gots nut you know i’m Saying and That Really Just messed Up the entire thing so after that Happened There’s a Stupid Little Security Guard That Messed everything Up for me Come no after That Happened cuz i left chino i left chino and pootie and went outside in the little Alleyway? Right After i Got my ass Beat Your ass Jumped or whatever Chino Come outside What Happened i’m like me too late Now and they i regarded Already Got my ass beat up said They pootie come out Jumping Around and Shit trying to scratch When Niggas in Shape But They already gone so then The Security Take Me through The Club or whatever take me on the other allen side and he like? Who you array i’m like Bro What the fuck i’m literally in shock i wasn’t i didn’t Feel no pain i didn’t Feel Nothing You Feel me i was Just like bro What i wasn’t even Mad Just Think about me after i get in a fight i’m not You Feel me i was like bro What What Just Happened you know i’m Saying Because It could have Been Worse you know i mean That Niggas could cuz i think the Niggas Was like Mexican or some Shake something i don’t know what the Niggaz even look like but you know mexicans we Carrying Nice and Shit It could have Been a Lot worse But My Whole Thing Was like Broke how did this Happen so i’m talking to security you know who Ain’t talking about Shit then uh Well a Little Medic on my Brown straight I’m Say i Got This little cut Right Here You Slow my Shit a Little Bit over here or whatever you know i’m Saying But? Yeah After day he like oh They Got arrested i’m like Brow don’t see no police Cars You Feelin me ina see nobody getting a police car so i and they didn’t Take None of My Information so i know they didn’t do nothing but i’m like you know What As i was walking Away I’m like Brother she was Kind of dope you Know i’m Saying i never Got Jumped before It Was like if you Never Got Jumped before it like It’s something That You Would like to experience cuz you see it happen all the time But for real for Real That Shit Just For reference She Just Make me realize that you know i’m Saying i can’t be Doing Certain Shit you know i mean i came he going Certain Places especially By Myself you know i mean so yeah i never Catch me by myself ever you feel me so if it’s anything it’s watching This right Now i want to fight me You Never Catch me by Myself but Yeah Man That’s – That Was Just a Little Wake-Up Call you Feel me but i Don’t know i’m not tripping no more You Feel me matter of fact i wasn’t tripping from the Jump That’s Why i’m making This video because i don’t care you know but um Yeah nigga i Just thought That Shit Was crazy hi-de-hi happened so damn quick i Got Jump You know i’m Saying It Was two Niggas One of them Was big as Hell or some Zetas Shit The Other One i don’t know i don’t even know he’d want to slap me and Shit and he snuck me Following The Ground Artists Other Bullshit But I’m Just Pissed that i didn’t Get To do shit You know but i guess That’s What happens when you Get snuck That’s the Whole point you can’t do shit But yet Man is it that Shit Happened that Shit Was Crazy Bradley you know Yeah Woody Fuck you feel me but Yeah This Morning i woke up i was a Little Pissed like Damn What the hell like Cuz i went to sleep like i When i was waking Up without opening my eyes I’m like That Shit Happened last night it Was A cool little dream woke up My sister oh my damn i really Got Jumped last night and It was so surreal i’m like What the hell Just Happened But i i don’t know What hap i don’t know Why it Happened you know i’m Saying cuz i don’t really Remember me doing anything i was not alive it was she like that i remember talking to no niggas i don’t talk to niggas at The Club i Talk to girls at The Club i don’t. Go to talk to a bunch of Niggas you Feel me so i Never Say Anything You Know Niggas or Whatever But Somehow you know i’m Saying It happening you Know It was probably a Hatin Ass nigga That Be watching my videos or something you know i mean but i Just went to the wrong place at the wrong time you feel me i Don’t know the Girls set me up i don’t know What Happened my nigga but you know Shit Crazy I Hear Diggs Mad Go get a Tool or something broke it Can’t be letting That Happen but uh! Yeah I’m gonna call pootie Up here and see with this knee? Hey Tell These diggers were having last night oh? Are y’all Injured yeah whoo do you figure That From My perspective or Yours Yours i Drink a Lot of Water Last night we went to a club um so i Meet Y’All There So i’m home yada Yada i’m bsn i drink a lot of Water so i finally meet them at the club i go inside I’m trying to find them but then it’s not hard at The spot the one agent doing the club so there Goes chino But That Wasn’t you know apparently It Was more Finally tarantino though and then i saw a Ddg So you know Saying Just a Story so we Just Chilling i’m like bro i didn’t Come here?
to chill It costs Money i like Pay Money Going Clubs so All right so i was like you know What Let’s Go talk to them so i was like one two three and i was like Wait one Two three of us you know Saying it’S a Perfect Match so You’re going to talk to him and It Turns Out They right know who we are so I was like Perfect you know i’m Saying and They’re Really attractive dg’S working on one Working on S sounds Bad but you know Dg is talking to one she’ll Suck another one i’m talking to the other one? They know who we are and They Really attractive so we’re Just talking to them and we Trying to see You Know what the about to do later or What other Club They want. To go to yada yada Yada um So i’m Just talking to one Right Right These You trying to save Yourself Kennedy and Good Thing Because That Girl Smoked Cigarettes so That’s the swipe Blood However we’re trying to talk but Weren’t but like thai People we are we’re not gonna like not be your friend or Not talk to you because you smoke Cigarettes she Goes outside of smoke But Um of Course like if i’m talking to her friend she was talking the other friend he don’t want to lose That? Girl So they Shouldn’t, Have a Conversation outside Drink a Lot of Water so and I’m talking to this one I’m Looking like her friends are gone and My Friends are gone so it Just me or her Yada Yada Yada So i leave but i didn’t realize that It was Just us until after i get done talking To her so i’ll leave and then I’m gonna Try. To find them i’m Doing circles can’t find them then I’m walking outside and so i see chino and i’m like Yellow Subway Where’s Everybody Get Where y’all have two Girls and everything? Dan Get The Answer i won chino looks at me and Says Ddg Just Got Jumped so i was like i Was Confused i Was like Like What do you Mean like so so Where’s like Why are you not next don’t like where are you at so Then he Was like he got Jumped like outside by the patio area area so um i’m Just Heated like I’M heated Cuz like if Any of My friends ever get into any Type of Arm like Fight or AnyThing Like i want to be there like i’m That nigga i will fight somebody Any of my friends So i’m heat at That time i go like i go outside by the side patio area i go out To talk to the guards i’m like yo Who Just who Just fought my homie I’m starting like yo you you might know my blood Decided he had a Jacket on Chain She’s like Yeah he Just Got Jumped By By Two Dudes They’re going to jail though I’m like They don’t matter i already had Real quick though so um Like i see security taking Two People Out and she One person’s taking another person’s out but i was i was i was heated i Also Drink a Lot of Water too so i was talking to her i saw him taking one person out so i’m heated i walked Away from Where i start punching Shit Go over there to like the other side and That’s When i run it to ddg and chino and then Cdg i see his face he i scratch scratches Bleeding i’m talking to the guards i’m like yo like you know merida gonna Jail Ready Yeah I’m pissed i’m starting Punching like The trash can i believe That’s What i did this Thing That’s What i was partition Right Yeah This Was like hurting all day but um i was punching trashcan Just Mad as Hell then They escorted us to the front then Fucking Twelve Pull Up my back 12 pull up and then They’re talking to us i’m over here like look i don’t Mind gonna be high on carla we’re the biggest At it Just Heat It and then It was Kind of Early – For a night cuz at That Point it Was like 12:30 So i was a Little Mad that like That then it Was like Damn Niggas They the fact that they Actually Touched you know i’m Saying One of My Friends Pissed me off and then It also The night and fingers is Friday Does not Like a Saturday so Kind of Ruin The Whole weekend so that Shit Pissed me off? I didn’t get a chance to see him so before Just even before i’ve Been in this i wasn’t there i was talking to this Girl and I had Already Happened so i was even next to him when the fight went down That’s something i Kind of? Kinda Was Mad that but Um i Feel Like Yesterday Kind of Liked me and was talking off camera I Feel like Yesterday Kind of Opened our eyes to like a Lot Of Shit About Like Like i Don’t know cut i don’t know iF You’ll put out an but Um yeah so That’s the story from My perspective um It Was a Wild Night Man No that Was a Crazy night for sure I Mean It’s cool could lose Out of Club and the niggers don’t have Shanks on you know i’m Saying how cool would have Been iF You Was Goddamn Skid Row D That’s Good That’s Just Crazy But That’s the story Now we know but if if broke if we Jump Somebody Right Then They probably Would have Been like i See you type shit what do you man Things Ain’t Really do Much Right I’m like five Nine Ways I’M five nine 160 roads to niggas Oh and i’m Chilly Making a video Yeah you ain’t Died nigga ain’t nothing happening i’m Saying so that Makes Was sought That’s Why I got my manager he callin the Club or whatever if i can see who he is and i ever see this nigga bro This if you Sim you could like Put a picture Up like who is this Thing And Y’All here to help fun yeah and then the Other nigga too right Eatin His ass I’m Saying Always The Only saw One i only Saw One of them from the side first was Kind of Looking back Yeah If i was there bro Piss me off some the Experience though Yeah so I’m Saying Amen That’s something to talk about for sure man so I’m Just gonna Run up and Check off this story right i Already Think about it i’m Saying But Yeah Man Ddg Got Jumped yeah i’m sam but i’m gonna i’m gonna Keep It cordial i really care so i’m not even gonna press Charges No usually Niggas press Charges Over Oddish i Got time to go to the police station and file reports on another bullshit so Imma Just take The l man It wasn’t even no ill you know i’m Saying in my opinion i Feel Like It Was Just unfortunate event Inexperience so I’m gonna Just take That and run with it man uh Y’all Judges Story time Man Smash the like Button Be Looking Forward to this scratch on my face for the next week or so i got a Pig Hopefully This Shit Go down before i pick any Up but if not if not i gotta pick Kimmy out with this Yeah so i see you in the next video Aha my Daughter Crop tops for the Ladies We also Got White hoodies Black Hoodies Realities and We Got Black Shirts and White shirts Man So Check it out What smacking Against the Wall shirts Man Bleep It is description but Stop

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