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How to uncoil a brand new climbing rope // DAVE SEARLE

what’s up guys how’s it going. I’ve just
got a quick video for you today I just want to show you how to uncoil a brand
new Climbing rope. Now what a lot of people don’t understand about ropes is that
they’re actually coiled in a very specific way in the factory and if you
just chuck it on the floor and pull out the rope
you’re going to end up with a really horrible kinked and twisted rope now
climbing ropes are a little bit like toilet roll when they coil it the
factory so when they comes off the machine it goes into a bucket and
then from the bucket they put it onto a spool where they twist the rope just
like they do when they’re pulling paper onto a roll. Okay so what you have to do
with your climbing rope is you have to pull it off as if it’s coming off just
like you would with toilet roll now if you imagine the toilet roll itself if
you were to place it like this and pull up like like this you end up with loads
of twists you see how that’s twisted it’s exactly the same with a climbing
rope so a climbing rope is being twisted like this so you basically have to
reverse that motion to pull the climbing rope out. So without further ado I have
here a brand new Beal Opera golden dry UNICORE 8.5 mm rope,
This is my go-to rope for guiding I have two of these that I’m going to use this
winter and I’ve up in Scotland really great rope. It was a fantastic
opportunity the other week to go and see these where it’s being produced in the
Beal Factory. So first things first you take off the tape off the packaging it
comes with a little booklet it’s definitely worth keeping hold of that
because there’s some really useful information there you can just pull that
one straight off and you can have a look at night when you finish and what I tend
to use here is a safety cutter so it’s like a blade that’s kind of enclosed in
a plastic housing and first thing is just to cut those cut those err
ha, he says not a very sharp one got to cut those two plastic things off there
and Beal actually provide a kind of velcro strap that goes around the Rope
like this so we basically just want to take that off. Okay so
here’s the rope ready to be uncoiled and like I said before if we were to
just throw this down on the floor and start uncoiling the rope or you know
reading the rope from one side to the other you end up with loads of twists in
the rope which would be really bad news so what we do is we locate the two ends
here and we locate the the other end here and what we want to do is we want
to uncoil the rope so we’re dropping the center of the rope see that dropping the
center onto the ground now the easiest way of doing this actually with a friend
and as you do this they pull the rope away from you but if you haven’t got a
friend and unfortunately I don’t have one right now for this video but if you
don’t have a friend you have to do this by yourself and you use a technique a
little bit like this. Okay so I’m rolling my arms over each time dropping the
center of the rope onto the floor and this is basically reversing exactly the
motion that they do in the factory when they pull in the ropes you can get to a
certain point where you can actually get your hands all the way through and it
makes it a lot easier to keep the rope in a nice Bunch
and just move it over so that ropes coming into a nice pile on the floor okay and there we have it there’s the
two ends the rest of the rope is on the floor you can see they’re in a nice pile
so whichever way you prefer to coil it now you can either coil it starting from
here, I tend to do this this type of coil over the top of my
head and you can see there’s no twists that are coming through, rope handles
super well great I dropped down the end so I’ve got a couple of meters the spare
here and then I just wrap those all the way around just like that nice and tight
now that final piece that final bit you
maybe didn’t see that and what I did was when you finish doing the wraps around
the top here take a bite of the rope and you pass it through here like this and
then you pop that over the top just like that and then you’ve got some nice tails
here and you can actually make this into a pretty convenient little rucksack if
you separate those either side of you there you can pass it behind your back
now if I’d made them a little bit longer I could have made it could have made a
little knot here and I would have a really convenient way of carrying my rope if I want to the go for a little walk and go sport climbing, cool so that’s how you uncoil a brand new rope and then
coil it back up again so you can use it in the mountains. Cheers guys hope you
enjoyed the video.

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you so much Dave for the video (and the cool rope binding technique at the end of the video :-))

  2. Hey guys, just a PSA, if you can't get to the middle of the rope and uncoil it from there, just spool it from one end to the other with your hands like he shows in this video. I tried doing it this way and it didn't help at all. Depends on how your rope is coiled.

    Edit: What I mean to say is, watch a bunch of vids before deciding what to actually do as you cant really undo your choice once you start.

  3. If you twist those plastic straps inside out at the seams, you can usually grab the bit that's not adhered to the strap, pull it and have it pop free. That way there are no sharp objects near the rope. This also works for wristbands at beer festivals.

  4. As much as I like your coiling technique and have used that method myself, you will find ropes stay a lot straighter and will tangle less if you buy a rope bag with a sheet in it for the rope. coiling and uncoiling a rope before and after every climbing session isn't good.
    also buying good quality ropes helps as well.

  5. Tried this with my mammut rope. Didn't really work. Now it's a fucking coily mess! they seem to be coiled up differently so beware!

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