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How to Use a Rope | Ninjutsu Lessons

Using rope within your taijitsu is very important. Just a simple technique using the rope. You can see how important body movement, distance,
and timing all play into even tying someone up simply, like this. So essentially, you don’t really want to think
too much about using the rope that much. You want to just think more about your movement
in relation to him, okay, so that as he comes in for the punch, all right, just use good
taijitsu movement. Right. It could even be in there. All right. You can even use the rope to strike. Right. Kind of set up a road for him to go down. You can see how I’m simply moving and stepping,
and sort of creating opportunities for him to fall into. And that’s an important idea. You see, I’m not really trying to tie him
up tightly. He’s just sort of falling into my web, and
that’s an important idea. Using distance, timing, and good martial arts
movement. So, it’s just a little bit about how to tie
someone up using taijitsu.

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