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How to unlock Ultimus! – Marvel Strike Force

Hey all Tony Bing here. Hello and welcome to another guide video for Marvel Strike Force. Now in today’s video we will be having a
look at how you would go about unlocking Ultimus. Now he is the big bad of the
game and without a doubt a project that would be a long-term one unless you’re
a whale and even if you’re a whale it takes a fair bit of work and time to
unlock as well on I think it’s maybe only one or two players that have him
unlocked at present so that really gives you an indication of how difficult he is to
unlock, as it should be, because he is the main bad guy in the game so what
we’re doing the video is breaking down how the Ultimas Orbs work and how you
actually gain the Ultimus currency in order to open the Orbs and then we have an Orb opening as well. It’s just the one because I’m more of a dolphin myself,
I’m not a whale so this is the first chance I’ve had to open an Ultimus Orb. So let’s look at how this breaks down. So we now get to the maths
part here and there is quite a fair bit in this so you will need to bear with me as we go through this. So initially to unlock Ultimus it acquires one hundred and
eighty of his shards and that will unlock him at four star so straight from
the off being a four star character you should be nice and powerful. Now Ultimus
shards come from Ultimus Orbs, in order to get a single Ultimus Orb and open it
you require two thousand Ultra credits as they are know. Now within each
Ultimus Orb you have a chance of getting between two and nineteen shards
for them so that would mean if you were exceptionally unlucky or exceptionally
lucky, it could be anywhere from between 10 or 90 Orbs to get him so that
in turn would be between twenty thousand or a hundred and eighty
thousand Ultra credits, I hope you’re keeping up with me here. Now in order to
actually gain the Ultra credits you get that once you hit seven star with a
character, any additional shards for that character conver to 10 Ultra
credits so that in turn means that each Ultimate Orb would require a hundred and
eleven shards of a seven star character that’s already maxed and finally what
that would mean is it you’re actually looking at from anywhere between
1,110 that’s very unlikely you would get that as you would need to get 19
shards every time and 9990 surplus shards for a 7 star character so as
mentioned most definitely one for the whales there so I’m hoping sometime in the
next two three years I should get him unlocked but what we’ll do,
I’ve got my first Ultimus Orb to open so fingers crossed we can get 19
shards although I doubt it! So here we go then let’s open this up and see how we go on.
There we go, 3 shards that’s not too bad I suppose I did get the 15
Daredevil as well so that’s pretty useful, once I get the
100 from pre-registration I don’t think I’ll be far off 4 star with him.
If we now jump to the Ultmus screen now. So there we go we
can see we’ve now got those initial 3 shards for him and are starting off
the the long journey to unlocking him so it may be quite some time before I can do any kind
of in-depth review or preview video for him unfortunately, so later on tonight
anyway I’m going be working on another one of the class guide videos so this time it’ll be for protectors because that was requested
within the support guide video so keep an eye out for that particular one. I
hope this video has been useful as always in questions feel free to ask and I’ll
see you all again soon

Reader Comments

  1. Almost to the year, I’ve finally unlocked him!!! Spent loads on gearing him up only to be at level 48, tier 8 power 12,904. Now I’ve got a decent Minn-Erva and oracle, royal guard, cyborg, Ronan, korath, reaper who are doing very well, I’m not really sure where to place Ultimus?!?!?
    I think I’ll need to get him stared up a bit more and perhaps a few redstars I may get an even better squad…….

    Have you managed to get him yet Tony??

  2. been playing for over a year daily i have like 10 ultimus shards if even that.. and now it seems he sucks big shit lol… so hes not worth the trouble or money even bother unlock lol

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