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I Crossed Countries by Sea in a Zorb Ball & You Won’t Believe What Happened (Zorb at Sea Challenge)

(suspenseful music) (laughing) – This could go wrong in so many ways. (laughter) I’m sorry this video is a few days late. It’s just that this video
took a lot of planning. I mean, if you got me
on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that we’re gonna be late because I told you all and I
explained what was happening, that it was gonna be a banger of a video. So if you don’t already follow
me on Twitter and Instagram, links in the description below. My username’s @KillemFTW
on them both, go follow me. I’m following back and you’ll know when I’m uploading video late. If it’s a stupid reason like, “I’m wanting to cross the
Channel to France in a Zorb.” And yeah.
(laughter) So a lot of planning
has gone into this video to make sure it all goes smoothly. All safety precautions are taken care of. By…me! So this could
go completely wrong. (laughter) What I’m planning on doing is crossing from the U.K. to France in a Zorb ball. In this very Zorb ball right here. (motor revving and running) (motor whirring) (motor stops) It works. It is the same Zorb ball
that I spent the night on in the local pond. So if you didn’t watch the
other Zorb video already, go watch that, but don’t leave right now. There’s gonna be a link to that right at the end of the video. That is what I’m gonna be using to attempt to cross through to France. So if you’ve watched that
video, you’ll know that every two hours I had
to come out of the ball, refill it with fresh air and get back in. So today, I’ve got something so I don’t have to keep getting out. So I can stay in there all the time safely and be able to breathe and that is: breathing air, a tank full of air. And this thing, so I
can breathe through it. (inhaling and exhaling) I just went to a SCUBA shop
yesterday and bought that. Anyone could just buy that. That’s crazy.
(laughing) That is how I’m gonna breathe. I’m gonna go in the Zorb ball with this huge canister
of air and breathe. I don’t have to come out. I don’t have to keep coming out. That is one thing. But then the next problem
I’ve found was that this thing is huge! This is seriously heavy AF. So, what I’ve now got is
this: huge hiking bag. (grunting) This fits in there nicely. So that goes in there, so I
can have the thing on my back. And then, the final problem
that I thought about. I’m not gonna be able to
take my phone in there because if the thing leaks or anything or I end up having to get out,
my phone’s just gonna die. How do I know which way I’m going? With a compass! And there we go! I’ve got my compass! So if you enjoy this video,
I do stupid stuff like this usually every two to three days. If you enjoy this, you’re gonna enjoy all the other stupid stuff I do. So make sure you press that
Subscribe button down below. And if you’re already subscribed, make sure you press that little bell icon right next to the Subscribe button and you’ll be notified every time I do something stupid like this. It’s just as easy as that! All I’m gonna take with
me is my bank card. That’s all I’m gonna
have, so when I arrive in France somewhere, I’m
gonna have a bank card, I can get back home. Oh, and my passport. My passport, too. I’m gonna throw this
stuff in the car, now. Me and Moon are gonna go
supply-hunting on the way. Let’s get started. So, obviously, because
weight is a huge factor in today’s challenge, I
can’t go wasting weight by buying toys and magazines and stuff. Obviously, as well, because I’m running, I don’t want things flying around. So we’re literally just
gonna get food and drink and not even a lot of that. Can’t get a lot of drink
because that’s the heaviest. Could get a bit more food,
but then you eat food and it makes you want to drink. So it’s probably best just
to not get a lot at all. So let’s go and buy some food and drink. So I think the best food we can get that’s got most carbs, most
calories but it’s the lightest is these protein bars. I think I’m just gonna get one
of each one of these flavours. I don’t want to take too much food. Caramel chaos, Cookies and Cream, White Chocolate Cookie,
Dark Chocolate Mint, Fudge Brownie, Peanut
Butter, and Jaffa Quake. One of a six-pack of
small bottles of water. That is literally it. Is that everything? I’ve got my bars for my calories to keep me going and keep me energised. And I’ve got six bottles
of water, that’s enough. It should be less than a
day, so that should be plenty shouldn’t it?
– I think so, yeah. – I hope so. That’s it. That’s all we can get, let’s go. Maybe some chocolate for the journey. (snickering) All right, this room is really nice. Four hours of driving and
we just got here, just now. It were just meant to look good on video– You’re not meant to show that bit. Look at this view, look at this view! If I zoom in there,
you can just see France right on the edge of the sea. Over there, you can see that
there’s no land over there and then you come back
here, you can see it: land. In person, I can actually
see it really well. The camera’s just not
picking it up very well. But yeah, you can clearly see that it is definitely land over there. When I did the “Mail Myself
to France” video in a box, we actually set off from there. But that day, it wasn’t
a clear day, you know? Today, it’s like a really good, nice day. You can see straight over
to France over there. So even though I have been here before, I didn’t actually realise
that you could actually see France and that it was so close. That is just so cool. I’m not gonna be setting
off from here this time. This time, we’re gonna be setting off from just down there
because of how busy it is. It’s the weekend, it’s
these boats everywhere. These big cruise ships. I don’t want to get in the way. I don’t want to be a hazard to anyone. So, we’re just gonna
set off down the road. (grunts)
It will relax, it’ll relax… Wasn’t able to relax. (grunting in pain) (both laughing) I just wanted to do a cool
jumping-in-the-bed scene. – [Moon] That was really not clever. – You’re probably wondering why we’re in a hotel room right now because I haven’t
explained what’s happening. This was, like, a last-minute decision. We got here, and it’s like 6 P.M. There’s no way I can
do this thing overnight because I need to be able
to see where I’m going. We’re stopping in a hotel room. We’re gonna wake up 7 A.M. in the morning, as soon as the sun comes
up and we’re gonna be setting off first thing. So I got all day to get over there. In the light. Just do not try this anywhere, at home. It’s my responsibility, no
one’s forcing me to do this. Don’t you do this at home, either, please, because it is very dangerous. What I’m gonna do now,
get my pajammies on, get nice and comfy,
cosy, have a good rest, so I’m full of energy, ready for tomorrow. So I’ll see you…tomorrow. 7 A.M.! Let’s go! See you in a second, go! (Moon laughing) (epic, suspenseful music) Ow!
(grunting) I need to get out there. (exclaiming) Come on!
(yelling) I just kept swimming, pushing
and pushing and pushing and I weren’t getting
anywhere, I kept going back in. So, I need to try that again. This was in my hand, because
I couldn’t fit it in the bag. The camera in one hand, I
couldn’t do it properly. So I’m gonna do it properly this time. So what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna pre-attach this so I can just grab it over my shoulder, I ain’t gotta hold it and
it’s gonna be attached, ready to go for when I need it. So that goes on there. Gonna have this slightly off and it’s good to go.
(air sprays) – [Moon] You sound like Darth Vader. (laughing) Forgot to mention as well,
I’m actually roped up. Moon’s got the rope, she can hold it. So that, for times like
what’s just happened, when things go wrong, she can pull me in. She had to pull me in just then. But then, when we’re out
there and good to go, she’s just gonna let go of the rope. The hard part’s getting past that tide. So here we go. Let’s strap this up properly. Attempt #2. (epic music) (grunting) Come on! Come on! (grunting and panting) I’m out!
(sighing) (grunting) (panting)
I’m out! We drifted out! Goodbye, England! Goodbye! (panting) I can’t believe that was so hard. This tide were so fast. It’s going really fast outwards. Wow! That first 5, 10 minutes,
you had to really push, but then the tide starts going outwards. I can see, now, how easy it is to actually get taken out to sea. Don’t try this anywhere. Please. This is stupid. I’m just out of breath. I’m just having a moment,
and then I’m gonna try and start running…or paddling or pushing, whatever, towards France. I really need to use as much of the oxygen in the tank as possible. I don’t want to run out of air in here. That could get dangerous. I don’t know if you can see,
England is just over there. Moon must have let go
of the rope a while ago, because there’s no way
the rope’s that long to reach all the way
to England from there. (laughing) So we’re on our own now.
It’s just me and you. This is scary. I mean, we should be close to
France already, shouldn’t we? I mean, if I can see
England that far away, we could see France that far
away from the hotel room. So we should be able to see France soon. (hand squeaking on ball) I can’t see France. I can’t see anything. It’s like when I mailed
myself in a box to France. That was by accident. It’s just like you’re all alone, but I couldn’t see anything then. At least I can see stuff now. (wrapper crinkling) I need an energy bar. I really need the energy so I can start paddling
from the energy part but… I actually feel so sick. I’m not even joking. I
think I’m gonna puke. I can tell the sun’s out, it’s heating this thing up like an oven. (exclaiming) I can’t lay down, I gotta keep looking. Oh, I think I’m gonna puke. I’m trying my best to hold this in. I don’t usually get seasick
on boats, but this is crazy. (groaning) I need to sit up. I’m gonna be sick. I can’t eat. I’ll put that away. When I did the video on
the Zorb ball on the lake, that was not as…as wavy. I felt a little bit sick in that video. But the sea? It’s like this. Might not look like it, I don’t even know, does it look like it? That’s how wavy it is. (groans) Just behind me, is just sea, the sea. And in front of me… (grunts)
…is just sea. Everywhere, all around. So north’s behind me,
I need to go that way. But the tide’s taking me this way. Oh, oh! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh. Woo! (grunting and straining) This bag is so heavy. Just the oxygen tank weighs 20 kilos, which is about 40 pounds. Plus I’ve got bottles of water in there, my food, I got the actual bag itself. This makes it so difficult. I really need to start paddling, though, if I wanna get to France. (grunting and groaning) (moaning)
I’m gonna be sick. (grunting) I can’t. I can’t. I can’t paddle. I can’t, this thing’s too heavy. I feel sick. (deep breathing) There’s a boat out there somewhere. Help! I could just see it. Help!
(groaning) Help! I made a stupid mistake. Please! Please! I feel so weak. I’m probably gonna puke
this back up but… …I gotta try…and eat, get some energy. (grunts) I don’t know if you can
hear the water splashing up. (waves splashing) These tides are brutal. I just need some energy. Literally, this could be the end of me. (groaning) I’m gonna be sick. I’m gonna be sick. I’m gonna be sick. I really wanted this to be a fun video. I thought this was gonna be a lot of fun, but it’s turned serious so quick. It turned serious so quick. (panting) At first, it seemed like it
were gonna be impossible, I just couldn’t get past the tide. Then once I got past the tide, seriously, it were just like that, I was out at sea. It’s crazy how fast that went. I thought we could have some
fun, running round and stuff, but that tank, I
mentioned, that’s so heavy. I just can’t run with it. I feel like I’m gonna be sick. I can’t eat anything,
I can’t drink anything. Literally, all I can do is just lay here. This is why it is so dangerous, literally. I don’t know where I could go. I could get taken out
into the Atlantic Ocean, never be found. What if a shark mistakes
this ball for a fish? And it comes up and chomps it? Even if it just pierces it, I’m done. I could just–
(groans) There’s so many things
that could go wrong. There’s just so many
things that could go wrong. And it got real as soon
as that tide took me out, it just got real. (deep breathing) This was stupid. (groans)
I’m really regretting this. Instant regret…instant regret. (groaning) (deep breaths) (moaning) I don’t know how long
we’ve been, seriously. I’ve just been laying
here, staring at the sky. It couldn’t have been an
hour. Could have been five. ‘Cause you don’t know, you don’t know. I just wanna land in France now. Please, I wanna land in France. I want this to be over so I can go home. I just want to sleep, I
just wanna sleep through it. I just wanna sleep
through the whole thing. If I sleep, will that
stop me feeling sick? I really hope so. (moaning)
(waves splashing) (grunting and exclaiming) (panting and moaning) (deep breaths) I can’t breathe. Oh no, no more! I gotta get out! (groans) I’m in France! My rope’s still attached. It’s still attached. It’s so hot! Them waves were huge! Them waves were so big! (groans) I’ve never known waves so big. I don’t know what the hell happened. (panting) (grunting and panting) Sand’s sticking to it. Whoa! Jesus! It’s windy! It’s so windy! I’ve gotta get out! I can’t get it, it’s so– (grunts) (groans)
It’s so windy! I’m getting thrown around. Them waves are huge. (grunting and straining) (panting and moaning) Fresh air! (grunting) The bag. Take the bag off. (groans) It’s so windy! I’m gonna leave that! Just look at that, it’s crazy! (groans)
Yes! I need to find the nearest town… …and find a way home. What’s that in the distance? I’m gonna head that way. (moans) The sand is blowing everywhere. I’ve just walked up the
hill. The hill is so big. I’ve just seen some
people, said “Bonjour.” There’s a sign here. What’s it say? It don’t look French. Holland? I’m in the Netherlands! (laughing) (techno music)

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