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Hugo Part 7 – Plane and Rope End | PS1 (No commentary) [EN]

Now, if the stakes are high There’s nothing like a flight What a landing you made there Don’t be slow. I’m ready to go We made it. Well done Hurry up Hugo. You’ve got to get us out of here You will never be free Hugo can’t beat me I’m watching you. Hugo’s little helper Hugo will never have Hugolina back She’s mine, mine! MINE! Help us Hugo. Help us! I think this could be dangerous Hello. Is there anybody home? Hooray! We’re free! Let me tell you what happened while I was trying to rescue all of you from Scylla First of all, I had to run through a dark forest Steering clear of massive rolling rocks Bear traps and other horrible things set up by Scylla Then, I had to log jump my way down a wild river While fighting off be which trees are trying to snatch me up Yep. Your dad’s a real hero And as if that wasn’t enough I managed to grab a piece of wood and some pine cones, and make a skateboard So, that I could travel faster down the dried-out riverbed I thought I couldn’t
skate, but imagining what Scylla might do to all of you…

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