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How To Use Free Weights & Resistance Bands : How To Jump Rope For Fitness

So after we’ve jumped on the balls of our
feet without the rope and we feel comfortable about bouncing up and down, now it’s time
to get the real rope. Start off with the rope behind us, I’m just going to swing it over
my head and jump nice and smooth just like I’m dancing with the rope, that’s all I’m
doing dancing with the rope. Notice the nice swinging motion. You can do this for 2 minutes
straight if you’d like, but let’s just start for about 20, 30 seconds, try it about 5 or
6 times. Once you get comfortable, try to turn your feet side to side. Now for the advanced
jumper, we can skip, we can double jump, you can skip again with a high skip or you can
speed it up, but let’s save that for later. After we’re done take a couple of deep breaths
and then they’re short small ones and then you’re ready for your next step. That’s a
great cardiovascular exercise right there, 20 to 30 seconds, 5 to 6 sets just to start
off with gage your progress every week and kick it up a notch.

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