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Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort Water Park l Family Travel

When thinking of Florida, the first thing
that may pop into your mind is theme parks. For me, the big thing is water. That’s probably because I don’t live near
the water. In Bonita Springs, which isn’t actually on
the coast and may not be thought of as a destination if you’re looking for a little escape to the
water, the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point does a great job incorporating water within the
resort and the activities it offers its guests. Not only does the resort offer a number of
pools, it’s recently expanded its water feature, water entertainment, to include two new corkscrew
waterslides for the bigger kids which actually sort of have a much taller, much faster. [happy music] As well as the lazy river and
a tube slide that winds around and goes right into the lazy river. [happy music] And that’s just how the Hyatt
Regency Coconut Point brings sort of that Florida coastal destination feel without actually
being on the coast. You can enjoy the beach, the pool, great seafood,
all without those coastal crowds. So you get the best of both worlds. I’ll include a link below with more details
on the resort and how it’s perfect for families. I talk family travel on Thursday’s but you
can also catch me here talking kid’s books, mom confessions thoughts going through my
mind and just other fun family stuff. So don’t forget to subscribe so you can be
in the know when the next video is published. And until next time, ciao.

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