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HUGE Splashlings Surprise Egg Toys Splashling Coral Playground Toy for Girls Kinder Playtime

Kinder Playtime! (children laughing) Chloe: Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Kinder Mom: Hi guys! I’m here with Chloe and today we have a Splashlings surprise egg and it’s giant! It’s like the size of Chloe. And we also have a Splashlings Coral Playground to open. Yay! It’s going to be so cute and fun. You excited Chloe? (yeah!) Chloe: Let’s open the playground! Kinder Mom: What a good idea, and then we can fill it up with all of our surprise Splashlings. (yeah!) Welcome to the Splashinglings Coral playground, where mermaids and Splashlings come to have fun. Swim around the coral, slide down the aqua slide or go for a swing! Relax by chilling out in the shell hot tub. Every Splashling loves to go to the playground! This coral playground came with three exclusive figures. This sea snail, a purple and pink sea horse, and a pretty little mermaid. Isn’t that cute? So as you can see, the mermaid is on a swing. That’s really fun. There’s lots of stands to hold your Splashlings on. All over the playset, and they have this merry go round. When the merry go round spins, the swing also swings. And also there’s this big aqua slide and it comes with a tube for your Splashlings to slide down. Woo! They’re supposed to end up in the shell hot tub. Let’s try again. There we go! Yay! Oh, now our snail is stuck! And she’s stuck, yay! Oh! They’re so easy to switch! Chloe: The snail wants to go on it. Kinder Mom: The snail wants to go on it? Okay, put the snail on. Good job! Push the swing. (yay!) Good job! Chloe: He’s funny. Kinder Mom: He’s a funny little guy. Chloe: Wee! Woo-hoo! Wee-hoo! (Wee-hoo!) Kinder Mom: This is a really cute Splashlings set. I love how you can display so many of your Splashlings. And you can even have a little fun with them. Although, I think it’s better to just display than playing. What do you think, you like it? Alright, I think Chloe and I are ready to crack open our surprise egg! What do you think? Woo! Whoa! You got it! Chloe: Look at all of those surprises! Kinder Mom: Lots of Splashlings, huh? Chloe! Yeah, let’s open them! Kinder Mom: Oh we will, don’t you worry. I think Chloe has picked what she wants to open. She wants to open the mermaid! This mermaid, the purple one. (yeah!) You love it? (yeah) Let’s open it! Chloe: Yeah, I love it. Kinder Mom: Okay, Chloe’s mermaid is Oceana. Then it also had Sparkles, Windy Wings and Ollie Orka, and all of those are common. And then we have a surprise. Let’s open our surprise, you ready? Oh, we got a little crab! (yeah!) The crabs name is, Claudette, and that one is rare. Chloe: Let’s put them on the playset! Kinder Mom: Alright, where do you want Windy Wings? Up here? (yeah) Okay, and we got Sparkles. Where should Sparkles go? In the cave? (yeah) That’s a hard one to get in there. There we go. What about Ollie Orka? Up at the top? And then Claudette. Over here? Alright! And we’ll put the mermaid friend in the shell hot tub. Oceana! Alright Chloe, what’s next? That one? Oh, I think she likes the mermaid ones. In this pack, we have Delphina, Pinchie Pearl, common, Smiley Shrimp, common, and Iconic Jiggles. We also got a common Windy Wings, a common Big Bob, a common Sir Claps-a-lot, and a rare Amy Anchor! Chloe: Here’s the surprises! Kinder Mom: Oh! That’s fancy. We got a sparkly gold heart, and a silver shark. Let’s see what that is. These are some good surprises. We got the ultra rare Tommy Teeth, and the super treasure, Holly Heartstone, yay! Super treasure! Okay, let’s put them all in our set. We’ll put her in the hot tub too, with her friend. And then we’re going to put the rest on this merry go round I think. (whimsical music plays) And one more for super treasure, Holly Heartstone! (wow!) So many surprises! You ready to open up some blind bags? (Yeah!) Chloe: Let’s open this. Kinder Mom: That one first? Alright, so these packs come with one Splashlings pet, one animal Splashlings, five trading cards and of course, a list. So let’s see what these are like. Here’s our list. Here’s our cards. Our Splashling is inside the list. Awe, we got the sea star! Here’s our little cards. Those are cute! This is a common Twinkle. So cute! Alright, let’s put him up here. (m-hmm!) Alright, what are we opening now? The shell! Tada! Chloe: Shell! Chloe: I’m gonna open it. Kinder Mom: Alright, pop it open. Can you get it? Wow! We got another Amy Anchor. Let’s find out what the lobster’s name is. So our Amy Anchor is common and we got this rare Claudio. We’re running out of space in our play set, so we just put them back in the cute shell they came in. (m-hmm!) Now what? That one? (yeah!) Chloe: The cards one! Kinder Mom: The cards one! Chloe: What are we going to open next time? Here’s all of our cards. Alright, and this is what we got in there. Look! Oh, a sparkly turtle! Chloe: Super treasure! Kinder Mom: This is Peaky King, the super treasure turtle! Alright, let’s put him on the last spot on our play set. So cute! Chloe: Swingy, swingy, swing. Kinder Mom: Here we go again! Splashlings season one! Two Splashlings! Let’s see. Let’s see. What’d we get? Another anchor! And an octopus! We got the ultra rare Amy Anchor, and common Ellie Eight. Chloe: Let’s open all the cards! Kinder Mom: All of them?! (yeah!) Okay! Chloe: Let’s open all the cards! Kinder Mom: All of them! Let’s look at all of the cards real fast. They’re so cute! We love Splashlings don’t we? (yeah) Do you like these cards? We’ll look at that one last, okay? Chloe wants to show you this one. So fun! And this is what the back of the card looks like. It gives you all of the information about who the character is and stuff. That’s pretty neat, huh? That’s a lot of cards! You ready to see which Splashlings we got? What’s in there? We got another super treasure! (yeah!) Nice! Okay, what’s this one? Another Amy Anchor. Whoa, we got two lists in that pack. We’re special. Here’s this one. The coral tiara! And the last one we got…. Where is it? There it is! Another Amy Anchor! It’s Amy Anchor day! This is the super treasure Holly Heartstone! (yeah!) These are our duplicate Amy Anchors. This is Cory Crown. She’s our fourth super treasure today! Woo-hoo! Alright, we have two more blind bags, wave one, and wave two. We’re going to save the wave two for last. You ready? Woo! Chloe: Wow! Look at that fish. It’s really big! Kinder Mom: We got a common Flapsy, and an ultra rare Clowny. Chloe: It’s the last one! Kinder Mom: The last blind bag! Here we go! Wave two! An orange fish, and a pink and black fish. So cute! It looks like a cat fish. Looks like we got a common Bubbles, and an ultra rare Whiskers! (m-hmm! We want to thank TPF toys for sending us all of these super cute Splashlings stuff today, huh? (Thank you!) Thanks for watching, bye! 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