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How To Throw A Foam Dodgeball FAST AND HARD!

All right. What’s guys? It’s Aaron from
How To’s By Bros. And today, I’m going
to show you how to throw in dodgeball fast and
hard, another tutorial on how to throw a dodgeball. So this is another
way to throw it. So what you’re going
to do is you’re just going to throw it like a
fastball, just like that. And make sure you
grip it pretty tight. You don’t want to grip it
too hard but hard enough where you can hold it. So what you’re going to do
is just hold it like this. And then how are
you going to throw it is you’re going to use your
whole body for this movement. You’re going to
use your whole body to throw the dodge
ball as fast as you can and as hard as you can. So how you use your whole body. If you have a lot of time
and you are a decent amount away from the person, you’re
going to use a big crow hop. So what you’re going
to do is you’re going to step with
your left leg, and then behind with your
right, if you’re right handed. And then step with your left
and then follow through. And the longer your
stride, the better– the faster the ball
dodge is going to go. If Obviously you don’t want
too long of a stride, but if it’s like this– as long as pretty much you are– that’s going to
really help you get the fastest throw and the
hardest throw in dodge ball. So once again, I’ll
show you the footwork. Step with your right and then
behind with your other leg just like that, fire. So I’ll put it all together. So step with your right, behind. And when you aim the dodge ball,
you want to aim at their shins. You don’t want to
aim at their chest because they’re going to catch
the ball pretty easily if you aim at their chest. So from here to here, do not
throw the odd ball there. Either aim for their
shins or if you’re gutsy, aim for their shoulder
because it’s harder to catch when it’s
at their shoulder, but preferably that their shins. So I’ll show you one more time. Hold it like this– like a fastball– and
just use your body. Thanks so much for watching. Let me share something
really quick with you. So thank you so much for
watching this tutorial on how to throw a dodgeball
fast and hard or a foam dodgeball
fast and hard. If you enjoyed it, just click
the link to the description. And– if you enjoyed it
just click the Like button. And I just wanted to share
something really quick. Being thankful has
changed my life. In the morning, just thanking
God for everything you have or if you don’t believe in
God, just being thankful. Just gratitude is key and
thank you so much for watching, and God bless.

Reader Comments

  1. Five hours later I WAIT THAT LONG TO SEE YOU HIT A BALL LIKE A 2Year old I through faster and I'm a girl

  2. You can also bait them into catching the ball (if they’re a noob) they always go for it 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Thank you for making videos like these! I had a hard time throwing dodge balls so watching this really helps!

  4. I need throwing advice cause when i stay up a whole round. Its because of my dodging skill. If i throw a ball the other team catches it

  5. Thank you so freaking much for this tutorial it worked so well. I have a dodgeball tournament coming up this week I hope I win. THX

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