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How to Tie Rope Bends : How to Tie a Racking Bend

Now a Racking Bend is another great bend that
you can put two ropes in if you need to pull a piece of rope or whatever. Racking is a
term that is used in knot tying that is used as a figure 8 weaving I will show you what
I mean here. Right here on the table you can see that I have my larger line and a smaller
line here. I am going to take this larger line and I am going to put a little bite in
it like so. I am just going to weave it and try to pull these two sides together so there
are two independent sides. I am going to take it and wrap it over and then wrap it over
again like so. This is the figure 8 weaving that we are talking about. You can do this
as many times as is necessary in which to hold these two lines together. I am going
to do it one more time here. When I bring it over I am going to pull it to the one side
of this loop and then pull it this way and of course you will have to work with it to
make sure it stays good and tight, give it a pull and tug and there you go.

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